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Startup, Snohomish County, Washington 98293

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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General


U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator Patty Murray
Senior Seat Democratic
Senator Maria Cantwell
Junior Seat (Won) Democratic
Thor Amundson
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Independent
Dave Bryant
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jon Butler
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Independent
Brad Chase
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) FDFR
Art Coday
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
James Deal
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Rocky De La Fuente
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Gigi Ferguson
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Independent
Joey Gibson
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Matt Hawkins
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Matthew Heines
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Steve Hoffman
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Freedom Socialist Party
Susan Hutchison
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Charlie Jackson
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Independent
George Kalberer
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Mike Luke
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Tim Owen
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Don Rivers
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Mohammad Said
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Democratic
RC Smith
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Glen Stockwell
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Dave Strider
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Independent
Keith Swank
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Clint Tannehill
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Alex Tsimerman
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) StandupAmerica
Sam Wright
Junior Seat Challenger (Lost) Human Rights

U.S. House

District 1
Representative Suzan DelBene
District 1 (Won) Democratic
Jeffrey Beeler
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Robert Mair
District 1 Challenger (Lost) No Party Preference
Adam Pilskog
District 1 Challenger (Lost) No Party Preference
Scott Stafne
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 2
Representative Rick Larsen
District 2 (Won) Democratic
Stonewall Bird
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Collin Carlson
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Gary Franco
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Independent
Brian Luke
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Uncle Mover
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Moderate GOP



Lieutenant Governor



State House

38 Position 1
Representative June Robinson
38 Position 1 (Won) Democratic
Bert Johnson
38 Position 1 Challenger (Lost) Independent
38 Position 2
Representative Mike Sells
38 Position 2 (Won) Democratic
39 Position 1
Representative Dan Kristiansen
39 Position 1 Republican
Randy Hayden
39 Position 1 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Ivan Lewis
39 Position 1 Challenger (Too Close To Call) Democratic
Robert Sutherland
39 Position 1 Challenger (Too Close To Call) Republican
39 Position 2
Representative Carolyn Eslick
39 Position 2 (Too Close To Call) Republican
Eric Halvorson
39 Position 2 Challenger (Too Close To Call) Democratic
44 Position 1
Representative John Lovick
44 Position 1 (Won) Democratic
Jeff Sax
44 Position 1 Challenger (Lost) Republican
44 Position 2
Representative Mark Harmsworth
44 Position 2 (Too Close To Call) Republican
Jared Mead
44 Position 2 Challenger (Too Close To Call) Democratic

State Senate

District 38
Senator John McCoy
District 38 (Won) Democratic
Bruce Overstreet
District 38 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Savio Pham
District 38 Challenger (Lost) Independent Republican
District 39
Senator Keith Wagoner
District 39 (Too Close To Call) Republican
Claus Joens
District 39 Challenger (Too Close To Call) Democratic
Jamal Rabieh
District 39 Challenger (Lost) Independent
Elizabeth Scott
District 39 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 44
Senator Steve Hobbs
District 44 (Too Close To Call) Democratic
Jeremy Fitch
District 44 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Douglas Roulstone
District 44 Challenger (Too Close To Call) Republican


Attorney General

Secretary of State


Superintendent of Public Instruction



Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Position 3

Justice of the Supreme Court

Position 1
Justice Mary Yu
Position 1
Position 2
Justice Susan Owens
Position 2 (Won)
Position 5
Position 6
Position 7
Position 8
Justice Steve Gonzalez
Position 8 (Won)
Nathan Choi
Position 8 Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Position 9
Justice Sheryl McCloud
Position 9 (Won)


Council Member

District 1 (Snohomish County)
Ken Klein
District 1
District 2 (Snohomish County)
Brian Sullivan
District 2
District 3 (Snohomish County)
Stephanie Wright
District 3
District 4 (Snohomish County)
Terry Ryan
District 4
District 5 (Snohomish County)
Hans Dunshee
District 5 Democratic
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