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Janet Mills

Attorney General (ME)
Matthew Dunlap

Secretary of State (ME)
Gerard Bolduc

Adjutant General (ME)
Pola Buckley

Auditor (ME)
Bruce Wagner

Chief Executive Officer of Finance Authority (ME)
Richard Rosen

Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services (ME)
Walter Whitcomb

Commissioner of Agriculture (ME)
Joseph Fitzpatrick

Commissioner of Corrections (ME)
Mary Mayhew

Commissioner of Health and Human Services (ME)
Chandler Woodcock

Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (ME)
Jeanne Paquette

Commissioner of Labor (ME)
Patrick Keliher

Commissioner of Marine Resources (ME)
Anne Head

Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation (ME)
John Morris

Commissioner of Public Safety (ME)
David Bernhardt

Commissioner of Transportation (ME)
John Gallagher

Director of State Housing Authority (ME)
William Beardsley

Education Commissioner (ME)
Paul Sighinolfi

Executive Director of the Workers' Compensation Board (ME)
Carlisle McLean

Public Utilities Commissioner (ME)
Terry Hayes

Treasurer (ME)

10% Democrats

0% Republicans

90% Other

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