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Patty Murray's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (WA) - Sr, Democratic Minority Conference Secretary
Date Title
July 19, 2018 On Heels of Trump's Disastrous Helsinki Summit and His Hint of Handing over a Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Senator Murray Sounds the Alarm on This Dangerous Situation, Cosponsors Senate Resolution to Protect American Officials and Servicemembers
July 19, 2018 Tweet - "Given his past rulings, we have a lot of reasons to be concerned about the health of our environment if Judge Kavanaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court. We have to keep making our voices heard."
July 19, 2018 Tweet - "We just proved that the Senate can actually block extreme nominees who would roll back the rights and freedoms that so many of us hold dear--and now we need to keep this momentum going in the fight against Judge Kavanaugh."
July 19, 2018 Senator Murray's Statement on Withdrawal of Trump Circuit Court Nominee Bounds
July 19, 2018 Tweet - "I'm calling on all my colleagues to support @SenDuckworth's legislation to fix this because--and this shouldn't have to be said--every child should be able to learn in an environment free of toxins and poisons. -PM"
July 19, 2018 Tweet - "I've introduced a bill alongside 21 Democrats to stop the Trump Administration from detaining and shackling pregnant women in @DHSGov custody, and put in place new standards of care and transparency."
July 19, 2018 Tweet - "It is unacceptable that even one child is attending a school with elevated levels of lead--and even more unacceptable that a majority of schools don't even know if their students are at risk."
July 19, 2018 Tweet - "This week, the first House Republican signed on to the CRA resolution to restore #NetNeutrality. We have momentum, but we need to keep making our voices heard to protect the free & open internet--not just for today's consumers, but for the next generation of innovators."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "After a change in policy from the Trump Administration, more pregnant women are being detained and shackled by immigration authorities. This policy is heartless and dangerous for women and infants. It needs to stop immediately."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "President Trump has systematically worked to roll back decades of progress through our courtrooms-- from the Supreme Court on down--which will have long-lasting impacts, stretching far beyond his time in the White House."
July 18, 2018 Letter to Hon. Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Democrats Grill Trump Administration for Ignoring Evidence and Experts, Opposing Resolution in Support of Breastfeeding
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "I'm heading to the Senate floor to join my colleagues in making it clear just how high the stakes are when it comes to our nation's highest courts--for our families, for our communities, for our country--and for our future. -PM"
July 18, 2018 Murray, Blumenthal, ACOG Experts Speak Out Against Trump-Pence Efforts to Undermine Women's Health
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "At a time when millions of Americans have taken to the streets in recent months to demand action on gun violence, Judge Kavanaugh has taken a far more expansive interpretation of the Second Amendment, and has vigorously argued that assault weapons bans are unconstitutional."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "Pregnant women being detained in immigration facilities have reported miscarrying, bleeding for days without medical attention, & being told "this isn't a hospital" after requesting help. This is unconscionable, and I'm going to keep fighting to change it."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "If anyone simply believes that everyone in this country should have fundamental rights and freedoms--no matter who they are or who they love--should join me in rejecting Judge Kavanaugh."
July 18, 2018 Letter to Secretary Mnuchin and Acting Commissioner Kautter - Clarify That Cheated or Defrauded Students Cannot Be Taxed on Loan Discharges
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "If you believe that Citizens United was an awful decision that perverted the First Amendment & put shameful amounts of power into the hands of the mega-rich and the biggest corporations--join me in rejecting this nominee and demanding someone who will put ordinary voters first."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "After President Trump's reckless summit w Putin, the last thing anyone who cares about our country should want is to put the Supreme Court in the hands of a Trump lackey. Given what we know about Trump's nominee, if he is appointed--that is exactly what would happen."
July 18, 2018 Letter to Secretary Ryan Zinke, U.S. Department of the Interior - Feinstein, Cantwell, Colleagues To Zinke: Eroding Key Safety, Environmental Protections Risks Coastal Economy
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "Judge Kavanaugh would take us back to the days when common sense regulation didn't exist. He'd take us back to a time when an estimated 20 million gallons of sewage effluent flowed into Lake Washington -- every single day."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "Judge Kavanaugh's record is clear. The facts are clear. He is an extreme pick who would be devastating for our country if confirmed--and we need to do everything we can to stop it."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "I believed President Trump when he said he was determined to undermine patients' health care in order to satisfy right-wing special interests. Health care, especially for people with pre-existing conditions, is on the line with this nomination."
July 18, 2018 Executive Session
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "If you believe we should be taking the Russian election interference into U.S. elections seriously--join me in rejecting Judge Kavanaugh and demanding someone who would be truly independent and place an appropriate check on executive power."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "I'd say it's unbelievable, but given President Trump's track record over the past 48 hours, sadly, it's not. Mr. President, you need to defend Americans, not President Putin."
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "If we can't stem the flow of dark, unaccountable money in politics and reverse the tide of the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations being allowed to have the loudest voices in our elections--we're going to keep running into massive challenges. #StopKavanaugh"
July 18, 2018 Tweet - "Because of our landmark environmental laws like the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act, our rivers are cleaner, our air is easier to breathe, and families are better protected than ever before."
July 17, 2018 Murray, Democrats Introduce New Legislation to Stop Trump Administration from Detaining and Shackling Pregnant Women
July 17, 2018 Hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions - Opening Statement of Statement of Sen. Patty Murray, Hearing on Rising Health Care Costs
July 17, 2018 Hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee - Opening Statement of Sen. Murray, Hearing on Reducing Health Care Costs: Eliminating Excess Health Care Spending and Improving Quality and Value for Patients
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "Every child across WA deserves a fair shot at success, starting with a home where they feel safe & secure--so proud to support these major investments, & will continue working to find federal solutions to help end the crisis of youth homelessness in WA."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - ".@BetsyDeVosED has ignored the public's overwhelming rejection to her extreme ideology, and instead continues to promote her privatization agenda, trying to shift taxpayer funds away from public schools."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "So thankful to Leah for sharing her story of survival & working to help ensure others are able to get the care they need to seek justice. We won't stop until #SASCA is law and every hospital can provide proper care to sexual assault survivors."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "I'm calling on my Republican colleagues to stand w Democrats & people across the country by taking action to hold Russia accountable & protect our country from future attacks. And ask who--or what--is motivating our President."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "As President Trump & @BetsyDeVosED move to reverse the progress we've made to strengthen diversity in our classrooms, glad to see institutions across WA affirm the value of diversity in education & commit to keeping it alive on campuses across our state."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "Proud to introduce a bipartisan #SASCA bill to provide sexual assault survivors the support & care they need--when a survivor goes to a hospital seeking treatment after an assault, they deserve respect, compassion, & a commitment to helping them get justice"
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "President Trump promised to pick #SCOTUS nominees who'd roll back families' health care. He picked Judge Kavanaugh--someone vetted by far-right groups to do just that. Trump clearly doesn't doubt Kavanaugh would strike down pre-existing condition protections. We shouldn't either."
July 17, 2018 Murray Applauds Push for National Heat Stress Safety Standard
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "It's so important that we continue to hold the Trump Administration accountable for the chaos and heartbreak it has caused for the thousands of children it has cruelly and needlessly separated from their parents."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "We've gotten some updates, but there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered, a lot of families that have not been reunited, and therefore a lot of work that has to be done--fast"
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "Another reason Congress must pass #SASCA--it's unacceptable that all across the US, countless survivors of sexual assault are turned away from hospitals that don't have the resources or trained staff to provide the care they need."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "This is comforting news for Yolany & her son, but there is much more we need to do for the thousands of migrant parents--including those detained in WA--who are still waiting for the Trump Administration to reunite them w their kids."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "The world watched yesterday as President Trump showered praise upon the Russian President who directed the interference of our elections. It was deeply horrifying & alarming that our President failed to use that moment to push Putin to end his attacks on our country & elections."
July 17, 2018 Tweet - "I'm about to discuss how President Trump's health care sabotage is raising families' premiums, even as he fails to address rising drug prices."
July 16, 2018 Tweet - "Democrats are going to keep fighting for patients and families and against President Trump's efforts to sabotage health care. And we're going to keep fighting against Judge Kavanaugh's nomination. #WhatsAtStake"
July 16, 2018 Senator Murray's Statement on President Trump's Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin
July 16, 2018 Murray Statement on States Devoting More Resources to Underserved Students Through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
July 16, 2018 Tweet - "Your daily reminder that after several weeks, thousands of young migrant kids are still needlessly sitting in detention centers on orders from the Trump Administration & are waiting for officials to finally reunite them w their parents. Thousands."
July 16, 2018 Tweet - "It was truly horrifying and deeply alarming to see the President of the United States stand with the President of Russia in undercutting the work of our intelligence agencies and blaming America for the attacks on our elections and our democracy."
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