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Michael Geraghty

Attorney General (AK)
Thomas Katkus

Adjutant General (AK)
No Party Affiliation
Jim Merriner

Chairman of Board of Education (AK)
Becky Hultberg

Commissioner of Administration (AK)
Susan Bell

Commissioner of Commerce (AK)
Joseph Schmidt

Commissioner of Corrections (AK)
Mike Hanley

Commissioner of Education (AK)
William Streur

Commissioner of Health and Social Services (AK)
Gary Folger

Commissioner of Public Safety (AK)
Angela Rodell

Commissioner of Revenue (AK)
Curtis Thayer

Commissioner of the Department of Administration (AK)
Patrick Kemp

Commissioner of Transportation (AK)
Pam Leary

Comptroller (AK)
Scot Arehart

Director of Finance (AK)
Franci Havemeister

Director of the Department of Agriculture (AK)

0% Democrats

7% Republicans

93% Other

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