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Candidates and Representatives for
Dallas, Collin County and Dallas County, Texas 75248

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Hillary Clinton
Challenger (Running) Democratic
Running Mate:
Tim Kaine Democratic
Gary Johnson
Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Running Mate:
William Weld Libertarian
Jill Stein
Challenger (Running) Green Party
Running Mate:
Ajamu Baraka Green Party
Donald Trump
Challenger (Running) Republican
Running Mate:
Mike Pence Republican
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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator John Cornyn
Senior Seat Republican
Senator Ted Cruz
Junior Seat Republican

U.S. House

District 3
Representative Sam Johnson
District 3 (Running) Republican
Adam Bell
District 3 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Paul Blair
District 3 Challenger (Potential) Green Party
Scott Jameson
District 3 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 24
Representative Kenny Marchant
District 24 (Running) Republican
Mike Kolls
District 24 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Kevin McCormick
District 24 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Jan McDowell
District 24 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 32
Representative Pete Sessions
District 32 (Running) Republican
Ed Rankin
District 32 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Gary Stuard
District 32 Challenger (Running) Green Party



Lieutenant Governor



State House

District 66
Representative Matt Shaheen
District 66 (Running) Republican
Shawn Jones
District 66 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Gnanse Nelson
District 66 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 102
Representative Linda Koop
District 102 (Running) Republican
Laura Irvin
District 102 Challenger (Running) Democratic

State Senate

District 8
Senator Van Taylor
District 8 Republican
District 16
Senator Don Huffines
District 16 Republican


State Board of Education

District 1
Board Member Martha Dominguez
District 1 Democratic
Georgina Perez
District 1 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 2
District 3
Board Member Marisa Perez
District 3 Democratic
District 4
Board Member Lawrence Allen, Jr.
District 4 Democratic
District 5
Board Member Ken Mercer
District 5 (Running) Republican
Rebecca Bell-Metereau
District 5 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 6
Board Member Donna Bahorich
District 6 (Running) Republican
Rustin Carter
District 6 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 7
Board Member David Bradley
District 7 Republican
District 8
Board Member Barbara Cargill
District 8 (Running) Republican
District 9
Board Member Thomas Ratliff
District 9 Republican
Keven Ellis
District 9 Challenger (Running) Republican
Amanda Rudolph
District 9 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Anastasia Wilford
District 9 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 10
Board Member Tom Maynard
District 10 (Running) Republican
Judy Jennings
District 10 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 11
Board Member Pat Hardy
District 11 Republican
District 12
District 13
District 14
Board Member Sue Melton-Malone
District 14 Republican
Jacqulin Malone
District 14 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 15
Board Member Marty Rowley
District 15 (Running) Republican

Attorney General

Secretary of State

Commissioner of Education

Commissioner of the Department of Banking

Comptroller of Public Accounts

Glenn Hegar, Jr.


Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 1
Sharon Keller
Place 1 Republican

Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals

Place 2
Lawrence Meyers
Place 2 (Running) Republican
Mark Ash
Place 2 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Adam Blackwell-Reposa
Place 2 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Mary Lou Keel
Place 2 Challenger (Running) Republican
Place 3
Place 4
Kevin Yeary
Place 4
Place 5
Cheryl Johnson
Place 5 Republican
Betsy Johnson
Place 5 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Judith Sanders-Castro
Place 5 Challenger (Running) Green Party
William Strange III
Place 5 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Scott Walker
Place 5 Challenger (Running) Republican
Place 6
Mike Keasler
Place 6 (Running) Republican
Mark Bennett
Place 6 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Robert Burns
Place 6 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Place 7
Barbara Hervey
Place 7 Republican
Place 8
Elsa Alcala
Place 8 Republican
Place 9
David Newell
Place 9

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Place 1
Chief Justice Nathan Hecht
Place 1 Republican

Justice of the Supreme Court

Place 2
Justice Don Willett
Place 2 Republican
Place 3
Justice Debra Lehrmann
Place 3 (Running) Republican
Kathie Glass
Place 3 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Rodolfo Munoz
Place 3 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Mike Westergren
Place 3 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Place 4
Justice John Devine
Place 4 Republican
Place 5
Justice Paul Green
Place 5 (Running) Republican
Dori Contreras Garza
Place 5 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Tom Oxford
Place 5 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Place 6
Place 7
Place 8
Justice Phil Johnson
Place 8 Republican
Place 9
Justice Eva Guzman
Place 9 (Running) Republican
Jim Chisholm
Place 9 Challenger (Running) Green Party
Don Fulton
Place 9 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Savannah Robinson
Place 9 Challenger (Running) Democratic



At-Large (Dallas)


Council Member

District 1 (Dallas)
Scott Griggs
District 1
District 2 (Dallas)
Adam Medrano
District 2
District 3 (Dallas)
Casey Thomas II
District 3
District 4 (Dallas)
Carolyn Arnold
District 4
District 5 (Dallas)
Rickey Callahan
District 5
District 6 (Dallas)
Monica Alonzo
District 6
District 7 (Dallas)
Tiffanni Young
District 7
District 8 (Dallas)
Erik Wilson
District 8
District 9 (Dallas)
Mark Clayton
District 9
District 10 (Dallas)
B. McGough
District 10
District 11 (Dallas)
Lee Kleinman
District 11
District 12 (Dallas)
Sandy Greyson
District 12
District 13 (Dallas)
Jennifer Gates
District 13
District 14 (Dallas)
Philip Kingston
District 14


Precinct 1 (Dallas County)
Precinct 2 (Dallas County)
Precinct 3 (Dallas County)
Precinct 4 (Dallas County)
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