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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator Mike Crapo
Senior Seat Republican
Senator James Risch
Junior Seat Republican




Tommy Ahlquist
Challenger (Lost) Republican
AJ Balukoff
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Walter Bayes
Challenger (Running) Constitution
Bev Boeck
Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Harley Brown
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Dalton Cannady
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Peter Dill
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Paulette Jordan
Challenger (Running) Democratic
Raúl Labrador
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Brad Little
Challenger (Running) Republican
Lisa Marie
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Steve Pankey
Challenger (Lost) Republican

Lieutenant Governor

Rebecca Arnold
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Kristin Collum
Challenger (Running) Democratic
Jim Fabe
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Marv Hagedorn
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Janice McGeachin
Challenger (Running) Republican
Bob Nonini
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Kelley Packer
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Steve Yates
Challenger (Lost) Republican



State House

Representative Heather Scott
1A (Running) Republican
Mike Boeck
1A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Bob Vickaryous
1A Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Ellen Weissman
1A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Sage Dixon
1B (Running) Republican
Stephen Howlett
1B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Vito Barbieri
2A (Running) Republican
Maria Andrews
2A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Fritz Wiedenhoff
2A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Alanna Brooks
2B Challenger (Running) Democratic
John Green
2B Challenger (Running) Republican
Richard Kohles
2B Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Doug Okuniewicz
2B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Ron Mendive
3A (Running) Republican
Dan Hanks
3B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Kathy Sims
3B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Tony Wisniewski
3B Challenger (Running) Republican
Jim Addis
4A Challenger (Running) Republican
Rebecca Schroeder
4A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Paul Amador
4B (Running) Republican
Roger Garlock
4B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Shem Hanks
4B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Margie Gannon
5A (Running) Democratic
Bill Goesling
5A Challenger (Running) Republican
Hari Heath
5A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Caroline Troy
5B (Running) Republican
Terry Hardman
5B Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Laurene Sorensen
5B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Thyra Stevenson
6A (Running) Republican
Rick Tousley
6A Challenger (Running) Independent
Representative Mike Kingsley
6B (Running) Republican
John Rusche
6B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Priscilla Giddings
7A (Running) Republican
Ryan Lawrence
7A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Shannon McMillan
7A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Paul Shepherd
7B (Running) Republican
Phil Hart
7B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Terry Gestrin
8A (Running) Republican
Jon Glick
8A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Dorothy Moon
8B (Running) Republican
Representative Ryan Kerby
9A (Running) Republican
Lorrie Richins
9A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Allen Schmid
9A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Judy Boyle
9B (Running) Republican
Chase Weerdhuizen
9B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Jarom Wagoner
10A (Running) Republican
Sead Muradbegovic
10A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Greg Chaney
10B (Running) Republican
Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln
10B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Scott Syme
11A (Running) Republican
Josh Gibbons
11A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Kirk Adams
11B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Scott Brock
11B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Brian Ertz
11B Challenger (Running) Democratic
David Lincoln
11B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Tammy Nichols
11B Challenger (Running) Republican
Kathryn Ralstin
11B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Robert Anderst
12A (Running) Republican
Patricia Hartwell
12A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Rick Youngblood
12B (Running) Republican
Representative Brent Crane
13A (Running) Republican
Representative Gary Collins
13B (Running) Republican
Chris Ho
13B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Lori Shewmaker
13B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Mike Moyle
14A (Running) Republican
Jane Rohling
14A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Gayann DeMordaunt
14B (Running) Republican
Representative Lynn Luker
15A (Running) Republican
Steve Berch
15A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Patrick McDonald
15B (Running) Republican
Jake Ellis
15B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative John McCrostie
16A (Running) Democratic
Graham Paterson
16A Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Hy Kloc
16B Democratic
Rob Mason
16B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Colin Nash
16B Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jim Silsby
16B Challenger (Running) Republican
Geoff Stephenson
16B Challenger (Lost) Democratic
George Tway
16B Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Barb Vanderpool
16B Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Representative John Gannon
17A (Running) Democratic
Anthony Dephue
17A Challenger (Running) Republican
Randy Johnson
17A Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Representative Susan Chew
17B (Running) Democratic
Kevin Rhoades
17B Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Ilana Rubel
18A (Running) Democratic
Brooke Green
18B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Steve Simmons
18B Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Mat Erpelding
19A (Running) Democratic
Gary Parent II
19A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mark Patten
19A Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Melissa Wintrow
19B (Running) Democratic
Representative Joe Palmer
20A (Running) Republican
Daniel Weston
20A Challenger (Running) Constitution
Representative James Holtzclaw
20B (Running) Republican
Representative Steven Harris
21A (Running) Republican
Joshua Robinson
21A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Tom Dayley
21B (Running) Republican
Representative John Vander Woude
22A (Running) Republican
Representative Jason Monks
22B (Running) Republican
Ronald DeBlauw
22B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Christy Zito
23A (Running) Republican
Oscar Evans
23A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Megan Blanksma
23B (Running) Republican
Representative Lance Clow
24A (Running) Republican
Rocky Ferrenburg
24B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Linda Hartgen
24B Challenger (Running) Republican
Deborah Silver
24B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Anthony Tomkins
24B Challenger (Running) Constitution
Laurie Lickley
25A Challenger (Running) Republican
B. Prescott
25A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Glenneda Zuiderveld
25A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Clark Kauffman
25B (Running) Republican
Lyle Johnstone
25B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Steve Miller
26A (Running) Republican
Muffy Davis
26A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Sally Toone
26B (Running) Democratic
Mike McFadyen
26B Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Scott Bedke
27A (Running) Republican
Representative Fred Wood
27B (Running) Republican
Kevin Williams
27B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Randy Armstrong
28A (Running) Republican
Steve Landon
28A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Gary Aldous
28B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Kevin Andrus
28B Challenger (Running) Republican
Kay Jenkins
28B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Dennis Spencer
28B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Dustin Manwaring
29A (Running) Republican
Chris Abernathy
29A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Sean Fay
29A Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Representative Elaine Smith
29B (Running) Democratic
Kevin Brown
29B Challenger (Running) Republican
'Idaho Lorax' Carta
29B Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Molly Swallow
29B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Jeffrey Thompson
30A (Lost) Republican
Gary Marshall
30A Challenger (Running) Republican
Pat Tucker
30A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Wendy Horman
30B (Running) Republican
Randy Neal
30B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Representative Neil Anderson
31A (Running) Republican
Representative Julie VanOrden
31B (Lost) Republican
Julianne Young
31B Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Marc Gibbs
32A (Running) Republican
Representative Tom Loertscher
32B (Lost) Republican
Chad Christensen
32B Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Barbara Ehardt
33A (Running) Republican
Jim De Angelis
33A Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Bryan Zollinger
33B (Running) Republican
George Morrison
33B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Representative Ron Nate
34A (Lost) Republican
Doug Ricks
34A Challenger (Running) Republican
Elaine King
34B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Marshall Merrell
34B Challenger (Lost) Republican
Britt Raybould
34B Challenger (Running) Republican
Daniel Davis
35A Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jerald Raymond
35A Challenger (Running) Republican
Representative Karey Hanks
35B (Lost) Republican
Jerry Browne
35B Challenger (Running) Democratic
Rod Furniss
35B Challenger (Running) Republican

State Senate

District 1
Senator Shawn Keough
District 1 Republican
Danielle Ahrens
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Vera Gadman
District 1 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Scott Herndon
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Jim Woodward
District 1 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 2
Senator Steve Vick
District 2 (Running) Republican
Dale Broadsword
District 2 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Shon Luoma
District 2 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
District 3
Senator Bob Nonini
District 3 Republican
Don Cheatham
District 3 Challenger (Running) Republican
Patrick Lippert
District 3 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 4
Senator Mary Souza
District 4 (Running) Republican
Cory English
District 4 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Michael Pereira
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 5
Senator Dan Foreman
District 5 (Running) Republican
Marshall Comstock
District 5 Challenger (Lost) Republican
David Nelson
District 5 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 6
Senator Dan Johnson
District 6 (Running) Republican
District 7
Senator Carl Crabtree
District 7 (Running) Republican
District 8
Senator Steven Thayn
District 8 (Running) Republican
Marla Lawson
District 8 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Kirsten Richardson
District 8 Challenger (Running) Constitution
Bill Sifford
District 8 Challenger (Running) Independent
District 9
Senator Abby Lee
District 9 (Running) Republican
District 10
Senator Jim Rice
District 10 (Running) Republican
Evangeline Beechler
District 10 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 11
Senator Patti Anne Lodge
District 11 (Running) Republican
Zach Brooks
District 11 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Harold Coles, Jr.
District 11 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Edward Savala
District 11 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 12
Senator Todd Lakey
District 12 (Running) Republican
Chelle Gluch
District 12 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 13
Senator Jeff Agenbroad
District 13 (Running) Republican
District 14
Senator C. Grow
District 14 (Running) Republican
Richard Boozel
District 14 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Darin Driscoll
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Natalie Feuerstein
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Todd Hatfield
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Ted Hill
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 15
Senator Fred Martin
District 15 (Running) Republican
Jim Bratnober
District 15 Challenger (Running) Democratic
Sarah Clendenon
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 16
Senator Grant Burgoyne
District 16 (Running) Democratic
LeeJoe Lay
District 16 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 17
Senator Maryanne Jordan
District 17 (Running) Democratic
David DeHaas
District 17 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 18
Senator Janie Ward-Engelking
District 18 (Running) Democratic
District 19
Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb
District 19 (Running) Democratic
Aaron Tribble
District 19 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 20
Senator Chuck Winder
District 20 (Running) Republican
Mark Johnson
District 20 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 21
Senator Cliff Bayer
District 21 (Running) Republican
Joe Evans
District 21 Challenger (Running) Libertarian
Dawn Pierce
District 21 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 22
Senator Lori Den Hartog
District 22 (Running) Republican
Mik Lose
District 22 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 23
Senator Bert Brackett
District 23 (Running) Republican
Mark Rhatigan
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 24
Senator Lee Heider
District 24 (Running) Republican
Jay Waters III
District 24 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 25
Senator Jim Patrick
District 25 (Running) Republican
Terry Edwards
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 26
Senator Michelle Stennett
District 26 (Running) Democratic
Julie Lynn
District 26 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 27
Senator Kelly Anthon
District 27 (Running) Republican
District 28
Senator Jim Guthrie
District 28 (Running) Republican
Alan Curtis
District 28 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mike Saville
District 28 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 29
Senator Mark Nye
District 29 (Running) Democratic
Lance Kolbet
District 29 Challenger (Running) Republican
District 30
Senator Dean Mortimer
District 30 (Running) Republican
District 31
Senator Steve Bair
District 31 (Running) Republican
District 32
Senator Mark Harris
District 32 (Running) Republican
Noall Wolff
District 32 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 33
Senator Tony Potts
District 33 (Lost) Republican
Dave Lent
District 33 Challenger (Running) Republican
Jerry Sehlke
District 33 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 34
Senator Brent Hill
District 34 (Running) Republican
Robert Nielsen
District 34 Challenger (Running) Democratic
District 35
Senator Jeff Siddoway
District 35 Republican
Van Burtenshaw
District 35 Challenger (Running) Republican
Jud Miller
District 35 Challenger (Lost) Republican



Attorney General

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden
(Running) Republican
Bruce Bistline
Challenger (Running) Democratic

Secretary of State

Secretary Lawerence Denney
(Running) Republican
Joseph Chastain
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jill Humble
Challenger (Running) Democratic


Brandon Woolf
(Running) Republican

Director of the Department of Finance

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jeff Dillon
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Allen Humble
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Cindy Wilson
Challenger (Running) Democratic

Tax Commissioner


Julie Ellsworth
Challenger (Running) Republican
Tom Kealey
Challenger (Lost) Republican
Vicky McIntyre
Challenger (Lost) Republican


Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice G. Bevan
(Running) Non-partisan
Justice Robyn Brody
Justice Joel Horton
Justice Warren Jones

State Facts

  • Type: State
  • Nickname: The Gem State
  • Motto: Esto Perpetua [It Is Perpetual]
  • Area: 83,557 sq mi
  • Population: 1,595,728 (2012 est.)
  • Capital: Boise
  • Statehood: July 3, 1890 (43d state)
  • Highest Point: Borah Peak, 12,662 ft
  • Lowest Point: Snake R., 710 ft
  • Bird: Mountain Bluebird
  • Flower: Syringa
  • Senators: 35
  • Representatives: 70
  • Electoral Votes: 4
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