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Hillary Clinton's Public Statements

On The Ballot: Announced, Democratic for President
Date Title
May 5, 2016 Remarks Denouncing Donald Trump's Plans to Deport Families
May 3, 2016 Remarks on Jobs and the Economy in Athens, Ohio
May 1, 2016 Remarks at the Detroit NAACP 61st Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner
April 27, 2016 The Hill - Fears Grow About Rising US Troop Levels in Middle East
April 26, 2016 Remarks on Building an America Where All Rise Together
April 26, 2016 Remarks on Strengthening Manufacturing
April 23, 2016 Remarks at an Organizing Event in Rhode Island
April 22, 2016 Remarks on Raising Incomes, Ensuring Equal Pay for Women, and Breaking Down Barriers
April 21, 2016 Remarks at Discussion with Family Members of Gun Violence Victims
April 17, 2016 Remarks at Staten Island "Get Out The Vote" Event
April 14, 2016 CNN - Full transcript: CNN Democratic Debate
April 13, 2016 Remarks to the National Action Network
April 8, 2016 Remarks on the Importance of Supporting Teachers
March 31, 2016 Remarks at the Apollo Theater in Harlem
March 28, 2016 Remarks on the Supreme Court and What's at Stake in the 2016 Election
March 23, 2016 Remarks on Counter-Terrorism at Stanford University
March 21, 2016 Remarks at AIPAC in Washington, D.C.
March 13, 2016 Full Rush Transcript Hillary Clinton Part - CNN TV One Democratic Presidential Town Hall
March 10, 2016 Remarks on K-12 education in Durham, North Carolina
March 9, 2016 Transcript: The Post-Univision Democratic Debate, Annotated
March 7, 2016 Transcript of the Fox News Democratic presidential town hall
March 6, 2016 Transcript of the Democratic Presidential Debate in Flint, Mich.
March 4, 2016 Remarks at Detroit Manufacturing Systems on Creating More Good-paying American Jobs
March 1, 2016 Remarks on Super Tuesday
Feb. 18, 2016 Transcript: MSNBC and Telemundo's Clinton-Sanders Town Hall
Feb. 14, 2016 Will you help the families of Flint?
Feb. 11, 2016 The Washington Post - Transcript: The Democratic Debate in Milwaukee, Annotated
Feb. 9, 2016 VOX - Read: Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire concession speech
Feb. 4, 2016 Transcript: MSNBC Democratic Candidates Debate
Jan. 29, 2016 10 months ago I launched my campaign for president. Here are the things I'll never forget.
Jan. 27, 2016 Why Hillary Clinton Campaigned in a Bowling Alley
Jan. 25, 2016 CNN Iowa Democratic Presidential Town Hall: RUSH TRANSCRIPT
Jan. 16, 2016 The Fourth Democratic Debate
Jan. 16, 2016 What's happening with the water in Flint, Michigan, is an outrage.
Jan. 15, 2016 Republicans' Worst Nightmare: Hillary Clinton and Cecile Richards Talk Politics and Women's Rights.
Jan. 8, 2016 The Boston Globe - A Make-or-Break Moment for Supreme Court Appointments
Jan. 5, 2016 Issue Position: Social Security and Medicare
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Veterans, the armed forces, and their families
Dec. 24, 2015 Issue Position: Gun Violence Prevention
Dec. 19, 2015 Third Democratic Debate
Dec. 8, 2015 No, Donald Trump. We're Not barring Muslims from Entering the Country.
Dec. 6, 2015 Hillary Clinton Addresses ISIS and Plan to Defeat Global Terror
Nov. 20, 2015 A Foreign Policy Expert Explains Hillary Clinton's Speech on ISIS
Nov. 19, 2015 Hillary Clinton Just Showed Why Defeating ISIS and Welcoming Syrian Refugees Aren't Opposing Ideas.
Nov. 19, 2015 Hillary Clinton Just Outlined A Plan to Defeat ISIS and Global Terror. 3 Things You Need to Know:
Nov. 14, 2015 Democratic Debate Transcript: Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley in Iowa
Oct. 30, 2015 Where Does South Carolina Go from Here?
Oct. 22, 2015 Hillary Clinton's Statement to the House Select Committee on Benghazi
Oct. 17, 2015 Latinos for Hillary Bring the Fiesta in An Awesome Texas Rally
Oct. 13, 2015 CNN Democratic Party Presidential Debate
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