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Tom Perriello's Public Statements

Date Title
Issue Position: Farming
Issue Position: Environmental Issues
Issue Position: Supporting Our Troops and Honoring Our Veterans
Issue Position: Economic Fairness
Issue Position: National Security
Issue Position: Health Care
Issue Position: Oil Independence
Issue Position: Supporting Local Law Enforcement
Issue Position: Lobbying and Corruption
Issue Position: Second Amendment Rights
Issue Position: Economic R.E.V.I.V.A.L.
Issue Position: Education and Job Training
Dec. 30, 2010 Chatham Star Tribune - Congressman Tom Perriello's Washington Report
Dec. 22, 2010 Helping Heroes Keep Their Homes Act Of 2010
Dec. 22, 2010 Clarifying Federal Responsibility To Pay For Stormwater Pollution
Dec. 3, 2010 Perriello Introduces Legislation to Prevent Sexual Violence on Campus
Dec. 2, 2010 Campus Save Act
Oct. 18, 2010 Keeping Our Promises To Seniors
Oct. 14, 2010 Unfinished Business In Washington
Oct. 7, 2010 MSNBC "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" - Transcript
Sept. 29, 2010 Perriello Votes to Support American Manufacturing Jobs and American-made Products
Sept. 28, 2010 Letter to The President
Sept. 23, 2010 Perriello Votes to Cut Taxes, Expand Capital for Small Businesses
Sept. 23, 2010 New "Patient's Bill of Rights" Takes Effect
Sept. 16, 2010 "Rural Star" Legislation Passes House
Sept. 10, 2010 Op-Ed - Investing in Education
Sept. 2, 2010 Committing to Our Troops During Their Service and Beyond
Aug. 30, 2010 Perriello Statement on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
Aug. 26, 2010 Perriello Statement in Recognition of Women's Equality Day
Aug. 25, 2010 Consumer Protections that Empower the Middle Class
Aug. 20, 2010 Keeping Promises and Protecting Jobs
Aug. 12, 2010 Perriello Affirms Commitment to Seniors on 75th Anniversary of Social Security
Aug. 11, 2010 Putting American Workers First
Aug. 10, 2010 Perriello Votes to Support Teachers, American Workers
Aug. 10, 2010 Letter to The Honorable Masayuki Naoshima, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
Aug. 4, 2010 Making, Building, and Growing Things in America
July 30, 2010 Perriello Votes to Protect American Manufacturing Jobs and Support Small Business
July 30, 2010 Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2010
July 30, 2010 Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources Act Of 2010
July 28, 2010 Two Perriello co-sponsored bills pass as part of "Make it in America" initiative
July 28, 2010 Fighting for Every Constituent
July 27, 2010 MSNBC "The Rachel Maddow Show" - Transcript
July 27, 2010 Letter to the Honorable Barack Obama, the President of the United States
July 21, 2010 Perriello's Bill To Reduce Deficit by $107 Million Passes House with Unanimous Bipartisan Consent
July 20, 2010 Surface Transportation Savings Act of 2010
July 14, 2010 "Rural Star" Legislation Heading to House Floor
July 13, 2010 The Country's Economic Future
July 6, 2010 Perriello Issues One-Year Progress Report on "Energy Independence" Blueprint
July 2, 2010 Perriello Votes Against Democrats' Budget Resolution
July 2, 2010 Letter to Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury - Anshan Iron and Steel Group
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