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Mike Enzi's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (WY) - Sr, Republican
Date Title
Sept. 29, 2006 Ryan White Care Reauthorization
Sept. 29, 2006 Extension of the Higher Education Act
Sept. 28, 2006 Enzi Votes to Bring Terrorists to Justice
Sept. 28, 2006 Secure Fence Act of 2006--Resumed
Sept. 26, 2006 Press Release - Enzi Joins Efforts to Improve Educaton, Increase American Global Competitiveness; Cosponsors "National Competitiveness Investment Act"
Sept. 26, 2006 Press Release - President Signs Federal Transparency Act
Sept. 26, 2006 Secure Fence Act of 2006
Sept. 22, 2006 Press Relases - Enzi Urges Reforms to "Reading First" Program Implementation to Ensure Continued Success
Sept. 22, 2006 Press Release - Bill Signed Helps Wyomng Young Adults Build Housing for Communitites
Sept. 21, 2006 Press Release - Enzi's Military Anti-fraud Bill Goes to President
Sept. 20, 2006 FDA Nominee Von Escheback Approved; Enzi Call on Senate to Move Forwar; Provide Agency Confirmed Head
Sept. 20, 2006 HELP Committee Passes Bills to Renew Community Health Centers, Improve Railroad Retirement Act
Sept. 20, 2006 HELP Committee Passes Public Health Bill to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury, Protect America's Senior Citizens From Falls
Sept. 20, 2006 Enzi Announces Passage of Radiology Care Bill to Improve Medical Care, Reduce Costs
Sept. 19, 2006 Enzi Sees 'Viable Ideas' in Grand Teton Transportation Plan, But More Work to be Done
Sept. 19, 2006 Hearing of the Senate Banking Committee on "Combating Child Pornography by Eliminating Pornographers' Access to the Financial Payment System
Sept. 19, 2006 National Mine Resuce Competition
Sept. 18, 2006 Proud to Fight for Our Freedoms
Sept. 14, 2006 Track Your Tax Dollars with One-Stop Cypershop
Sept. 13, 2006 Delegation Supports Wyo. Coal-to-liquids Facility, Backs Investment Tax Credits for Plant
Sept. 13, 2006 Enzi Comments on U. N. Renovation Project Study
Sept. 13, 2006 Security and Accountability for Every Port Act
Sept. 13, 2006 Enzi Applauds Extension of Tax Deferral Due to Drought
Sept. 11, 2006 Enzi Works Double Duty Issues for Agriculture
Sept. 11, 2006 Remembering September 11, 2001
Sept. 7, 2006 Enzi Backs Transparency Spending Bill
Sept. 6, 2006 Enzi Applauds House Passage of "YouthBuild Transfer Act"
Sept. 1, 2006 Enzi Praises August Job Creation; 5.7 Million New Jobs Created Since August 2003
Aug. 30, 2006 Enzi Notes Increase in Americans Without Health Insurance, Calls for Action on Small Business Health Plans
Aug. 29, 2006 Enzi Hails Drought Relief
Aug. 15, 2006 Enzi, Wyo. Dept. of Ed Celebrate Perkins Career Ed Bill Completion
Aug. 7, 2006 Enzi Applauds President Bush's Decision to Sign Pension Reform Legislation into Law
Aug. 4, 2006 Enzi Applauds Senate Passage of "Youthbuild Transfer Act"
Aug. 4, 2006 Enzi Praises July Job Creation; 5.5 Million New Jobs Created Since August 2003
Aug. 4, 2006 Enzi Applauds Senate Passage of the Combating Austism Act
Aug. 4, 2006 Unrelated Tax Credits Sink AML Funding Legislation...for Now, Enzi Says
Aug. 4, 2006 Senate Approves Pension Reform Bill that Achieves Enzi's Prime Goals to Secure Retirements of 45 Million Americans
Aug. 3, 2006 Estate Tax and Extension of Tax Relief Act of 2006--Motiion to Proceed
Aug. 3, 2006 Combating Autism Act of 2005
Aug. 3, 2006 Youthbuild Transfer Act
Aug. 3, 2006 Pension Protection Act of 2006
Aug. 3, 2006 Enzi, Kennedy Introduce Drug Safety Legislation to Ensure Better Safeguards for Millions Taking Presecription Drugs
Aug. 3, 2006 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
Aug. 1, 2006 Enzi Holds Confirmation Hearing on FDA Nominee Von Eschenbach; Calls for Senate Confirmed Head of Agency
Aug. 1, 2006 Enzi, Senate Take Action to Increase Nation's Energy Supply
Aug. 1, 2006 Senate Passes Bill to Fight Premature Birth, Improve Services for Infants and Mothers
Aug. 1, 2006 Gulf of Mexico Security Act of 2006--Continued
July 27, 2006 HELP Committee Holds Hearing to Examine Uniform, National Food Safety Standards
July 27, 2006 Enzi Pleased with Japan's Resumption of Beef Imports
July 27, 2006 Enzi Supports Continuation of Small Business Assistance - Authors Native American Provisions
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