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Jenkins Reaction to President Obama's Address to Congress


Location: Washington, DC

Jenkins Reaction to President Obama's Address to Congress

After President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, February 24, 2009, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins made the following statement.

"I agree with President Obama that we must address the fiscal and economic challenges facing the nation today in order to create sustained economic growth and prosperity. The American people continue to struggle to find jobs and to make ends meet. But I am optimistic we can overcome these challenges and I look forward to working with President Obama and his Administration to find solutions to jump-start the economy.

"Tonight, President Obama discussed lofty goals for several domestic programs, and even though we may not agree on every initiative, we can hopefully agree fiscal responsibility in Washington is absolutely necessary in order to grow the economy. The federal government has developed a bad habit of spending like there's no tomorrow, and this bad habit cannot continue. I am certain none of President Obama's plans to turn around the economy will prove effective unless the out-of-control spending habits in Washington change.

"The President also talked about his budget that will be released later this week. He promised to cut the $1.3 trillion federal deficit in half by the end of his term. I am pleased he recognizes reducing the deficit is critical to growing our economy, but the worst thing that he could do right now is raise taxes on the American people and small businesses. Additionally, there are places in the budget that need to be cut, but funding for our servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan is vital in order to keep our country safe. I look forward to seeing the details of the President's budget plan and hope he stays true to his word to change the way Washington does business.

"President Obama addressed many of the most important challenges facing our country. Although we may not agree on every issue, we must work together to find solutions that provide benefits to the American people and that get our country back on the road to prosperity."

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