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Chuck Schumer's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (NY) - Sr, Democratic Minority Leader, Minority Policy Committee Chair
Date Title
Sept. 20, 2018 Tweet - "1 year since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands, we remember those we lost--to the storm & the inadequate, disorganized federal response. The recovery is far from over. We must ensure the billions Congress passed are used well & quickly to rebuild stronger."
Sept. 19, 2018 Tweet - "I strongly support Dr. Ford's call for an FBI investigation before a hearing is held. An immediate FBI investigation is not only consistent with precedent, it is also quite clearly the right thing to do."
Sept. 19, 2018 Gillibrand, Schumer Announce that Legislation to Begin Process of Creating National Park Service Site at Fort Ontario Passes Senate and Now Heads to President's Desk for Final Signature
Sept. 19, 2018 Tweet - "Dr Ford reasonably requested FBI bkgd check before she testifies so all the facts come out instead of just 2 conflicting stories w/o a resolution. GOP delayed Merrick Garland for nearly a yr & now we can't have short pause to get the facts?Give me a break. What are they hiding?"
Sept. 18, 2018 Letter to Director Coats, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, and Director Wray - President Trump's Decision to Release Highly Classified Information Related to Special Counsel's Investigation
Sept. 18, 2018 Tweet - "The FBI tells us that the White House needs to direct them to re-open their background investigation into Judge Kavanaugh. Now, the White House is saying it is up to the FBI. What are they trying to hide?"
Sept. 18, 2018 Tweet - "Chairman Grassley's announced hearing on Judge Kavanaugh is a small step: It has to be done right. It can't be rushed. There must be witnesses. The FBI should be given time to re-open its background investigation. And Senators must have the necessary information before a vote."
Sept. 18, 2018 Letter to Administrator Long - Swiftly Approve Requested Aid For Rochester-Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, And Capital Region Residents
Sept. 18, 2018 Department of Defense and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Act, 2019--Conference Report
Sept. 17, 2018 Schumer: Funding Increase For CDC To Fight Lyme Disease Will Help Protect Against Tick-Borne Illnesses
Sept. 17, 2018 Letter to Acting Assistant Secretary Mahaffie - A Medical School In Elmira Is Just What The Doctor Ordered For The Southern Tier
Sept. 17, 2018 Substance Use-Disorder Prevention That Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act
Sept. 17, 2018 Tweet - "Instead of having the FBI investigate these serious allegations as part of the standard background investigation process, the White House has intentionally chosen to bury its head in the sand and make weak excuses."
Sept. 17, 2018 Tweet - "I believe Professor Ford. If the FBI conducts a thorough investigation and the American people hear from her and Judge Kavanaugh, I think a majority of senators will find her credible. Thanks to @theview for having me on today to have this very important discussion."
Sept. 16, 2018 Tweet - "Senate Republicans ran a transparently partisan confirmation process and then immediately insinuated Prof Ford is being untruthful. They cannot impartially investigate these disturbing allegations. That must be done by the FBI, and the vote must be postponed until it is complete."
Sept. 16, 2018 Tweet - "Re: WaPo report on Judge Kavanaugh, Sen Grassley must postpone vote until, at a very minimum, these serious & credible allegations are thoroughly investigated. For too long,when women have made serious allegations of abuse, they have been ignored.That cannot happen in this case."
Sept. 14, 2018 With Newburgh And New York Still Fighting To Clean Up Toxic Chemical Pollution That Poisoned Drinking Water, Schumer And Gillibrand Successfully Spearheaded The Charge To Include Language In Defense Appropriations Bill To Reimburse States And Water Authorities For Expenses Incurred From PFOS/PFOA Cleanup
Sept. 13, 2018 Tweet - "Judge Kavanaugh's responses to follow up questions from Democrats on the Judiciary Committee is just another exercise in selective secrecy."
Sept. 13, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education - Senate Democrats Condemn DeVos Proposal to Abandon Student Protections From Predatory Career Training Programs
Sept. 13, 2018 Tweet - "You owe 3,000 families in Puerto Rico an apology. Stop the shameful attack on deceased fellow Americans and focus on the response to Hurricane Florence."
Sept. 12, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior and the Hon. Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce - Senators Carper and Udall Lead Democratic Senators in Raising Concerns Over Trump Administration's Attacks on Landmark Endangered Species Act
Sept. 12, 2018 Tweet - "Given what @realDonaldTrump did in Helsinki, giving himself the option of levying tough sanctions is hardly reassuring."
Sept. 12, 2018 Executive Session
Sept. 11, 2018 Tweet - "17 years ago, my city and our country changed forever. Today, we remember the sacrifice & loss of those on and after #September11th. #NeverForget"
Sept. 11, 2018 Tweet - "This is an offensive, hurtful and blatantly false comment from the president. Nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens died in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. That is the complete opposite of "success.""
Sept. 10, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Andrew Wheeler, Acting Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Hon. Heidi King, Deputy Administrator - Senators Murray, Cantwell Urge President Trump's EPA to Extend Public Comment Period for Proposed Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards
Sept. 9, 2018 Tweet - "It is becoming increasingly clear that Judge Kavanaugh has misled the Senate Judiciary Committee in a number of ways. This should raise immediate red flags for all Senators and the American public."
Sept. 7, 2018 Tweet - "This week, Judiciary Committee Democrats were able to shine a bright light - for the American people & Republican Senators to see - on Judge Kavanaugh's troubling views on women's rights, presidential power, and protections for people with pre-existing conditions."
Sept. 6, 2018 Tweet - "I stand w/ Judiciary Committee Democrats who are well within their rights to release these very important documents that a former Kavanaugh deputy designed as "committee confidential." The American ppl deserve to know the truth about Judge Kavanaugh's record. #WhatAreTheyHiding?"
Sept. 6, 2018 Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh
Sept. 5, 2018 Tweet - "One year ago today, the Trump admin unilaterally rescinded the #DACA program -- leaving hundreds of thousands of Dreamers uncertain about their futures. That's 365 days too many. It's time these immigrant youth get the permanent solution they so rightly deserve. #HereToStay"
Sept. 5, 2018 Request for Authority for Committee to Meet
Sept. 5, 2018 Tweet - "It's no wonder that @realDonaldTrump picked Brett Kavanaugh to sit on a potential "jury" in the Mueller probe. Kavanaugh believes sitting presidents should not be investigated or held accountable like other citizens. Judge Kavanaugh thinks presidents are above the law."
Sept. 5, 2018 Tweet - "Republicans are trying to jam through, with as little scrutiny as possible, a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court, with the power to affect the lives of Americans for a generation. We will not consent to business as usual today on the Senate floor."
Sept. 5, 2018 Tweet - "Judge Kavanaugh should affirm the real "Ginsburg Standard" today by standing up for women's constitutional rights. But he won't. #WhatsAtStake"
Sept. 5, 2018 Tweet - "It's only fitting that questioning of Judge Kavanaugh & oral arguments in GOP's lawsuit to take away protections for ppl w/ pre-existing conditions both begin today. Why? Because GOP is using his nom as back door to take away these vital health care protections. #WhatsAtStake"
Sept. 4, 2018 Climate Change
Sept. 3, 2018 Tweet - "Earlier this year, I introduced a new bill, the "Workers' Freedom to Negotiate Act" to reform our broken labor laws & help the very workers we celebrate on #LaborDay to earn better wages. This is especially important given the Trump Admin & GOP assault on worker rights & safety."
Sept. 3, 2018 Tweet - "President Trump's rolling back much-needed reforms that keep workers safe, freezing pay for federal workers, or limiting the power of public sector unions will do nothing to help the working people in this country and instead only benefit the special interests and wealthiest."
Sept. 1, 2018 Tweet - "We're witnessing a Friday night document massacre. President Trump's decision to step in at the last moment and hide 100k pages of Judge Kavanaugh's records from the American public is not only unprecedented in the history of SCOTUS noms, it has all the makings of a cover up."
Aug. 31, 2018 Tweet - ""Knowledge is objectively better than ignorance. And in modern America, knowing who actually benefits from economic growth is really, truly important." Read @paulkrugman on my bill w @MartinHeinrich to inform us on how to better address income inequality"
Aug. 30, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education - Abandon Proposals to Use Taxpayer Dollars to Arm Teachers
Aug. 30, 2018 Letter to the Hon. Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education - Senate Democrats Condemn DeVos Proposed Rule As Another Giveaway to Predatory For-Profit Colleges
Aug. 29, 2018 Tweet - "In the wake of the SCOTUS decision in Murphy v. NCAA allowing states to legalize sports betting, I've proposed a desperately-needed federal framework to protect integrity of the games we love, as well as the fans and consumers & individuals placing bets."
Aug. 29, 2018 Tweet - "These tariffs were extremely harmful to our regional papers-the lifeblood of our local communities-& I worked hard to remove them. ITC made exactly the right decision to completely eliminate them. I will remain vigilant to make sure that they never return."
Aug. 29, 2018 Schumer & Higgins Say: Buffalo VA's Careless Push to Privatize Effective Program is a Disservice to the Men & Women Who Served this Country
Aug. 29, 2018 Tweet - "No amount of @realDonaldTrump tweets can change fact that real wages are declining; while cost of living-- esp gas prices & health care costs, thanks in large part to GOP & Trump Admin--are continuing to climb, & families are struggling to choose which basic necessities to pay for."
Aug. 29, 2018 Schumer: These Tariffs Were Unjustified And Counterproductive For Newspapers And Jobs -- The International Trade Commission Made The Exactly Right Decision
Aug. 28, 2018 Tweet - "When we hear that GDP is rising and the economy is booming, there's an assumption that all Americans are reaping the benefits equally. The reality is that real wages for middle-class workers remain flat and income inequality continues to worsen."
Aug. 28, 2018 Tweet - "Proud to announce new legislation today with @MartinHeinrich to provide America's working families with information that accurately reflects how economic growth is being felt by all Americans, not just those at the top, alongside quarterly GDP numbers."
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