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Chris Christie's Public Statements

Office: Governor (NJ), Republican
Date Title
March 29, 2017 Remarks by President Trump in Listening Session on Opioids and Drug Abuse
March 27, 2017 Governor Christie: This Plan Gets Our Road, Bridge And Mass Transit Needs Done
March 27, 2017 Governor Christie: Everyone Is Going To See Improvement From This In Every Corner Of NJ
March 27, 2017 Governor Christie Signs Legislation For Immediate TTF Road, Bridge, Transit Improvements
March 24, 2017 Gov. Christie: Your Mission Is For Clients To Reach Their Fullest Potential
March 23, 2017 Governor Christie: This Is A Record That All New Jerseyans Should Be Happy With
March 23, 2017 Governor Christie: There Is No Disputing NJ Republican Job Creation
March 21, 2017 Governor Christie Announces $1 Million in Security Grants for Nonprofit Organizations and Religious Institutions in Nine Counties
March 21, 2017 Governor Christie: These Grants Are To Protect Against Any Acts Of Hate
March 20, 2017 Governor Christie: Helping Those Looking For A Second Chance Makes Our State A Better Place
March 20, 2017 Governor Christie Partners with Community Colleges to Create New Economic Opportunities For All Residents
March 20, 2017 Gov. Christie: My Goal As Governor Is To Leave NJ Better Than I Found It
March 20, 2017 Gov. Christie: Our Community Colleges Are Key To Creating A Well-Educated, Well-Trained Workforce
March 13, 2017 Governor Christie: New Jersey Is Outperforming The Country In Job Creation
March 13, 2017 Governor Christie: Our State Provides An Extraordinarily Well-Educated Workforce
March 9, 2017 Governor Christie Announces Major Step Toward Reopening Mid-State Correctional Facility as Drug Treatment Center
March 8, 2017 Governor Christie: This Issue Cuts Across Every Community In This State
March 8, 2017 Governor Christie: Expungement Has To Be An Option Available To Those Who Have Earned It
March 6, 2017 Governor Christie Amends Regulations on Individuals' Right to Firearms for Self-Defense with Commonsense Reforms
March 3, 2017 Governor Christie: We As A Society Need To Stand Up And Speak Out Against Hate
March 3, 2017 Governor Christie Announces Increased Patrol, Training and Outreach Efforts Following Recent Bias Incidents
March 3, 2017 Governor Christie: Diversity Is Part Of What Makes New Jersey So Special
March 2, 2017 Governor Christie: We're Going To Continue To Work At Giving Families A Pathway To Hope
Feb. 28, 2017 Gov. Christie Will Leave New Jersey Better Than When He Started
Feb. 24, 2017 Governor Christie: NJ Newspapers' Hidden Revenue is Obstructing Direct Property Tax Relief
Feb. 16, 2017 Governor Christie: Asking For Help Is Not A Sign Of Weakness, But It Is In Fact A Sign Of Strength
Feb. 15, 2017 Governor Christie Signs Life-Saving Drug Addiction Reform, Ensuring Immediate Covered Treatment
Feb. 15, 2017 Governor Christie: NJ Now Leads The Way With The Country's Strongest Reform On Opioid Prescriptions
Feb. 10, 2017 Governor Christie Signs Bipartisan Business Friendly Legislation to Improve Safety in Ride Sharing Industry
Feb. 8, 2017 Governor Christie: Recovery Is Not Easy, It's Hard Work
Feb. 8, 2017 Governor Christie On Addiction: We Need Treatment Because Every Life Is Precious
Feb. 7, 2017 Governor Christie To Students: You're The Ones Who Are Going To Solve The Drug Problem
Feb. 6, 2017 Governor Chris Christie Takes Action On Pending Legislation
Feb. 2, 2017 Governor Christie: We're Going To Be Working The Hardest On Access To Addiction Treatment
Feb. 2, 2017 Governor Christie: We Need To Approach Addiction In A Much Different Way And Change Attitudes
Feb. 2, 2017 Governor Christie: It's Not Enough For Us Just To Change Laws, We've Got To Change Minds Too
Jan. 31, 2017 Governor Christie Announces Expansion of Behavioral Health Beds
Jan. 31, 2017 Governor Christie Calls for 864 New Adult Acute Care Beds Throughout the Garden State
Jan. 31, 2017 Gov. Christie To Recovery Clients: I Want To Make Sure You Know That You Haven't Been Forgotten
Jan. 26, 2017 Governor Christie: We Want To Put The Best Teachers At The Front Of The Classroom
Jan. 26, 2017 The Christie Administration Is Committed To Improving Transportation Infrastructure And Efficiency
Jan. 26, 2017 Governor Christie: You Work Harder Than Anyone To Raise Your Families And Help People
Jan. 24, 2017 Governor Christie: Camden Is A City Back On The Rise And Is Worth Investing In
Jan. 24, 2017 Christie: This Will Be The Most Aggressive Law In The Country, Providing Access To Addiction Care
Jan. 24, 2017 Gov. Christie: Narcan Has A Real Impact On Giving People Second Chances, Which Is What We Want To Do
Jan. 23, 2017 Governor Chris Christie Delivers Draft Legislation to Allow Immediate Treatment for Diagnosed Drug Addictions Without Prior Authorization by Insurance Carriers
Jan. 17, 2017 Governor Christie: 1,600 People Dying In NJ Last Year Is Too Much, Much Too Much
Jan. 17, 2017 Governor Christie Signs Executive Order Declaring Opioid Drug Abuse a Public Health Crisis
Jan. 11, 2017 Governor Christie To Recovery Clients: Everybody Here Gives Me A Different Level Of Inspiration
Jan. 11, 2017 Governor Christie: The Shortest Road To Relapse Is No Job, Employers Must Change
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