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Registration Deadline: Registration closes 29 days prior to election day. If the form is submitted by mail, the form must be received by the County Recorder no later than 5 days after the last day to register to vote in that election or be postmarked 29 days or more before an election and received by the County Recorder by 7pm election day.

Party Affiliation: No party registration required for primary voting. Only voters registered with a participating political party may vote in the Presidential Preference Election.


Age: Must be 18 years of age or more on or before the day of the next regular General Election

Citizenship: Must be a United States Citizen

Residency: Must be a resident of Arizona and the county listed on your registration

Mental Competency: Must not be adjudicated incompetent

Felony Convictions: Must not be a convicted felon, unless your civil rights have been formally restored

ID Requirements:

List 1 - Sufficient photo ID including name and address (one required):

-Valid Arizona driver license

-Valid Arizona non-operating identification card

-Tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification


List 2 – Sufficient ID without a photograph that bear the name and address (two required):

-Utility bill of the elector that is dated within 90 days of the date of the election. A utility bill maybe be for electric, gas, water, solid waste, sewer, telephone, cellular phone or cable television

-Bank or credit union statement that is dated within 90 days of the date of the elections

-Valid Arizona vehicle registration

Indian census card

-Property tax statement of the elector's residence

-Tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification Arizona vehicle insurance card

Recorder's certificate

-Valid United States federal, state or local government issued identification, including a voter registration card issued by the County Recorder

-Any mailing to the elector marked “Official Election Material”

List 3 – Mix & Match from Lists 1 and 2 (two required):

-Any valid photo identification from List 1 in which the address does not reasonably match the precinct register accompanied by a non-photo identification from List 2 in which the address does reasonably match the precinct register

-U.S. passport without address and one valid item from List 2

-U.S. military identification without address and one valid item from List 2


Arizona EZVoter Online Registration 

In person: Obtain and complete an Arizona Voter Registration form from 
County's Recorder Office

By mail/ in writing: Request registration materials from 
County Recorder's office of which you are a legal resident


Online: To verify your voter registration status, contact your 
County Recorder's Office or Verify Voter registration information online.

Phone: To verify your voter registration status, contact your 
County Recorder's Office


Who can vote absentee:
   -No excuse required to use an absentee ballot.


Online: Complete application steps to register for absentee and early voting

In person: Visit your County's Recorder or Election Office

By mail: Print the form and mail the completed form to your county recorder.

Military and oversees voting: Complete the online application for Military and Overseas Citizens

Emergency Voting: Emergency early voting is permitted if an unforeseen circumstance occurs which would prevent an elector from voting at the polling place. Voters should contact their County Recorder for the procedure for emergency early voting
occuring after 5:00 p.m. on the second Friday before the election.


Location and time: Ballot must be received by your County Recorder no later than 7pm on election day to be counted


Early voting qualifications: Early voting and absentee voting are interchangeable terms in AZ; refer to absentee policies

Verifying Registration: To verify your voter registration status, contact your county recorder or elections office or verify your voter registration 

Deciding how to vote:

Time off to vote: Employees may take leave from work for the purpose of voting if there are less than three consecutive hours between the opening of the polls and the beginning of the employee's regular work-shift or between the end of his regular work-shift and the closing of the polls.
Polling Place:

ID Requirements: Either one photo ID or two forms of ID with both name and address. 

Problems with voting: 
Call 602-274-6287 or 1-800-927-2260

Verifying provisional ballot status:

Verifying absentee ballot status:



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