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Jack Conway

Attorney General (KY)
Alison Grimes

Secretary of State (KY)
Edward Tonini

Adjutant General (KY)
Adam Edelen

Auditor of Public Accounts (KY)
David Armstrong

Chair of Public Service Commission (KY)
James Comer, Jr.

Commissioner of Agriculture (KY)
Kevin Brown

Commissioner of Education (KY)
Steve Hohmann

Commissioner for Natural Resources (KY)
Tom Miller

Commissioner of Revenue (KY)
Heather Henry

Commissioner of the Department of Veterans' Affairs (KY)
Ed Ross

Controller (KY)
Stephanie Mayfield Gibson

Public Health Commissioner (KY)
Lori Flanery

Secretary of Finance and Administration (KY)
Todd Hollenbach IV

Treasurer (KY)
James Gardner

Public Service Commission Vice Chair (KY)
Len Peters

Secretary of the Energy and Environmental Cabinet (KY)
Larry Roberts

Secretary of the Labor Cabinet (KY)
Audrey Tayse Haynes

Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (KY)

17% Democrats

6% Republicans

78% Other

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