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Initiative Petition Requirements

Colorado Ballot Measure - Referendum O

Election: General Nov. 4, 2008 (General)
Outcome: Failed

Campaign Finance and Elections


Changes to signature requirements for initiative petitions:
1. Changes the basis for the computation of signature requirements from votes cast for secretary of state to votes cast for governor
2. Reduces signature requirement for statutory initiatives from five to four percent.
3. Increases the signature requirement for constitutional initiatives from five to six percent
4. Adds a geographic distribution requirement for constitutional amendment petitions: requires that a minimum of 8% of the total signatures required on the petition come from each congressional district in the state.
5. Increases from six to nine months after the ballot title is set the time for circulating petitions.
6. Restricts the ability of the Legislature to amend, repeal or supersede a law passed by initiative: requires a two-thirds vote of all members elected to each house to do so during the first five years after the initiative is passed.
7. Requires that proposed constitutional amendments be submitted to the legislature during the legislative session immediately preceding the election at which the measure would be considered; permits the legislature to hold public hearings on proposed constitutional initiatives.


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