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California Political Parties

American Independent Party of California
476 Deodara Street
Vacaville, CA 95688
Phone: 707-359-4884
Fax: 707-222-6040
Web site:

California Democratic Party
1830 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: 916-442-5707
Fax: 916-442-5715
Web site:

California Labor Party
Web site:

California Republican Party
1001 K Street, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-448-9496
Fax: 916-448-9497
Web site:

Green Party of California
Post Office Box 160, Station A
Richmond, CA 94808
Phone: 916-448-3437
Web site:

Humanitarian Party
10556 Combie Rd, #6478
Auburn, CA 95602
Phone: 530-852-0353

Libertarian Party of California
770 L Street, Suite 950
Sacramento, CA 95814-3361
Phone: 916-446-1776
Web site:

Natural Law Party of California
Post Office Box 50843
Palo Alto, CA 94303
Phone: 831-425-2201
Phone: 949-509-7555
Fax: 831-427-9230
Web site:

Peace and Freedom Party
Post Office Box 24764
Oakland, CA 94623
Phone: 510-465-9414
Web site:

Reform Party of California
4805 5th Street, Suite 147
Rainbow, CA 92028
Phone: 858-926-0521
Phone: 858-724-1485
Web site:

Socialist Labor Party of California
Post Office Box 218
Mountain View, CA 94042-0218
Web site:

Socialist Party of California
2617 Hauser Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Web site: http://www.socialistpartyofcal...

Southern California Communist Party
1251 South Saint Andrews Place
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: 323-733-3415
Web site:

Unity Party of California
Web site:

Workers World Party
Phone: 917-740-2628
Web site:

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