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Kathleen Kane

Attorney General (PA)
James Joseph

Adjutant General (PA)
Eugene DePasquale

Auditor General (PA)
Richard Flinn

Emergency Management Agency Director (PA)
Grayling Williams

Inspector General (PA)
Teresa Miller

Insurance Commissioner (PA)
Marcus Brown

Office of Homeland Security Director (PA)
Sharon Minnich

Secretary of Administration (PA)
Teresa Osborne

Secretary of Aging (PA)
Russell Redding

Secretary of Agriculture (PA)
Dennis Davin

Secretary of Community and Economic Development (PA)
Cindy Dunn

Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA)
Pedro Rivera

Secretary of Education (PA)
John Quigley

Secretary of Environmental Protection (PA)
Curt Topper

Secretary of General Services (PA)
Karen Murphy

Secretary of Health (PA)
Ted Dallas

Secretary of Human Services (PA)
Kathy Manderino

Secretary of Labor and Industry (PA)
Will Danowski

Secretary of Legislative Affairs (PA)
John Hanger

Secretary of Planning and Policy (PA)
Eileen McNulty

Secretary of Revenue (PA)
Randy Albright

Secretary of the Budget (PA)
Pedro Cortes

Secretary of the Commonwealth (PA)
Leslie Richards

Secretary of Transportation (PA)
Timothy Reese

Treasurer (PA)
Rachel Levine

Physician General of the Department of Health (PA)
John Wetzel

Secretary of the Department of Corrections (PA)
Robin Wiessmann

Secretary of Banking and Securities (PA)

7% Democrats

0% Republicans

93% Other

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