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Date State Bill No. Bill Title Outcome
April 18, 2017 MS HB 1033 Prohibits Incarceration due to Debt Vetoed - Executive
April 23, 2015 MS SB 2161 Establishes a Commission on College and Career Readiness to Recommend Standards to Replace Common Core Vetoed - Executive
April 23, 2015 MS HB 1047 Expands the Definition of "Employee" in the Mississippi Tort Claims Act Vetoed - Executive
April 23, 2015 MS SB 2269 Amends the Composition and Duties of the Coast Coliseum Commission Vetoed - Executive
April 23, 2015 MS SB 2370 Amends the Duties of the Medical Care Advisory Committee Vetoed - Executive
March 23, 2015 MS SB 2780 Exempts Certain Individuals from Arrest for Seeking Treatment for a Drug Overdose Vetoed - Executive
April 23, 2014 MS SB 2257 Requires Certain State Departments to Submit Inventory of Programs and Activities Vetoed - Executive
March 27, 2014 MS HB 1017 Authorizes The Mississippi Department of Corrections to Incarcerate Additional Offenders at County and Regional Correctional Facilities Vetoed - Executive
March 27, 2014 MS HB 389 Authorizes Supervision Programs and Electronic Home Detention Vetoed - Executive
March 20, 2014 MS SB 2551 Authorizes the State Treasurer to Investigate Certain Excess General and Special Funds Vetoed - Executive
April 12, 2013 MS SB 2526 Authorizes Alcoholic Beverages to be Transported Through Any County Vetoed - Executive
March 27, 2013 MS HB 1584 Authorizes the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District to Supply General Municipal Services Vetoed - Executive
March 20, 2013 MS HB 333 Amends Provisions of Liability to Include Product Designers Vetoed - Executive
March 20, 2013 MS SB 2694 Extends the Mississippi Auctioneers License Act Vetoed - Executive
March 18, 2013 MS SB 2141 Creates a Task Force to Study the Governance of Local School Boards Vetoed - Executive
April 23, 2012 MS HB 1185 Relating to General Laws Vetoed - Executive
April 18, 2012 MS SB 2675 Relating to Business Closure Vetoed - Executive
April 17, 2012 MS SB 2858 Relating to Mississippi Limited Liability Company Act Vetoed - Executive
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