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Voting Record

HF 2958 - Authorizes New Viking Stadium - Voting Record

Minnesota House

Roll Number: None
Yea: 71 Nay: 60
Conference Report Adopted (House)
State District Name Party Vote
MN 1A Republican Yea
MN 1B Republican Yea
MN 2A Rep.  Kent  Eken  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 2B Rep.  David  Hancock  Republican Nay
MN 3A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 3B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 3B Rep.  Carolyn  McElfatrick  Republican Nay
MN 4B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 4B Rep.  Larry  Howes  Republican Yea
MN 5A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 5A Rep.  Tom  Rukavina  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 5B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 6A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 7B Rep.  Kerry  Gauthier  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 8A Rep.  Bill  Hilty  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 8A Republican Yea
MN 8B Republican Nay
MN 8B Rep.  Roger  Crawford  Republican Nay
MN 9A Rep.  Morrie  Lanning  Republican Yea
MN 10A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 10B Rep.  Mark  A.  Murdock  Republican Yea
MN 11A Rep.  Torrey  N.  Westrom  Republican Yea
MN 12B Rep.  Mike  LeMieur  Republican Yea
MN 12B Republican Yea
MN 13B Rep.  Bruce  D.  Vogel  Republican Yea
MN 13B Republican Yea
MN 14A Rep.  Steve  Gottwalt  Republican Yea
MN 14B Rep.  Larry  J.  Hosch  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 15A Republican Nay
MN 15B Rep.  King  Banaian  Republican Nay
MN 16A Republican Nay
MN 16B Rep.  Mary  E.  Kiffmeyer  Republican Nay
MN 16B Republican Yea
MN 17A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 18A Republican Yea
MN 18A Rep.  Ron  Shimanski  Republican Yea
MN 18B Republican Nay
MN 19A Rep.  Terence  'Terry'  Morrow  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 19A Rep.  Bruce  D.  Anderson  Republican Nay
MN 19B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 20A Republican Yea
MN 21A Republican Yea
MN 21B Republican Nay
MN 22A Republican Yea
MN 22B Republican Yea
MN 23A Republican Yea
MN 23B Republican Yea
MN 24B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 25A Republican Nay
MN 25B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 26A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 26A Rep.  Kory  Kath  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 26B Republican Nay
MN 27A Rep.  Rich  Murray  Republican Yea
MN 27B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 28A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 28B Republican Yea
MN 29A Republican Nay
MN 31A Republican Nay
MN 31B Republican Nay
MN 32B Republican Nay
MN 33A Rep.  Steve  Smith  Republican Yea
MN 33B Rep.  Connie  Doepke  Republican Yea
MN 34A Republican Nay
MN 34B Republican Nay
MN 35A Republican Yea
MN 35B Rep.  Mark  W.  Buesgens  Republican Nay
MN 35B Republican Nay
MN 36B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 37B Republican Yea
MN 37B Rep.  Kurt  Patrick  Bills  Republican Nay
MN 38A Rep.  Diane  Anderson  Republican Nay
MN 38A Republican Nay
MN 38B Rep.  Doug  Wardlow  Republican Nay
MN 38B Republican Nay
MN 39A Republican Nay
MN 39B Republican Nay
MN 39B Rep.  Joseph  'Joe'  Atkins  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 40A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 40B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 41A Rep.  Keith  Downey  Republican Nay
MN 41B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 41B Rep.  Pat  Mazorol  Republican Nay
MN 42A Rep.  Kirk  Stensrud  Republican Nay
MN 43B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 44A Republican Nay
MN 44B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 45A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 46A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 46B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 47A Rep.  Denise  R.  Dittrich  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 47A Republican Nay
MN 47B Republican Yea
MN 48B Republican Nay
MN 49B Rep.  Branden  Petersen  Republican Nay
MN 50A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 50B Rep.  Katherine  'Kate'  Knuth  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 50B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 51B Rep.  Tom  Tillberry  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 52A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 53B Rep.  Carol  McFarlane  Republican Yea
MN 53B Republican Nay
MN 54A Rep.  Mindy  G.  Greiling  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 54B Rep.  Bev  Scalze  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 54B Republican Yea
MN 55A Republican Yea
MN 55B Rep.  Nora  Slawik  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 56A Republican Nay
MN 57A Republican Nay
MN 57A Rep.  John  Kriesel  Republican Yea
MN 58A Republican Nay
MN 58B Republican Yea
MN 58B Rep.  Bobby Joe  Champion  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 59A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 60A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 60A Rep.  Marion  Greene  Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 60B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 61A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 61B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 62A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 62B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 63A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 63B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 64A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 64B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 65A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 65B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 66A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Nay
MN 66B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 67A Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
MN 67B Democratic/Farmer/Labor Yea
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