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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior



U.S. Senate

Senator Joe Donnelly, Sr.
Senior Seat (Lost) Democratic
Mike Braun
Senior Seat Challenger (Won) Republican
Lucy Brenton
Senior Seat Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Senator Todd Young
Junior Seat Republican



Lieutenant Governor



State House

District 1
Representative Carolyn Jackson
District 1 (Won) Democratic
Donna Dunn
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 2
Representative Earl Harris, Jr.
District 2 (Won) Democratic
District 3
Representative Ragen Hatcher
District 3 (Won) Democratic
District 4
Representative Ed Soliday
District 4 (Won) Republican
Frank Szczepanski
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 5
Representative Dale DeVon
District 5 (Won) Republican
Donald Westerhausen, Jr.
District 5 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 6
Representative Pat Bauer
District 6 (Won) Democratic
District 7
Representative Joe Taylor III
District 7 (Won) Democratic
Troy Dillon
District 7 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 8
Representative Ryan Dvorak
District 8 (Won) Democratic
District 9
Representative Patricia Boy
District 9 (Won) Democratic
Dan Granquist
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 10
Representative Chuck Moseley
District 10 (Won) Democratic
District 11
Representative Michael Aylesworth
District 11 (Won) Republican
Delano Scaife
District 11 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 12
Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon
District 12 (Won) Democratic
District 13
Representative Sharon Negele
District 13 (Won) Republican
Loretta Barnes
District 13 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 14
Representative Vernon Smith
District 14 (Won) Democratic
District 15
Representative Chris Chyung
District 15 (Won) Democratic
Hal Slager
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 16
Representative Douglas Gutwein
District 16 (Won) Republican
Christina Zacny
District 16 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 17
Representative Jack Jordan
District 17 (Won) Republican
Michelle Livinghouse
District 17 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 18
Representative David Wolkins
District 18 (Won) Republican
Dee Moore
District 18 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 19
Representative Lisa Beck
District 19 (Won) Democratic
Julie Olthoff
District 19 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 20
Representative Jim Pressel
District 20 (Won) Republican
Karen Salzer
District 20 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 21
Representative Timothy Wesco
District 21 (Won) Republican
Ethan Legg
District 21 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Carl Rust
District 21 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 22
Representative Curt Nisly
District 22 (Won) Republican
District 23
Representative Ethan Manning
District 23 (Won) Republican
Terry Doran
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Adam Werner
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 24
Representative Donna Schaibley
District 24 (Won) Republican
Naomi Bechtold
District 24 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Donald Rainwater II
District 24 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 25
Representative Donald Lehe
District 25 (Won) Republican
Maurice Fuller
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 26
Representative Chris Campbell
District 26 (Won) Democratic
Sally Siegrist
District 26 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 27
Representative Sheila Klinker
District 27 (Won) Democratic
District 28
Representative Jeffrey Thompson
District 28 (Won) Republican
Harlan Vondersaar II
District 28 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 29
Representative Chuck Goodrich
District 29 (Won) Republican
Tracy Roberts
District 29 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 30
Representative Mike Karickhoff
District 30 (Won) Republican
District 31
Representative Kevin Mahan
District 31 (Won) Republican
Lynn Johnson
District 31 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 32
Representative Tony Cook
District 32 (Won) Republican
Amie Neiling
District 32 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 33
Representative John Prescott
District 33 (Won) Republican
Dale Amett
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Shon Byrum
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 34
Representative Sue Errington
District 34 (Won) Democratic
District 35
Representative Melanie Wright
District 35 (Won) Democratic
Ben Fisher
District 35 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 36
Representative Terri Austin
District 36 (Won) Democratic
Jennifer Culp
District 36 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 37
Representative Todd Huston
District 37 (Won) Republican
Aimee Cole
District 37 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 38
Representative Heath VanNatter
District 38 (Won) Republican
Thomas Hedde
District 38 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 39
Representative Gerald Torr
District 39 (Won) Republican
Mark Hinton
District 39 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 40
Representative Gregory Steuerwald
District 40 (Won) Republican
MeChelle Callen
District 40 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 41
Representative Timothy Brown
District 41 (Won) Republican
Summer Ervin
District 41 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 42
Representative Alan Morrison
District 42 (Won) Republican
Evelyn Brown
District 42 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 43
Representative Tonya Pfaff
District 43 (Won) Democratic
Darrell Felling
District 43 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 44
Representative Beau Baird
District 44 (Won) Republican
Kimberly Fidler
District 44 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 45
Representative Bruce Borders
District 45 (Won) Republican
Jim Exline
District 45 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 46
Representative Bob Heaton
District 46 (Won) Republican
E. Marsili
District 46 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 47
Representative John Young
District 47 (Won) Republican
Susan Diagana
District 47 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 48
Representative Douglas Miller
District 48 (Won) Republican
Robert Wilson, Jr.
District 48 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 49
Representative Christy Stutzman
District 49 (Won) Republican
Joseph Lehman
District 49 Challenger (Withdrawn) Democratic
District 50
Representative Daniel Leonard
District 50 (Won) Republican
Jorge Fernandez
District 50 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 51
Representative Dennis Zent
District 51 (Won) Republican
Michael Stephenson
District 51 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 52
Representative Ben Smaltz
District 52 (Won) Republican
Martha Lemert
District 52 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 53
Representative Bob Cherry
District 53 (Won) Republican
Nancy Tibbett
District 53 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 54
Representative Tom Saunders
District 54 (Won) Republican
District 55
Representative Cindy Ziemke
District 55 (Won) Republican
District 56
Representative Bradford Barrett
District 56 (Won) Republican
Jeffrey Locke
District 56 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jeremy Why
District 56 Challenger (Lost) Independent
District 57
Representative Sean Eberhart
District 57 (Won) Republican
District 58
Representative Woody Burton
District 58 (Won) Republican
Cindy Reinert
District 58 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 59
Representative Ryan Lauer
District 59 (Won) Republican
Clyde Myers
District 59 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Dale Nowlin
District 59 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 60
Representative Peggy Mayfield
District 60 (Won) Republican
Penny Githens
District 60 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 61
Representative Matt Pierce
District 61 (Won) Democratic
District 62
Representative Jeff Ellington
District 62 (Won) Republican
Amy Swain
District 62 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 63
Representative Shane Lindauer
District 63 (Won) Republican
Joseph Lannan
District 63 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 64
Representative Matt Hostettler
District 64 (Won) Republican
District 65
Representative Chris May
District 65 (Won) Republican
Jared Stancombe
District 65 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 66
Representative Terry Goodin
District 66 (Won) Democratic
Mike Bowling
District 66 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 67
Representative Randy Frye
District 67 (Won) Republican
Cordelle Feuston
District 67 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 68
Representative Randy Lyness
District 68 (Won) Republican
Matt Gaustad
District 68 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 69
Representative Jim Lucas
District 69 (Won) Republican
Steve Schoettmer
District 69 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 70
Representative Karen Engleman
District 70 (Won) Republican
Sarah Stivers
District 70 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 71
Representative Rita Fleming
District 71 (Won) Democratic
Thomas Keister
District 71 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Matt Owen
District 71 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 72
Representative Ed Clere
District 72 (Won) Republican
Sam Charbonneau
District 72 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 73
Representative Steve Davisson
District 73 (Won) Republican
District 74
Representative Stephen Bartels
District 74 (Won) Republican
Larry Kleeman
District 74 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 75
Representative Ron Bacon
District 75 (Won) Republican
John Hurley
District 75 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 76
Representative Wendy McNamara
District 76 (Won) Republican
Stephen Folz
District 76 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 77
Representative Ryan Hatfield
District 77 (Won) Democratic
District 78
Representative Holli Sullivan
District 78 (Won) Republican
District 79
Representative Matt Lehman
District 79 (Won) Republican
District 80
Representative Phil GiaQuinta
District 80 (Won) Democratic
District 81
Representative Martin Carbaugh
District 81 (Won) Republican
Kyle Miller
District 81 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 82
Representative David Abbott
District 82 (Won) Republican
Mike Wilber
District 82 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 83
Representative Christopher Judy
District 83 (Won) Republican
District 84
Representative Bob Morris
District 84 (Won) Republican
Curtis Nash
District 84 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 85
Representative Dave Heine
District 85 (Won) Republican
Christopher Rex
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 86
Representative Ed DeLaney
District 86 (Won) Democratic
District 87
Representative Carey Hamilton
District 87 (Won) Democratic
Paula Finch
District 87 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 88
Representative Brian Bosma
District 88 (Won) Republican
Poonam Gill
District 88 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 89
Representative Cindy Kirchhofer
District 89 (Won) Republican
John Barnes
District 89 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 90
Representative Mike Speedy
District 90 (Won) Republican
Tim Jeffers
District 90 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 91
Representative Bob Behning
District 91 (Won) Republican
Kevin Leineweber
District 91 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 92
Representative Karlee Macer
District 92 (Won) Democratic
District 93
Representative David Frizzell
District 93 (Won) Republican
Greg Rathnow
District 93 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 94
Representative Cherrish Pryor
District 94 (Won) Democratic
District 95
Representative John Bartlett
District 95 (Won) Democratic
District 96
Representative Greg Porter
District 96 (Won) Democratic
District 97
Representative Justin Moed
District 97 (Won) Democratic
District 98
Representative Robin Shackleford
District 98 (Won) Democratic
District 99
Representative Vanessa Summers
District 99 (Won) Democratic
District 100
Representative Dan Forestal
District 100 (Won) Democratic

State Senate

District 1
Senator Frank Mrvan, Jr.
District 1 (Won) Democratic
Charles Kallas
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 2
Senator Lonnie Randolph, Jr.
District 2 Democratic
District 3
Senator Eddie Melton
District 3 Democratic
District 4
Senator Karen Tallian
District 4 (Won) Democratic
Cole Stultz
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 5
Senator Ed Charbonneau
District 5 Republican
District 6
Senator Rick Niemeyer
District 6 (Won) Republican
Ryan Farrar
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 7
Senator Brian Buchanan
District 7 Republican
District 8
Senator Mike Bohacek
District 8 Republican
District 9
Senator Ryan Mishler
District 9 Republican
District 10
Senator David Niezgodski
District 10 Democratic
District 11
Senator Linda Rogers
District 11 (Won) Republican
Ed Liptrap
District 11 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 12
Senator Blake Doriot
District 12 Republican
District 13
Senator Susan Glick
District 13 Republican
District 14
Senator Dennis Kruse
District 14 (Won) Republican
District 15
Senator Liz Brown
District 15 (Won) Republican
Kathy Zoucha
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 16
Senator Justin Busch
District 16 Republican
District 17
Senator Andy Zay
District 17 (Won) Republican
Gary Snyder
District 17 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 18
Senator Randy Head
District 18 Republican
District 19
Senator Travis Holdman
District 19 (Won) Republican
District 20
Senator Victoria Spartz
District 20 Republican
District 21
Senator James Buck
District 21 (Won) Republican
Christina Fivecoate
District 21 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 22
Senator Ron Alting
District 22 (Won) Republican
Sherry Shipley
District 22 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 23
Senator Phil Boots
District 23 (Won) Republican
District 24
Senator John Crane
District 24 Republican
District 25
Senator Tim Lanane
District 25 (Won) Democratic
Zaki Ali
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Robert Jozwiak
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 26
Senator Mike Gaskill
District 26 (Won) Republican
Dave Cravens
District 26 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Greg Noland
District 26 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 27
Senator Jeff Raatz
District 27 (Won) Republican
Jerome Hoog
District 27 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 28
Senator Michael Crider
District 28 Republican
District 29
Senator JD Ford
District 29 (Won) Democratic
Mike Delph
District 29 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 30
Senator John Ruckelshaus
District 30 Republican
District 31
Senator Jim Merritt, Jr.
District 31 (Won) Republican
Derek Camp
District 31 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 32
Senator Aaron Freeman
District 32 Republican
District 33
Senator Greg Taylor
District 33 Democratic
District 34
Senator Jean Breaux
District 34 Democratic
District 35
Senator Michael Young
District 35 Republican
District 36
Senator Jack Sandlin
District 36 Republican
District 37
Senator Rodric Bray
District 37 Republican
District 38
Senator Jon Ford
District 38 (Won) Republican
Chris Gambill
District 38 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 39
Senator Eric Bassler
District 39 (Won) Republican
District 40
Senator Mark Stoops
District 40 Democratic
District 41
Senator Greg Walker
District 41 (Won) Republican
Ross Thomas
District 41 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 42
Senator Jean Leising
District 42 Republican
District 43
Senator Chip Perfect, Jr.
District 43 (Won) Republican
District 44
Senator Eric Koch
District 44 Republican
District 45
Senator Chris Garten
District 45 (Won) Republican
Charles Johnson
District 45 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
John Perkins
District 45 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 46
Senator Ron Grooms
District 46 (Won) Republican
Anna Murray
District 46 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 47
Senator Erin Houchin
District 47 (Won) Republican
Nick Siler
District 47 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 48
Senator Mark Messmer
District 48 (Won) Republican
District 49
Senator Jim Tomes
District 49 (Won) Republican
Edie Hardcastle
District 49 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 50
Senator Vaneta Becker
District 50 Republican


Attorney General

Secretary of State

Secretary Connie Lawson
(Won) Republican
Jim Harper
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Mark Rutherford
Challenger (Lost) Libertarian


John Schick
Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Joselyn Whitticker
Challenger (Lost) Democratic

Commissioner of Revenue

Superintendent of Public Instruction


Treasurer Kelly Mitchell
(Won) Republican
John Aguilera, Jr.
Challenger (Lost) Democratic


Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice of the Supreme Court

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