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Office: U.S. House (WI) - District 1, Republican Speaker of the House
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2/17/17 Statement on Chelsea Manning 1/27/17 Statement on President Trump's Executive Actions on National Security 12/12/16 Statement on Cyber Threats 8/19/16 Issue Position: Defense and Homeland Security 7/12/16 CNN Town Hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan 7/08/16 Justice Will Be Done 7/01/16 Counterterrorism Bill Provides New Tools to Protect Our Homeland 6/28/16 Speaker Ryan on the Benghazi Committee's Report 6/22/16 CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" - Speaker Ryan on CNN: "This is a publicity stunt' 6/20/16 Statement on Release of Orlando Shooter 911 Transcript 6/20/16 Statement on Release of Full Orlando Shooter 911 Transcript 6/16/16 Speaker Ryan Talks Defeating Terrorism on The O'Reilly Factor 6/14/16 "We Must Never Back Down' 6/12/16 Statement on Orlando Terrorist Attack 6/10/16 A Better Way: 'We've Got to Restructure and Reaffirm Our Foreign Policy' 5/27/16 House Calls on Senate to Address Airport Wait Times for the Public 5/27/16 Ryan Talks House Agenda and National Security with WISN's Mark Belling 5/17/16 Speaker Ryan: We Need to Build a 21st Century Military 3/28/16 Statement from Speaker Ryan 3/21/16 FULL TEXT: Speaker Ryan's Remarks at 2016 AIPAC Policy Conference 3/15/16 Setting an Agenda with Real Solutions 2/24/16 Unilaterally Closing Guantanamo Bay Is "Against the Law' 2/23/16 3 Things You Need to Know about the President's Guantanamo Closure Plan 2/23/16 Speaker Ryan on The Kelly File & Squawk Box: An Agenda to Reclaim a #ConfidentAmerica 2/23/16 Statement on Administration's Plan to Close Guantanamo 2/14/16 'This is necessary to get our country back on track.' - Fox News 2/05/16 Rep. John Katko to Deliver the Weekly Republican Address 2/03/16 Speaker Ryan at Heritage Action: "We Have to Unite Conservatives' 1/21/16 Secretary Kerry: Iran Will Use Sanctions Relief to Fund Terrorism 1/20/16 Will Senate Democrats Help Us Keep Americans Safe? 1/17/16 On Fox News Sunday, Speaker Ryan Outlines Priorities for a Bold, Pro-Growth Agenda 1/16/16 Weekly Republican Address: A Bold, Pro-Growth Agenda for 2016 1/11/16 Speaker Ryan on The Lead: "If You Want to Hear an Inclusive Leader . . . It's Nikki Haley' 1/08/16 Speaker Ryan on Fox News's Special Report: 2016 is Going to Be About Ideas 1/01/16 Issue Position: Defense & Homeland Security 1/01/16 Issue Position: Jobs & Economy 12/22/15 On Bill Bennett, Speaker Ryan Answers Spending Bill Questions 12/10/15 Speaker Ryan: 'We Need to Raise Our Gaze' 12/08/15 Ryan Praises House Passage of Bill to Strengthen Visa Waiver Program 12/08/15 Watch Speaker Ryan's Remarks on Terrorism & Freedom of Religion 12/07/15 Listen to Speaker Ryan's Interviews on National Security 12/04/15 Chairman Candice Miller to Deliver Weekly Republican Address 12/03/15 #ConfidentAmerica: Full Text of Speaker Ryan's Remarks at the Library of Congress 12/03/15 Strengthening Our Visa Waiver Program 11/30/15 Ryan: "I Want Us to Renew the American Idea" 11/25/15 President Is Now Required to Present a Plan to Defeat ISIS 11/24/15 The Wall Street Journal - Ryan at WSJ CEO Council: "We Should Be Fighting for Free Enterprise' 11/23/15 CNN - Paul Ryan: On Refugees, Balance Compassion and Safety 11/23/15 CNN - On Refugees, Balance Compassion and Safety 11/19/15 "This Is An Important First Step'

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