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Joe Biden, Jr.
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Cory Booker
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Pete Buttigieg
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Julián Castro
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Tulsi Gabbard
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Amy Klobuchar
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Bernie Sanders
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Tom Steyer
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Joe Walsh
Challenger (Announced) Republican
Elizabeth Warren
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Bill Weld
Challenger (Announced) Republican
Andrew Yang
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security


U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator Roy Blunt
Senior Seat Republican
Senator Josh Hawley
Junior Seat Republican



Lieutenant Governor


State House

District 1
Representative Allen Andrews
District 1 Republican
District 2
Representative J. Eggleston
District 2 Republican
District 3
Representative Danny Busick
District 3 Republican
District 4
Representative Greg Sharpe
District 4 Republican
District 5
Representative Louis Riggs
District 5 Republican
District 6
Representative Tim Remole
District 6 Republican
District 7
Representative Rusty Black
District 7 Republican
District 8
Representative Jim Neely
District 8 Republican
District 9
Representative Sheila Solon
District 9 Republican
District 10
Representative Bill Falkner
District 10 Republican
District 11
Representative Brenda Shields
District 11 Republican
District 12
Representative Ken Wilson
District 12 Republican
District 13
Representative Vic Allred
District 13 Republican
District 14
Representative Matt Sain
District 14 Democratic
District 15
Representative Jon Carpenter
District 15 Democratic
District 16
Representative Noel Shull
District 16 Republican
District 17
Representative Mark Ellebracht
District 17 Democratic
District 18
Representative Wes Rogers
District 18 Democratic
District 19
Representative Ingrid Burnett
District 19 Democratic
District 20
Representative Bill Kidd
District 20 Republican
District 21
Representative Robert Sauls
District 21 Democratic
District 22
Jeff Francis
District 22 Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Tammy Herrera
District 22 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Yolanda Young
District 22 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 23
Representative Barbara Washington
District 23 Democratic
District 24
Representative Judy Morgan
District 24 Democratic
District 25
Representative Greg Razer
District 25 Democratic
District 26
Representative Ashley Bland Manlove
District 26 Democratic
District 27
Representative Richard Brown
District 27 Democratic
District 28
Representative Jerome Barnes
District 28 Democratic
District 29
Representative Rory Rowland
District 29 Democratic
District 30
Representative Jon Patterson
District 30 Republican
District 31
Representative Dan Stacy
District 31 Republican
District 32
Representative Jeff Coleman
District 32 Republican
District 33
Representative Donna Pfautsch
District 33 Republican
District 34
District 34
District 35
Representative Keri Ingle
District 35 Democratic
District 36
Mark Sharp
District 36 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Roberta Voorhees
District 36 Challenger (Lost) Green Party
District 37
Representative Joe Runions
District 37 Democratic
District 38
Representative Doug Richey
District 38 Republican
District 39
Representative Peggy McGaugh
District 39 Republican
District 40
Representative Jim Hansen
District 40 Republican
District 41
Representative Randy Pietzman
District 41 Republican
District 42
Representative Jeff Porter
District 42 Republican
District 43
Representative Kent Haden
District 43 Republican
District 44
Representative Cheri Toalson Reisch
District 44 Republican
District 45
Representative Kip Kendrick
District 45 Democratic
District 46
Representative Martha Stevens
District 46 Democratic
District 47
Representative Chuck Basye
District 47 Republican
District 48
Representative Dave Muntzel
District 48 Republican
District 49
Representative Travis Fitzwater
District 49 Republican
District 50
Representative Sara Walsh
District 50 Republican
District 51
Representative Dean Dohrman
District 51 Republican
District 52
Representative Bradley Pollitt
District 52 Republican
District 53
Representative Glen Kolkmeyer
District 53 Republican
District 54
Representative Dan Houx
District 54 Republican
District 55
Representative Mike Haffner
District 55 Republican
District 56
Representative Jack Bondon
District 56 Republican
District 57
Representative Rodger Reedy
District 57 Republican
District 58
Representative David Wood
District 58 Republican
District 59
Representative Rudy Veit
District 59 Republican
District 60
Representative Dave Griffith
District 60 Republican
District 61
Representative Aaron Griesheimer
District 61 Republican
District 62
Representative Tom Hurst
District 62 Republican
District 63
Representative Bryan Spencer
District 63 Republican
District 64
Representative Tony Lovasco
District 64 Republican
District 65
Representative Tom Hannegan
District 65 Republican
District 66
Representative Tommie Pierson, Jr.
District 66 Democratic
District 67
Representative Alan Green
District 67 Democratic
District 68
Representative Jay Mosley
District 68 Democratic
District 69
Representative Gretchen Bangert
District 69 Democratic
District 70
Representative Paula Brown
District 70 Democratic
District 71
Representative LaDonna Appelbaum
District 71 Democratic
District 72
Representative Doug Clemens
District 72 Democratic
District 73
Representative Raychel Proudie
District 73 Democratic
District 74
Nicholas Kasoff
District 74 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Mike Person
District 74 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 75
Representative Alan Gray
District 75 Democratic
District 76
Representative Chris Carter
District 76 Democratic
District 77
Representative Steven Roberts
District 77 Democratic
District 78
Rasheen Aldridge
District 78 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 79
Representative LaKeySha Bosley
District 79 Democratic
District 80
Representative Peter Merideth
District 80 Democratic
District 81
Representative Steve Butz
District 81 Democratic
District 82
Representative Donna Baringer
District 82 Democratic
District 83
Representative Gina Mitten
District 83 Democratic
District 84
Representative Wiley Price IV
District 84 Democratic
District 85
Representative Kevin Windham, Jr.
District 85 Democratic
District 86
District 87
Representative Ian Mackey
District 87 Democratic
District 88
Representative Tracy McCreery
District 88 Democratic
District 89
Representative Dean Plocher
District 89 Republican
District 90
Representative Deb Lavender
District 90 Democratic
District 91
Representative Sarah Unsicker
District 91 Democratic
District 92
Representative Doug Beck
District 92 Democratic
District 93
Representative Bob Burns
District 93 Democratic
District 94
Representative Jim Murphy
District 94 Republican
District 95
Representative Michael O'Donnell
District 95 Republican
District 96
Representative David Gregory
District 96 Republican
District 97
Representative Mary Coleman
District 97 Republican
District 98
Representative Shamed Dogan
District 98 Republican
District 99
Trish Gunby
District 99 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Lee Pitman
District 99 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 100
Representative Derek Grier
District 100 Republican
District 101
Representative Bruce DeGroot
District 101 Republican
District 102
Representative Ron Hicks
District 102 Republican
District 103
Representative John Wiemann
District 103 Republican
District 104
Representative Adam Schnelting
District 104 Republican
District 105
Representative Phil Christofanelli
District 105 Republican
District 106
Representative Chrissy Sommer
District 106 Republican
District 107
Representative Nick Schroer
District 107 Republican
District 108
Representative Justin Hill
District 108 Republican
District 109
Representative John Simmons
District 109 Republican
District 110
Representative Dottie Bailey
District 110 Republican
District 111
Representative Shane Roden
District 111 Republican
District 112
Representative Rob Vescovo
District 112 Republican
District 113
Representative Dan Shaul
District 113 Republican
District 114
Representative Becky Ruth
District 114 Republican
District 115
Representative Elaine Gannon
District 115 Republican
District 116
Representative Dale Wright
District 116 Republican
District 117
Representative Mike Henderson
District 117 Republican
District 118
Representative Michael McGirl
District 118 Republican
District 119
Representative Nate Tate
District 119 Republican
District 120
Representative Jason Chipman
District 120 Republican
District 121
Representative Don Mayhew
District 121 Republican
District 122
Representative Steve Lynch
District 122 Republican
District 123
Representative Suzie Pollock
District 123 Republican
District 124
Representative Rocky Miller
District 124 Republican
District 125
Representative Warren Love
District 125 Republican
District 126
Representative Patricia Pike
District 126 Republican
District 127
Representative Ann Kelley
District 127 Republican
District 128
Representative Mike Stephens
District 128 Republican
District 129
Representative Jeff Knight
District 129 Republican
District 130
Representative Jeffrey Messenger
District 130 Republican
District 131
Representative Sonya Anderson
District 131 Republican
District 132
Representative Crystal Quade
District 132 Democratic
District 133
Representative Curtis Trent
District 133 Republican
District 134
Representative Elijah Haahr
District 134 Republican
District 135
Representative Steve Helms
District 135 Republican
District 136
Representative Craig Fishel
District 136 Republican
District 137
Representative John Black
District 137 Republican
District 138
Representative Brad Hudson
District 138 Republican
District 139
Representative Jered Taylor
District 139 Republican
District 140
Representative Lynn Morris
District 140 Republican
District 141
Representative Hannah Kelly
District 141 Republican
District 142
Representative Robert Ross
District 142 Republican
District 143
Representative Jeffrey Pogue
District 143 Republican
District 144
Representative Chris Dinkins
District 144 Republican
District 145
Representative Rick Francis
District 145 Republican
District 146
Representative Barry Hovis
District 146 Republican
District 147
Representative Kathy Swan
District 147 Republican
District 148
Representative Holly Rehder
District 148 Republican
District 149
Representative Don Rone
District 149 Republican
District 150
Representative Andrew McDaniel
District 150 Republican
District 151
Representative Herman Morse
District 151 Republican
District 152
Representative Hardy Billington
District 152 Republican
District 153
Representative Jeff Shawan
District 153 Republican
District 154
Representative David Evans
District 154 Republican
District 155
Representative Karla Eslinger
District 155 Republican
District 156
Representative Jeffery Justus
District 156 Republican
District 157
Representative Mike Moon
District 157 Republican
District 158
Scott Cupps
District 158 Challenger (Won) Republican
Lisa Kalp
District 158 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 159
Representative Dirk Deaton
District 159 Republican
District 160
Representative Ben Baker
District 160 Republican
District 161
Representative Lane Roberts
District 161 Republican
District 162
Representative Robert Bromley
District 162 Republican
District 163
Representative Cody Smith
District 163 Republican

State Senate

District 1
Senator Scott Sifton
District 1 Democratic
District 2
Senator Bob Onder
District 2 Republican
District 3
Senator Gary Romine
District 3 Republican
District 4
Senator Karla May
District 4 Democratic
District 5
Senator Jamilah Nasheed
District 5 Democratic
District 6
Senator Mike Bernskoetter
District 6 Republican
District 7
Senator Jason Holsman
District 7 Democratic
District 8
Senator Mike Cierpiot
District 8 Republican
District 9
Senator KiKi Curls
District 9 Democratic
District 10
Senator Jeanie Riddle
District 10 Republican
District 11
Senator John Rizzo
District 11 Democratic
District 12
Senator Dan Hegeman
District 12 Republican
District 13
Senator Gina Walsh
District 13 Democratic
District 14
Senator Brian Williams
District 14 Democratic
District 15
Senator Andrew Koenig
District 15 Republican
District 16
Senator Justin Brown
District 16 Republican
District 17
Senator Lauren Arthur
District 17 Democratic
District 18
Senator Cindy O'Laughlin
District 18 Republican
District 19
Senator Caleb Rowden
District 19 Republican
District 20
Senator Eric Burlison
District 20 Republican
District 21
Senator Denny Hoskins
District 21 Republican
District 22
Senator Paul Joseph Wieland
District 22 Republican
District 23
Senator Bill Eigel
District 23 Republican
District 24
Senator Jill Schupp
District 24 Democratic
District 25
Senator Doug Libla
District 25 Republican
District 26
Senator Dave Schatz
District 26 Republican
District 27
Senator Wayne Wallingford
District 27 Republican
District 28
Senator Sandy Crawford
District 28 Republican
District 29
Senator David Sater
District 29 Republican
District 30
Senator Lincoln Hough
District 30 Republican
District 31
Senator Edgar Emery
District 31 Republican
District 32
Senator Bill White
District 32 Republican
District 33
Senator Mike Cunningham
District 33 Republican
District 34
Senator Tony Luetkemeyer
District 34 Republican


Attorney General

Secretary of State


Higher Education Commissioner



Judge of the Supreme Court

Judge Mary Russell
Judge Laura Stith

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Election Date Title Outcome
Nov. 3, 2020 Amendment 1 Pending

State Facts

  • Type: State
  • Nickname: The Show-Me State
  • Motto: Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto [The Welfare of the People Shall Be the Supreme Law]
  • Area: 69,709 sq mi
  • Population: 6,021,988 (2012 est.)
  • Capital: Jefferson City
  • Statehood: Aug. 10, 1821 (24th state)
  • Highest Point: Taum Sauk Mt., 1,772 ft
  • Lowest Point: St. Francis R., 230 ft
  • Bird: Bluebird
  • Flower: White Hawthorn Blossom
  • Senators: 34
  • Representatives: 163
  • Electoral Votes: 10
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