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Marty Jackley

Attorney General (SD)
Shantel Krebs

Secretary of State (SD)
Timothy Reisch

Adjutant General (SD)
Steve Barnett

Auditor (SD)
Jeff Holden

Commissioner of Administration (SD)
Ryan Brunner

Commissioner of Schools and Public Lands (SD)
Larry Deiter

Director of Insurance (SD)
Lynne Valenti

Director of Social Services (SD)
Chris Nelson

Public Utilities Commission Chair (SD)
Kristie Fiegen

Public Utilities Commission Vice-Chair (SD)
Gary Hanson

Public Utilities Commissioner (SD)
Lucas Lentsch

Secretary of Agriculture (SD)
Melody Schopp

Secretary of Education (SD)
Steven Pirner

Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SD)
Kelly Hepler

Secretary of Game, Fish and Parks (SD)
Marcia Hultman

Secretary of Labor (SD)
Trevor Jones

Secretary of Public Safety (SD)
Andy Gerlach

Secretary of Revenue (SD)
Darin Bergquist

Secretary of Transportation (SD)
Rich Sattgast

Treasurer (SD)

0% Democrats

30% Republicans

70% Other

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