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Herbert Slatery III

Attorney General (TN)
Tre Hargett

Secretary of State (TN)

Adjutant General (TN)
Julius Johnson

Commissioner of Agriculture (TN)
Julie McPeak

Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance (TN)
Randy Boyd

Commissioner of Economic and Community Development (TN)
Candice McQueen

Commissioner of Education (TN)
Robert Martineau

Commissioner of Environment and Conservation (TN)
John Dreyzehner

Commissioner of Health (TN)
Richard Roberts

Commissioner of Revenue (TN)
Raquel Hatter

Commissioner of the Department of Human Services (TN)
Many-Bears Grinder

Commissioner of the Department of Veterans' Affairs (TN)
Larry Martin

Commissioner of Finance and Administration (TN)
John Schroer

Commissioner of Transportation (TN)
Justin Wilson

Comptroller of the Treasury (TN)
Manny Tyndall

Inspector General (TN)
David Lillard, Jr.

Treasurer (TN)

0% Democrats

18% Republicans

82% Other

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