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Lori Swanson

Attorney General (MN)
Steve Simon

Secretary of State (MN)
Richard Nash

Adjutant General (MN)
Rebecca Otto

Auditor (MN)
Matt Massman

Commissioner of Administration (MN)
Dave Frederickson

Commissioner of Agriculture (MN)
Mike Rothman

Commissioner of Commerce (MN)
Edward Ehlinger

Commissioner of Health (MN)
Ken Peterson

Commissioner of Labor and Industries (MN)
Tom Landwehr

Commissioner for Natural Resources (MN)
Cynthia Bauerly

Commissioner of Revenue (MN)
Charles Zelle

Commissioner of the Department of Transportation (MN)
Larry Shellito

Commissioner of Veterans Affairs (MN)
Brenda Cassellius

Education Commissioner (MN)
Myron Frans

Commissioner of Management and Budget (MN)
Kevin Lindsey

Commissioner of Human Rights (MN)
Josh Tilsen

Commissioner of the Bureau of Mediation Services (MN)

18% Democrats

0% Republicans

82% Other

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