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Gary Johnson's Public Statements

On The Ballot: Announced, Libertarian for President
Date Title
March 24, 2016 Poll: Gov. Gary Johnson in Double Digits Against Clinton and Trump
March 16, 2016 Gov. Gary Johnson's Response to March 15 Primary Results
March 16, 2016 Gov. Johnson Applauds Steve Kerbel's Work for Liberty and Welcomes His Support
March 1, 2016 Gov. Gary Johnson's Response to Super Tuesday Primary Results
Feb. 16, 2016 Gary Johnson Campaign Announces that Plans are Underway for LP Debate on STOSSEL
Feb. 10, 2016 Private Prisons
Feb. 9, 2016 Gov. Gary Johnson: NH Results Leave a Majority "Without a Choice"
Feb. 3, 2016 Gov. Gary Johnson Commends Rand Paul for "Waging the Good Fight" for Liberty
Feb. 1, 2016 Gov Gary Johnson responds to Iowa Caucus Results.
Jan. 17, 2016 Statement of January 17th
Jan. 12, 2016 Statement by Governor Gary Johnson In Response To The President'S State Of The Union Address
Jan. 6, 2016 Governor Gary Johnson Announces 2016 Candidacy For President
Jan. 6, 2016 The Washington Post - Gary Johnson, 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Will Run in 2016
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Internet Freedom and Security
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Taxes
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Foreign Policy and National Defense
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Criminal Justice Reform
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Immigration
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Term Limits
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Jobs
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Government Spending
Jan. 1, 2016 Issue Position: Personal Freedom
Nov. 4, 2012 Letter to Supporters
Oct. 26, 2012 CNN "CNN Newsroom" - Transcript
Oct. 23, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Releases Statement on Foreign Policy Presidential Debate
Oct. 23, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Urges Minnesota to Defeat Ban on Gay Marriage
Oct. 18, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Applauds Court Ruling on DOMA
Oct. 17, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Releases Statement on Presidential Debate
Oct. 11, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Announces Support for Marriage Equality Law in Maryland
Oct. 10, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson: Bring Our Troops Home Now
Oct. 8, 2012 The Guardian - "Legalising Marijuana: Most Americans Get it, So When Will Our Politicians?"
Oct. 4, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson's Reponse to the Presidential Debate
Sept. 20, 2012 The Guardian - Gary Johnson: 'These People Are Let Down by the Two-Party System'
Sept. 19, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson: "Bring Our Troops Home Now"
Sept. 13, 2012 Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson to Visit College Campuses Nationwide
Sept. 12, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Releases Statement Regarding Libya Attack
Sept. 10, 2012 CNN "Erin Burnett Outfront" - Transcript
Aug. 20, 2012 Letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates
Aug. 16, 2012 Star Telegram - Gary Johnson Counting on Ron Paul's Backers to Switch
Aug. 8, 2012 Americans Elect Submits Gov. Gary Johnson to Oklahoma Presidential Ballot
Aug. 3, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson's New Book, "Seven Principles of Good Government," is Now Available for Purchase
July 25, 2012 NewsMax - Libertarian Johnson: I Want the Chance to Debate Obama, Romney
July 25, 2012 Gov. Johnson Applauds House of Representatives for Voting for "Audit the Fed"
July 24, 2012 - Why America Needs Gov. Gary Johnson in the Presidential Debates
July 24, 2012 Fox News "Your World with Cavuto" - Transcript
July 23, 2012 Letter to Member of Congress
July 20, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Releases Statement on Colorado Tragedy
July 17, 2012 The Daily Caller - Gary Johnson Polls at 5.3 Percent
July 6, 2012 Gov. Gary Johnson Responds to Anemic June Jobs Report
July 4, 2012 Happy Independence Day, from Gov. Gary Johnson
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