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MSNBC "Morning Joe" - Transcript


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MSNBC "Morning Joe" - Transcript

MR. SCARBOROUGH: Let's bring in right now former congressman, and also star of TV show "Dukes of Hazzard," Ben Jones, now a supporter of John Edwards.

Ben, thank you so much for being with us. We talked before in New Hampshire. I talked before, I believe, in Iowa.


MR. SCARBOROUGH: It's got to be awfully frustrating for John Edwards. He doesn't have the money that Obama and Clinton have. He's having trouble breaking through. Why will Super Tuesday be any different?

MR. JONES: Well, he's starting to break through. You know, there was a story the other day - a serious survey that showed that Obama and Clinton were getting more than five times the media coverage than John Edwards. And, free media, as you know, Joe, is worth a lot more than paid commercials. So, they're getting about 15 times as much coverage and it's kind of hard to fight that fight against a split screen that has Obama on one side and Clinton on the other.

But, John Edwards is finally starting to break through just on his hard work and his moxie. We got great movement in South Carolina. Hillary Clinton had to come back from California because John Edwards was about to overtake her. Don't forget, he beat Hillary Clinton in Iowa and you wouldn't of even known it if you were watching television.

So he's just, you know, going to keep fighting and going to keep working and keep bringing attention to the issues that he feels important. This is a long process. There are about 45 states left to go and then a convention. So, with these two front runners - I guess, you could call them - beating the heck out of each other, you never know what's going to happen.

MR. BRZEZINSKI: Well, I guess that's possible, so give me some potential strategies. I mean, are you thinking the other two may count each other out with bickering or that something like that would leave an opening for John Edwards, because, right now, it just doesn't seem like he's moving the meter even though he's fought hard and done really well in platforms like the debates?

MR. JONES: As far as I can tell, he has won the debates. And I feel like as soon as he starts getting his due, as soon as they start splitting that screen with three candidates and giving him his fair share of time as he deserves, then I think it's going to tighten up a lot. It's already starting to tighten up a lot.

And you know, Hillary will win one place and then Barack will win another. I think John Edwards will win his share, but he's also picking up a lot of delegates and I don't think anybody is going to have the requisite number and have this convention be a coronation. I think we're going to that convention with a fight to fight and John Edwards is tough.

MR. SCARBOROUGH: So, he could be kingmaker?

MR. JONES: Well, I don't know about that. You know, I think he might be president-maker, but who ever comes out of that convention as a winner - and it could be John Edwards, in a locked convention - whoever it is, I can guarantee you, is going to have pay respect to our issues and to the fight that we are fighting. So, in that sense, he's going to continue to have influence, I think.

You know, things change. The future can hold anything. Two months ago, we were hearing about how John McCain was through, washed up, no money, gone and Rudy Giuliani was, maybe, the next president of the United States. So, things change, Joe, as you know.

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