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John Edwards' Public Statements

Date Title
The Rights Of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Americans
Expanding Opportunity Through College for Everyone
Restoring America's Moral Leadership By Fighting Worldwide Poverty
Strengthening Domestic Defense
Protecting Homeowners And Fighting Predatory Mortgages
One America, Many Voices: Open Media For The 21st Century
Reducing The Burden Of Paying Taxes With "Form 1"
Taking On Abusive Lenders and Helping Families Save
Protecting America's Food and Implementing Country-of-Origin Labeling
Restoring Hope To Rural America
Asian Americans And Pacific Islanders For Edwards
Latinos For Edwards
Health Care
Smarter Trade That Puts Workers First
Strengthening Our Schools and Making College Affordable
John Edwards' Plan To End The War In Iraq
Building One Economy With Tax Reform To Reward Work
A Plan For Action In Darfur And Uganda
A Real Anti-Terrorism Strategy
Recharging Our Commitment To Innovation To Build One America
Standing Up For Working Families
A Strong Military for a New Century
A New Energy Economy
African Americans For Edwards
A Sacred Contract with Our Military and Veterans Community
Stabilizing Iran And Protecting The United States
A National Goal: End Poverty Within 30 Years
May 11, 2008 CBS "Face The Nation" - Transcript
May 9, 2008 NBC "Today" - Transcript
Jan. 30, 2008 Press Conference with Former Senator and Democrat Presidential Candidate John Edwards - Dropping Out of the 2008 Presidential Race
Jan. 29, 2008 MSNBC "Morning Joe" - Transcript
Jan. 28, 2008 Edwards Response To The State Of The Union Address
Jan. 26, 2008 MSNBC "Decision 08" Interview - Transcript
Jan. 25, 2008 Edwards Statement On 2007 Increase In Union Membership
Jan. 24, 2008 Edwards Urges Senate Democrats to Filibuster FISA Bill
Jan. 24, 2008 Edwards Statement on the Economic Stimulus Package Before Congress
Jan. 23, 2008 At First Stop on "Back Roads, Back Home Barnstorm," Edwards Says he is the Most Committed to Fighting for the People of South Carolina
Jan. 22, 2008 Edwards Outlines Economic Plan to put Needed Money in the Hands of Hard-Working South Carolinians and All Americans
Jan. 22, 2008 Edwards Statement On The 35th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade
Jan. 21, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate
Jan. 20, 2008 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript
Jan. 19, 2008 On Day Three of Coast to Coast Tour, Edwards Brings Fight for the Middle Class to Georgia
Jan. 19, 2008 Edwards Brings Fight for the Middle Class to Missouri as Part of Three-Day
Jan. 18, 2008 Edwards Statement On President Bush's Remarks On The Economy
Jan. 17, 2008 Edwards Stands up to Bill O'Reilly on Behalf of Homeless Veterans
Jan. 17, 2008 Today: Edwards to Launch Coast to Coast Tour
Jan. 17, 2008 Edwards Highlights Plan to Stand up to Big Drug and Insurance Companies and Guarantee Health Care to Every American
Jan. 16, 2008 NPR "All Things Considered" - Transcript
Jan. 16, 2008 Edwards Discusses Bold Plans to Strengthen our Economy and Help Hard-Working Families
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