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Voting Record

HB 1301 - Authorizes Legislative Appropriations - Voting Record

Colorado House

Roll Number: None
Yea: 34 Nay: 28
Bill Passed (House)
State District Name Party Vote
CO 1 Democratic Yea
CO 2 Democratic Yea
CO 3 Democratic Did Not Vote
CO 4 Democratic Nay
CO 5 Democratic Nay
CO 6 Democratic Nay
CO 7 Democratic Yea
CO 8 Democratic Yea
CO 9 Rep.  Joe  Miklosi  Democratic Nay
CO 10 Democratic Yea
CO 11 Democratic Yea
CO 12 Rep.  Matt  Jones  Democratic Nay
CO 13 Rep.  Claire  Levy  Democratic Nay
CO 15 Republican Yea
CO 16 Republican Yea
CO 16 Rep.  Larry  G.  Liston  Republican Nay
CO 17 Rep.  Mark  H.  Barker  Republican Yea
CO 18 Democratic Nay
CO 19 Republican Did Not Vote
CO 19 Rep.  Marsha  A.  Looper  Republican Nay
CO 20 Republican Yea
CO 22 Rep.  Kenneth Guy  'Ken'  Summers  Republican Nay
CO 23 Democratic Yea
CO 24 Democratic Yea
CO 25 Republican Yea
CO 26 Rep.  Andrew  'Andy'  Kerr  Democratic Nay
CO 27 Republican Nay
CO 28 Rep.  James  E.  'Jim'  Kerr  Republican Yea
CO 29 Rep.  Robert  Edgar  Ramirez  Republican Yea
CO 31 Rep.  Judith Anne  'Judy'  Solano  Democratic Nay
CO 32 Rep.  Edward  Casso  Democratic Yea
CO 33 Rep.  Donald  'Don'  Beezley  Republican Nay
CO 34 Rep.  John  F.  Soper  Democratic Yea
CO 35 Democratic Nay
CO 36 Democratic Nay
CO 37 Republican Yea
CO 38 Republican Yea
CO 39 Rep.  David  G.  Balmer  Republican Nay
CO 40 Rep.  Cindy  Acree  Republican Nay
CO 41 Rep.  Nancy  Janann  Todd  Democratic Nay
CO 42 Democratic Yea
CO 43 Republican Yea
CO 44 Republican Nay
CO 45 Republican Yea
CO 46 Rep.  Salvatore  'Sal'  Pace  Democratic Nay
CO 47 Rep.  Keith  R.  Swerdfeger  Republican Yea
CO 48 Rep.  Glenn  Vaad  Republican Nay
CO 49 Rep.  Betty  June  'B.J.'  Nikkel  Republican Yea
CO 50 Democratic Nay
CO 51 Republican Yea
CO 52 Rep.  John  M.  Kefalas  Democratic Nay
CO 53 Democratic Yea
CO 55 Republican Yea
CO 55 Rep.  Laura  Bradford  Republican Did Not Vote
CO 56 Republican Yea
CO 57 Rep.  Randy  L.  Baumgardner  Republican Nay
CO 58 Republican Yea
CO 59 Rep.  J.  Paul  Brown  Republican Yea
CO 60 Rep.  Thomas  W.  'Tom'  Massey  Jr. Republican Yea
CO 61 Rep.  Roger  Ben  Wilson  Democratic Yea
CO 61 Democratic Nay
CO 62 Democratic Nay
CO 63 Rep.  Jon  J.  Becker  Republican Yea
CO 64 Rep.  Wes  McKinley  Democratic Nay
CO 65 Republican Yea
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