Colorado Ballot Measures

Issue Category


Abortion and Reproductive

Animals and Wildlife

Business and Consumers

Campaign Finance and Elections

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights


Date State Title Outcome
11/04 CO Referendum L: Age Qualification for Serving in General Assembly Failed 11/04 CO Amendment 46: Discrimination and Preferential Treatment by the State Pending 11/04 CO Amendment 59: Education Funding and TABOR Rebates Failed 11/04 CO Referendum N: Elimination of Obsolete Constitutional Provisions Regarding Intoxicating Liquor Passed 11/04 CO Amendment 56: Employer Responsibility for Health Insurance Pending 11/04 CO Amendment 52: Use of Severance Tax Revenue for Highways Failed 11/02 CO Amendment 63: Health Care Choice Failed 11/02 CO Amendment R: Exempt Possessory Interests in Real Property Failed 11/02 CO Amendment 62: Application of the Term Person Failed 11/02 CO Amendment 61: Limits on State and Local Government Borrowing Failed 11/02 CO Amendment P: Regulation of Games of Chance Failed 11/06 CO Amendment S: State Personnel System Passed 11/06 CO Amendment 64: Use and Regulation of Marijuana Passed 11/06 CO Amendment 65: Colorado Congressional Delegation to Support Campaign Finance Limits Passed 11/04 CO Amendment 68: Shall State Taxes be Increased $114,500,000 Annually in the First Full Fiscal Year, and by Such Amounts that are Raised Thereafter, by Imposing a New Tax on Authorized Horse Racetracks' Adjusted Gross Proceeds from Limited Gaming to Increase Statewide Funding for K-12 Education, and, in Connection T Failed 11/04 CO Amendment 67: An Amendment to the Colorado Constitution Protecting Pregnant Women and Unborn Children by Defining "Person" and "Child" in the Colorado Criminal Code and the Colorado Wrongful Death Act to Include Unborn Human Beings Failed 11/08 CO Amendment T: No Exception to Involuntary Servitude Prohibition Failed 11/08 CO Amendment U: Exempt Certain Possessory Interests From Property Taxes Failed 11/08 CO Proposed Initiative 101: State Minimum Wage Passed 11/08 CO Proposed Initiative 96: Requirements for Initiated Constitutional Amendments Passed 11/08 CO Proposed Initiative 143: New Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes Failed 11/08 CO Proposed Initiative 98: Primary Elections Passed




Employment and Affirmative Action


Entitlements and the Safety Net


Federal, State and Local Relations

Food Processing and Sales

Gambling and Gaming

Government Budget and Spending

Government Operations

Health and Health Care

Health Insurance

Higher Education

Housing and Property

K-12 Education

Labor Unions


Legislative Branch

Marijuana Legalization

Minors and Children

Natural Resources and Energy

Oil and Gas

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


Technology and Communication




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