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Marco Rubio's Public Statements on Issue: Taxes

Office: U.S. Senate (FL) - Jr, Republican
On The Ballot: Announced, Republican for President
Date Title
Issue Position: Taxes
Nov. 11, 2015 New York Times - Transcript: Republican Presidential Debate
Oct. 28, 2015 Time - Transcript: Read the Full Text of the CNBC Republican Debate in Boulder
Oct. 9, 2015 This Is How We Create Jobs in the New American Century
Oct. 6, 2015 How to Get Washington Off the Backs of the 21st Century Economy
Oct. 1, 2015 Marco Rubio's Tax Plan Is Unapologetically Pro-Growth and Pro-Family
Sept. 25, 2015 My Plan to Support Paid Leave and Strong Families
Sept. 16, 2015 CNN/Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate
Sept. 9, 2015 Miami Herald - Empower Families to Escape Poverty
Sept. 9, 2015 The Two Reasons We Must Reform Our Tax Code
Sept. 4, 2015 How Marco Will Boost the Sharing Economy
Aug. 19, 2015 It's Time To Repeal And Replace ObamaCare
Aug. 6, 2015 FOX News/Facebook - Transcript: 2015 Republican Presidential Candidate Debate
July 23, 2015 This Is Why The American People Have Completely Lost Confidence In The IRS
July 9, 2015 This Is How To Build The Most Innovation-Friendly Economy In The World
June 3, 2015 The World Has Changed And Here's The Proof
April 25, 2015 What Kind of Country Will We Be?
March 25, 2015 Rubio, Shaheen, Ayotte Introduce Resolution Urging IRS To Provide Taxpayers With Printed Materials Needed To File Their Taxes
March 24, 2015 Yoho, Rubio Introduce Legislation to Combat Electronic I.D. Theft
March 24, 2015 Rubio, Yoho Introduce Legislation To Combat Electronic I.D. Theft
March 18, 2015 Rubio Comments On Senate Republicans' Budget Proposal
March 4, 2015 Tax Foundation - Blog: Rubio-Lee Plan Cuts Taxes on Business Investment to Grow the Economy by 15 Percent
Feb. 11, 2015 Rubio: IRS Not Doing Enough To Provide Florida Taxpayers With Printed Materials Needed To File Their Taxes
Feb. 11, 2015 Letter to the Honorable John Koskinen, Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service - IRS Not Doing Enough To Provide Florida Taxpayers With Printed Materials Needed To File Their Taxes
Jan. 20, 2015 Rubio Comments On State Of The Union Address
Sept. 23, 2014 The Wall Street Journal - A Pro-Family, Pro-Growth Tax Reform
Sept. 22, 2014 The Wall Street Journal - A Pro-Family, Pro-Growth Tax Reform
June 26, 2014 Unanimous Consent Request-- S. RES. 487
May 1, 2014 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions - Internal Revenue Service
April 15, 2014 Rubio Addresses Constituent Concerns About Broken, Complicated Tax Code
March 18, 2014 The Washington Examiner - 'No tax in the world will cure debt'
March 10, 2014 Rubio Proposes New Economic Growth Agenda At Kemp Forum
Oct. 10, 2013 Default Prevention Act of 2013-- Motion to Proceed--
Oct. 3, 2013 Contract from America
Aug. 30, 2013 Rubio Addresses AFP's 7th Annual Defending The American Dream Summit
Aug. 1, 2013 Fox News "Your World with Cavuto" - Transcript: Rift in the Republican Party
July 31, 2013 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript: Obamacare
July 23, 2013 Letter to Chairman Max Baucus and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch, Senate Finance Committee - tax reform
July 18, 2013 Barrasso Bill Blocks President's National Energy Tax
July 8, 2013 The Hill - One Tax Incentive for Higher Education
June 19, 2013 Rubio Co-Sponsors Bill To Repeal Death Tax
June 12, 2013 Hatch, Rubio Unveil Amendments to Further Strengthen Immigration Bill
June 12, 2013 Bloomberg - Republicans Introduce Legislation to Simplify Higher Education Tax Credits
June 5, 2013 Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript - The Right to Refuse, and Immigration Reform
June 4, 2013 Rubio and Schock Introduce Legislation to Consolidate Tax Incentives for Higher Education
May 29, 2013 Senator Rubio Tells Constituents: Repealing ObamaCare Only Answer To IRS Scandal
May 24, 2013 FOX "Hannity" - Transcript
May 21, 2013 Rubio Files Amendment To Farm Bill To Punish IRS Officials Who Violate 1st Amendment Rights Of Americans
May 20, 2013 Rubio On Report That Administration Targeted FOX News Reporter During Leak Probe
May 16, 2013 The IRS
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