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Registration Deadline: You can register at the Guam Election Commission offices (see footer) during normal business hours of 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Mon-Fri (except on Government of Guam holidays). The last day to register is 10 days prior to an election.

Party Affiliation: Guam has an open primary system. Any registered elector may choose one party primary to vote in.


Age: Must be 18 years of age by the day set for an election.

Citizenship: Must be a citizen of the United States.

Residency: Must be a resident of Guam.

Mental Competency: Must not be confined to a mental institution, nor judicially declared insane

Felony Convictions: Must not be serving a sentence of imprisonment

ID Requirements:To register you must provide proof of U.S. Citizenship. The following alone is sufficient:

   -A U.S. Passport;
   -Certificate of U.S. Citizenship; or
   -Certificate of Naturalization;

 If you do not have any of the above, please provide the Registrar with an original or certified copy of one document from the following:
   -Certification of birth abroad issued by the Department of State;
   -Original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority, commonwealth district or outlying possession of the United States bearing an official seal;
   - Native American Tribal document;
   - U.S. Citizen ID Card; or
   -Government of Guam Cedula
AND one document from the following:
   -Driver's license or ID card issued by a state or outlying possession of the United States; provided, it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, sex, height, eye color and address;
   -ID card issued by Federal, state, or local government agencies or entities; provided, it contains a photograph or information, such as name, date of birth, sex, height, eye color and address;
   -School ID card with a photograph;
   -Voter's registration card; U.S. Military card or draft record; military dependent's ID card; or
   -U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card

Other Voter Registration Qualifications: If you need further information, please visit the office or call 1-671-477-9791. You may also visit the website at or email at


Online: Guam has currently not made a form available online.

In person:
You may register to vote by completing an Affidavit of Registration at any of the following:
   -The Election Commission office;
       Guam Election Commission
       414 West Soledad Avenue, GCIC Bldg.
       2nd Floor, Suite 200
       Hagatna, GU 96910
   -With a Deputized Volunteer Registrar.
Click here for the contact information of the 2014 Deputized Registrars as of April 21, 2014.

   -At your Village Mayor’s Office (21 days prior to an election); or
   -Your public high-school or college campus;

By mail/ in writing:
 Send Affidavit to:
   P.O. Box BG
   Hagatna, Guam 96932

By fax: The Guam election commission is available by fax: 1-671-477-1895

Other Voter Registration Application Information:

Once registered, you do not need to register again unless you:
   -Did not vote at the last two General Election; or
   -Are transferring your voting district


Phone: (671) 477-9791


Who can vote absentee:
Any voter may request an absentee ballot, however only the following may request an application for absentee ballot and the absentee ballot by telephone any time prior to the close of the polls on election day:
   -The conduct of business or necessary travel;
   -Illness or physical disability;
   -Service in the Armed Forces or Merchant Marine of the United States;
   -Employment with the island of Guam which would prevent the voter from going to the polls on Election Day.
   -Attendance at an institution of learning;
   -Employment in the Service of the United States or any federal agency;
   -Accompanying a spouse engaged in any of the above activities. 


Online: Print the application here.

In Person: Voters may receive their absentee ballot in person when applying in person at the office of Commission.

By mail:
Call Guam Election Commission at (671) 477-9791-4. When you call, let our staff member know you are off-island and you would like to request for an Absentee Ballot Application. Provide the staff member with your full name and off-island mailing address. We will then forward an Absentee Ballot Application to the address provided. When you receive the application, fill out both sides, and send it to the Guam Election Commission. Your application will also be considered an application for the General Election.

Military and overseas voting: Military and overseas voters may vote absentee. UOCAVA requires that states and territories send these groups their federal absentee ballot at least 45 days prior to any election. If you are a member of this group you may also receive your ballot electronically. UOVACA voters may also fill out a FPCA (Federal Post Card Application). More information on military and overseas voting available here.

Emergency Voting: If you are hospitalized on Election Day, you may request to vote by Absentee Ballot. Contact the Commission’s office at 671-477-9791, 671-477-9792, or 671-477-9793, as early as possible.


Location and time: The sealed returned envelope containing the completed ballot may be delivered to the commission at its main office at any time prior to the closing of the polls on election day. If not so delivered, said envelope shall be mailed, postage pre-paid, directly to the Commission in sufficient time to reach the Commission prior to the closing of the polls on election day.


Early voting qualifications: Any voter who will be prevented from voting at the polls on election day due to:

-The conduct of his business or due to other necessary travel, or
-Illness or physical disability, or
-Service in the Armed forces or Merchant Marine of the United States, or
-Employment with the government of Guam, or
-Attendance at an institution of learning, or
-Employment in the service of the United States or any Federal agency, or
-Accompanying a spouse who is engaged in any activity listed above

For any registered voter who will be leaving the island thirty (30) days prior to an election or will be prevented to vote at the polls on Election Day, may come into the GEC upon completing and absentee application cast their absentee ballot beginning July 31, 2014 to August 29, 2014 for the 2014 Primary Election and beginning October 6, 2014 to October 31, 2014 for the 2014 General Election.

Any unregistered person who will be leaving the island thirty (30) days prior to an election or will be prevented to vote at the polls on Election Day, may come into the office of the GEC and register provided they show proof of U.S. citizenship in the form of a U.S. Passport or a U.S. Birth Certificate. Deadline for registration for the 2014 Primary Election is August 20, 2014 and deadline for registration for the 2014 General Election is October 24, 2014.


Verifying Registration: Online voter verification is not available, call the commission at 671-477-9791

Deciding how to vote:

Time off to vote: Every voter shall, on the day of every election at which they is entitled to vote, be entitled to absent themselves from any service or employment in which they are then engaged for two(2) consecutive hours between the time of opening and the time of closing the polls. The voter shall not, because of so absenting himself, be liable to any penalty, nor shall any deduction be made on account of such absence, from their usual salary or wages.

Polling Place:
View polling places by district.

ID Requirements: ID requirements for voting the day of election, are not explicitly stated. Contact the Guam Election Commission to ensure legal voting.

Getting your vote counted: Every precinct board shall account for the ballots delivered to it by returning a sufficient number of unused ballots to make up, when added to the number of official ballots cast and the number of spoiled ballots returned, the number of ballots charged. The Commission, upon receiving returned ballots, shall require such an accounting prior to tabulating the returns of the precinct.

Problems with voting: Read the
HAVA complaint procedures. Contact the Guam Election Commission by phone: 671-477-9791, fax: 671-477-1895, or in person:
       Guam Election Commission
       414 West Soledad Avenue, GCIC Bldg.
       2nd Floor, Suite 200
       Hagatna, GU 96910

Verifying absentee status: Verify status online.

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