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John Campbell III's Public Statements

Date Title
A Budget Boondoggle -- Livable Communities?
The Stimulus Masquerade
Issue Position: Proposition 23 - Initiative to Suspend AB 32, the Global Warming Act of 2006
Issue Position: Proposition 25 - Changes Legislative Vote Requirement to Pass a Budget from Two-Thirds to a Simple Majority
Issue Position: Homeland Security and The War on Terrorism
Issue Position: Proposition 21 - Vehicle License Fee for Parks Act
Issue Position: Proposition 20 - Redistricting of Congressional Districts -- Voters FIRST Act for Congress
Issue Position: Taxes
Issue Position: Proposition 19 - Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010
Issue Position: Illegal Immigration
Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility
Issue Position: Proposition 27 - Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting
Issue Position: Measure R (Irvine)
Issue Position: Proposition 24 - Repeal Corporate Tax Loopholes Act
Issue Position: Iraq
Issue Position: Environment
Issue Position: Proposition 22 - Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act
Issue Position: Proposition 26 - Supermajority Vote to Pass New Taxes and Fees Act
Nov. 13, 2014 Letter to Harold Rogers, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Nita Lowey, Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee - Prevent Executive Amnesty
Oct. 1, 2014 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - Expressing Concern About Iran's Refusal to Cooperate with International Nuclear Inspectors
Sept. 11, 2014 Voices: Lawmakers Supportive, but Cautious - OC Register
Aug. 12, 2014 Newsletter: 08/12/2014
July 29, 2014 Reauthorization of the Defense Production Act
July 28, 2014 Export-Import Bank Faces Danger from All Sides - Politico
July 23, 2014 Newsletter: From Congressman John Campbell's Laptop to Yours
July 16, 2014 Newsletter: From Congressman John Campbell's Laptop to Yours
July 11, 2014 CNS News - Rep. Campbell: Government, IRS, EPA are 'The Police State'
July 9, 2014 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Consult Congress on Iran Nuclear Negotiations
July 2, 2014 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Stop Policies Putting Child Immigrants at Risk
July 2, 2014 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Address Border Crisis
June 30, 2014 The Hill - Ex-Im Support, Opposition is Fluid
June 27, 2014 Insurance News - A "Third Option": Reformed Reauthorization of the Export-Import Ban
June 26, 2014 The Washington Times - Ex-Im Bank Under Fire at Contentious House Hearing
May 22, 2014 House Recognizes 70th Anniversary of D-Day in NDAA
May 9, 2014 Letter to Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Michael Froman, US Trade Representative - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
April 23, 2014 LA Register Opinion - John Campbell: How Being 1-Party Town Hurts L.A.
April 16, 2014 Blog: Frustration
April 12, 2014 The Economist - LETTERS: Congress and the IMF
April 9, 2014 Letter to Jacob Lew, Chairman of the Financial Stability Oversight Council - Financial Institutions Designations
April 7, 2014 Blog: The "Farewell Series" Begins
April 4, 2014 Orange County Register - Quake Insurance Demand Rises, but Changes Could Lower Prices
March 14, 2014 Chairman Campbell: "Obama Administration's Claims on IMF Quota Increase are Patently False"
March 14, 2014 Blog: Obama Administration's Claims on IMF Quota Increase are Patently False
March 12, 2014 Hearing of the Monetary Policy and Trade Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee - Examining the Central Bank's Role in Credit Allocation
March 4, 2014 The Hill - Republicans Split on Splicing California
March 4, 2014 Obama's Budget: Exercise in Irresponsible Spending and Reckless Partisanship
Feb. 25, 2014 Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2013
Feb. 11, 2014 Orange County Register - Immigration Overhaul: Can Reform Legislation Pass this Year?
Jan. 17, 2014 Letter to Curtis Marez, President of the American Studies Association - Condemning Academic Boycott of Israel
Jan. 10, 2014 Subcommittee Discusses International Impacts of Quantitative Easing
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