Rating Group: North Dakota AFL-CIO

2009 Positions

Issues: Labor Unions
State Office Name Party Rating
ND State House-1 Patrick Hatlestad R 33%
ND State House-1 Gary Sukut R 33%
ND State House-2 David Rust R 33%
ND State House-2 Robert Skarphol R 33%
ND State House-4 Glen Froseth R 33%
ND State House-4 Kenton Onstad D-NPL 100%
ND State House-6 Bob Hunskor D-NPL 100%
ND State House-8 Jeff Delzer R 33%
ND State House-9 Tracy Boe D-NPL 100%
ND State House-10 Charles Damschen R 0%
ND State House-10 David Monson R 33%
ND State House-11 Scot Kelsh D-NPL 100%
ND State House-13 Kim Koppelman R 33%
ND State House-13 Alon Wieland R 33%
ND State House-14 Jon Nelson R 0%
ND State House-14 Robin Weisz R 0%
ND State House-15 Curt Hofstad R 0%
ND State House-15 Dennis Johnson R 0%
ND State House-18 Eliot Glassheim D-NPL 66%
ND State House-20 Rick Holman D-NPL 100%
ND State House-21 Steven Zaiser D-NPL 100%
ND State House-22 Wesley Belter R 33%
ND State House-23 Don Vigesaa R 0%
ND State House-25 Clark Williams D-NPL 66%
ND State House-26 Bill Amerman D-NPL 100%
ND State House-26 Jerome Kelsh D-NPL 100%
ND State House-27 Randy Boehning R 0%
ND State House-28 Michael Don Brandenburg R 33%
ND State House-28 William Kretschmar R 66%
ND State House-29 Craig Headland R 33%
ND State House-29 Chet Pollert R 33%
ND State House-30 Mike Nathe R 0%
ND State House-32 Mark Dosch R 33%
ND State House-32 Lisa Meier R 0%
ND State House-33 Brenda Heller R 33%
ND State House-33 Gary Kreidt R 33%
ND State House-34 Todd Porter R 33%
ND State House-35 Karen Karls R 33%
ND State House-35 Bob Martinson R 66%
ND State House-36 Mike Schatz R 0%
ND State House-37 Nancy Johnson R 33%
ND State House-38 Larry Bellew R 0%
ND State House-38 Dan Ruby R 33%
ND State House-39 David Drovdal R 33%
ND State House-39 Keith Kempenich R 0%
ND State House-40 Robert Frantsvog R 33%
ND State House-40 Matthew Klein R 0%
ND State House-41 Al Carlson R 0%
ND State House-41 Bette Grande R 0%
ND State House-42 Corey Mock D-NPL 100%
ND State House-43 Lois Delmore D-NPL 100%
ND State House-44 Blair Thoreson R 0%
ND State House-45 Ed Gruchalla D-NPL 100%
ND State House-46 Kathy Hawken R 33%
ND State House-46 James Kasper R 0%
ND State House-47 George Keiser R 33%
ND State House-47 Larry Klemin R 33%
ND State Senate-1 Stanley Lyson R 25%
ND State Senate-2 John Andrist R 25%
ND State Senate-4 John Warner D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-6 David O'Connell D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-8 Layton Freborg R 25%
ND State Senate-9 Richard Marcellais D-NPL 75%
ND State Senate-10 Joe Miller R 0%
ND State Senate-10 Curtis Olafson R 25%
ND State Senate-11 Tim Mathern D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-12 Dave Nething R 50%
ND State Senate-13 Judy Lee R 25%
ND State Senate-14 Jerry Klein R 0%
ND State Senate-15 Dave Oehlke R 50%
ND State Senate-17 Ray Holmberg R 25%
ND State Senate-18 Constance Triplett D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-19 Gerald Uglem R 33%
ND State Senate-21 Carolyn Nelson D-NPL 75%
ND State Senate-22 Gary Lee R 25%
ND State Senate-23 Joan Heckaman D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-24 Larry Robinson D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-26 Jim Dotzenrod D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-28 Robert Erbele R 0%
ND State Senate-29 Terry Wanzek R 25%
ND State Senate-32 Dick Dever R 25%
ND State Senate-34 Dwight Cook R 25%
ND State Senate-36 George Nodland R 25%
ND State Senate-37 Rich Wardner R 25%
ND State Senate-38 David Hogue R 25%
ND State Senate-39 Bill Bowman R 25%
ND State Senate-40 Karen Krebsbach R 25%
ND State Senate-41 Tony Grindberg R 50%
ND State Senate-42 Mac Schneider D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-44 Tim Flakoll R 25%
ND State Senate-47 Ralph Kilzer R 25%
ND Public Service Commissioner Randel Christmann R 25%
ND Commissioner-At-Large Merle Boucher D-NPL 100%
Arden Anderson 75%
JoNell Bakke 100%
Arthur Behm 75%
Rick Berg 33%
Donald Clark 0%
James Oliver Coats 100%
Tom Conklin 100%
Kari Lee Conrad 100%
Stacey Dahl 66%
Duane Lee DeKrey 0%
Mary Ekstrom 100%
Tom Fiebiger 100%
Tom Fischer 25%
Rod Froelich 100%
Chris Griffin 100%
Lyle Hanson 100%
Robert Horne 100%
Lee Kaldor 100%
RaeAnn Kelsch 33%
James Kerzman 66%
Robert Kilichowski 100%
Joyce Kingsbury 33%
Aaron Krauter 100%
Joe Kroeber 100%
Elroy Lindaas 75%
Ralph Metcalf 100%
Shirley Meyer 100%
Phillip Mueller 100%
Lee Myxter 100%
Darrell Nottestad 66%
Vonnie Pietsch 33%
Louis Pinkerton 66%
Jim Pomeroy 100%
Louise Potter 100%
Tracy Potter 100%
Arlo Schmidt 100%
Jasper Schneider 100%
Tom Seymour 100%
Bob Stenehjem 25%
Ken Svedjan 0%
Ryan Taylor 100%
Elwood Thorpe 100%
Ben Vig 100%
Francis Wald 33%
John Wall 0%
Dave Weiler 0%
Lonny Winrich 100%
Lisa Wolf 100%
Dwight Wrangham 0%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.