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Paul Ryan's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (WI) - District 1, Republican Speaker of the House
Date Title
Feb. 16, 2018 Statement on DOJ Indictments Against Russian Nationals and Entities
Feb. 15, 2018 Speaker Ryan Announces Appointment of Mike Ptasienski as House Inspector General
Feb. 15, 2018 Tweet - "Yesterday's shooting was pure evil. There's just no other way to describe it. The whole country stands with the Parkland community. I'll be speaking more about this in a few minutes:"
Feb. 14, 2018 Statement on Parkland, FL Shooting
Feb. 12, 2018 Statement on Infrastructure and the President's Budget Request
Feb. 9, 2018 Statement on Senate Passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act
Feb. 9, 2018 Statement on House Passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act
Feb. 8, 2018 Tweet - "This military funding bill: ✔️ ends Democrats' reckless practice of matching increases in defense spending $ for $ with increases in non-defense spending ✔️ allows us to properly equip our troops ✔️ frees our military from harmful sequester cuts"
Feb. 8, 2018 Tweet - "After years of underfunding and budget uncertainty, the Bipartisan Budget Act just passed overwhelmingly in the Senate fully funds our military at @DeptOfDefense-requested levels. It's now time for the House to do its job."
Feb. 8, 2018 Tweet - "Our government has no higher responsibility than to support our men and women in uniform. But our military's job has become exponentially harder because of the staggering readiness crisis it is facing."
Feb. 8, 2018 Tweet - "The single most important thing we can do to uphold our constitutional mandate to provide for the national defense of the United States is to fully fund our military. This vote is happening in the House soon."
Feb. 8, 2018 Tweet - "It is unacceptable that recent years' funding cuts have left our troops undertrained and underequipped on the battlefield. Today's vote gives us the chance to end this destructive cycle of funding our troops with short-term funding bills."
Feb. 8, 2018 Tweet - "Over the past year, Washington Democrats have repeatedly blocked efforts to fund our military at the levels requested by Secretary Mattis and our generals--using our troops for political games. They did this again just this week."
Feb. 7, 2018 Tweet - "5 reasons why this budget agreement is critical: 1) Rebuilds our military 2) Provides long-delayed disaster relief resources 3) Breaks defense/non-defense spending parity 4) Directs domestic funds toward Republican priorities 5) Repeals parts of Obamacare"
Feb. 7, 2018 Budget Agreement Paves Way to Rebuild Military
Feb. 6, 2018 Statement on Reforming the Congressional Accountability Act
Feb. 6, 2018 Statement on Continuing Resolution and Defense Appropriations Legislation
Feb. 4, 2018 Tweet - "This country has the greatest fighting force in the world. We cannot shy away from the threats we face. We must confront them. And we cannot leave our troops unprepared on the battlefield. We must equip them."
Feb. 2, 2018 Ryan Statement on Declassified FISA Memo
Feb. 2, 2018 Tweet - "In the weeks since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act became law, hundreds of businesses across the country have rewarded employees with bonuses, pay raises, and other benefits. And this is just the beginning."
Jan. 30, 2018 Tweet - ".@POTUS said it right--the state of our union is strong. He laid out a clear agenda tonight with an open hand toward bipartisan cooperation. Together, we can continue making America safer and stronger for the 21st century."
Jan. 30, 2018 Tweet - "Great news for our troops → By a vote of 250 to 166, the House just acted to give you the tools you need to do your job. Next the legislation goes to the Senate, where Senate Democrats should vote for this bill to rebuild our military."
Jan. 30, 2018 Tweet - "Agree. → Terrorist should be kept at Guantanamo Bay. Not in the U.S."
Jan. 30, 2018 Statement on President Trump's State of the Union Address
Jan. 30, 2018 Tweet - "Jerusalem has been, and always will be, the eternal, undivided capital of the State of Israel."
Jan. 27, 2018 Tweet - "After completing our visit to the Middle East, I'm more confident that the US, shoulder to shoulder with our partners in the region, will succeed in confronting the challenges we face from Iran and Islamist extremism."
Jan. 27, 2018 Tweet - "Today, #WeRemember all of the men, women, and children, including six million Jews, who were senselessly murdered during the Holocaust. We will never forget. #HolocaustRemebranceDay"
Jan. 27, 2018 Middle East Visit Focused on Terrorism and Iranian Aggression
Jan. 26, 2018 Tweet - "Unfortunately, Washington Democrats are holding funds to rebuild our military hostage over an unrelated issue. This political strategy is irresponsible and downright dangerous."
Jan. 26, 2018 Tweet - "This week, @HouseAppropsGOP reintroduced (for the 3rd time) legislation to fully fund the Pentagon at levels recommended by our military leaders. Certainly hope Senate Democrats take this opportunity to give our troops what they need."
Jan. 25, 2018 House to Vote Again on Legislation to Protect Young Victims of Sexual Assault
Jan. 25, 2018 Tweet - "We have all been inspired by the courage of the American gymnasts coming forward to tell their stories. The crimes committed against these young women are atrocious and rattle us all to the core."
Jan. 25, 2018 Tweet - "The United States will not stop until ISIS, al-Qaeda, and their affiliates are defeated and no longer a threat to us and our allies. We do not have a choice but to lead."
Jan. 25, 2018 In the UAE, Speaker Ryan Delivers Remarks on the Threats from ISIS and Iran
Jan. 25, 2018 Speaker Ryan CODEL Travels to United Arab Emirates
Jan. 25, 2018 Tweet - "Our bipartisan delegation traveled to the United Arab Emirates, meeting with leaders to discuss ways to counter extremism and Iranian influence in the Middle East, as well as strengthen our economic partnership."
Jan. 25, 2018 Tweet - "Millions of families across the country can now breathe a sigh of relief after the longest extension of the Children's Health Insurance Program in history became law this week."
Jan. 25, 2018 Tweet - "That's why next week, the House will continue its work to protect our children from the heinous crime of sexual abuse with legislation that makes major reforms to our nation's amateur athletic governing bodies.'
Jan. 24, 2018 Ryan CODEL Travels to Saudi Arabia, Talks Focus on Regional Threats
Jan. 24, 2018 Tweet - "Our bipartisan delegation stopped in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where we visited the U.S. Embassy and met with @KingSalman to discuss our shared interest in defeating terrorism and rolling back Iranian aggression in the region."
Jan. 24, 2018 Tweet - "In just the last 24 hours, four major US companies have announced increased wages, employee benefits, and investments in the economy. #TaxReform is already working for middle-income families across the country."
Jan. 23, 2018 Tweet - "The #ProLife movement is not going away because the truth is on our side: Life begins at conception. Honored to join thousands of people from all over the country at the 45th annual @March_for_Life."
Jan. 23, 2018 Tweet - "Continuing resolutions are not ideal to fund our government. The only roadblock to a long-term government funding bill are the Senate Democrats' filibuster threats."
Jan. 23, 2018 Tweet - "Now that this needless shutdown is over, we must move to ensure our military gets the resources it badly needs."
Jan. 23, 2018 Tweet - "Let's make one thing clear: Republicans don't want to use continuing resolutions to fund the government. That's why the House made it a priority for spending bills to go through regular order."
Jan. 23, 2018 Tweet - "The livelihoods of our service members and their families depend on responsible governing. Our country's safety and security depends on responsible governing. In government shutdowns, there are no winners."
Jan. 22, 2018 This afternoon: A vote to end the madness
Jan. 22, 2018 Tweet - "To the men and women around the country who work in this government, the military, and law enforcement: thank you for your service. You deserve much better than this."
Jan. 21, 2018 Tweet - "Funding for children's health insurance and our troops--that's what is in the bill Senate Democrats are opposing. It's just baffling that they are shutting down the government over a completely unrelated issue. They need to end this #SchumerShutdown."
Jan. 21, 2018 Tweet - "Shutdowns cause "governmental chaos." Something we can agree on. Senator Schumer, end this and reopen the government."
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