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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior



U.S. Senate

Senator Sherrod Brown
Senior Seat (Won) Democratic
Philena Farley
Senior Seat Challenger (Removed) Green Party
Jim Renacci
Senior Seat Challenger (Lost) Republican
Senator Rob Portman
Junior Seat Republican




Richard Cordray
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Running Mate:
Betty Sutton Democratic
Mike DeWine
Challenger (Won) Republican
Running Mate:
Jon Husted Republican
Constance Gadell Newton
Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Running Mate:
Brett Joseph Green Party
Travis Irvine
Challenger (Lost) Libertarian

Lieutenant Governor

Todd Grayson
Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Jon Husted
Challenger (Won) Republican
Running Mate:
Mike DeWine Republican
Brett Joseph
Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Running Mate:
Constance Gadell Newton Green Party
Betty Sutton
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Running Mate:
Richard Cordray Democratic



State House

District 1
Representative Scott Wiggam
District 1 (Won) Republican
Kevin Barnet
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Elizabeth Thomas
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 2
Representative Mark Romanchuk
District 2 (Won) Republican
Tim Grady
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Lane Winters
District 2 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 3
Representative Theresa Gavarone
District 3 (Won) Republican
Daniel Gordon
District 3 Challenger (Removed) Democratic
Aidan Hubbell Staeble
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 4
Representative Bob Cupp
District 4 (Won) Republican
Tristam Cheeseman
District 4 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 5
Representative Tim Ginter
District 5 (Won) Republican
John Dyce
District 5 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 6
Representative Marlene Anielski
District 6 Republican
Phillip Robinson
District 6 Challenger (Won) Democratic
James Trakas
District 6 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 7
Representative Thomas Patton
District 7 (Won) Republican
Aziz Ahmad
District 7 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 8
Representative Kent Smith
District 8 (Won) Democratic
District 9
Representative Janine Boyd
District 9 (Won) Democratic
Joe Miller
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 10
Representative Bill Patmon
District 10 Democratic
Terrence Upchurch
District 10 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 11
Representative Stephanie Howse
District 11 (Won) Democratic
Shalira Taylor
District 11 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 12
Representative John Barnes, Jr.
District 12 Democratic
Juanita Brent
District 12 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 13
Representative Nickie Antonio
District 13 Democratic
Jay Carson
District 13 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Michael Skindell
District 13 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 14
Representative Martin Sweeney
District 14 Democratic
Ryan McClain
District 14 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Bride Sweeney
District 14 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 15
Representative Nick Celebrezze
District 15 (Removed) Democratic
Jeffrey Crossman
District 15 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Kevin Kussmaul
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 16
Representative David Greenspan
District 16 (Won) Republican
Cassimir Svigelj
District 16 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 17
Representative Adam Miller
District 17 (Won) Democratic
John Rush
District 17 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 18
Representative Kristin Boggs
District 18 (Won) Democratic
Erin Gibbons
District 18 Challenger (Removed) Democratic
Torin Jacobs
District 18 Challenger (Removed) Green Party
David Todd
District 18 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 19
Representative Anne Gonzales
District 19 Republican
Tim Barhorst
District 19 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Mary Lightbody
District 19 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 20
Representative Richard Brown
District 20 (Won) Democratic
Bobby Mitchell
District 20 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 21
Representative Michael Duffey
District 21 Republican
Stu Harris
District 21 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Beth Liston
District 21 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 22
Representative David Leland
District 22 (Won) Democratic
Doug Moody
District 22 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 23
Representative Laura Lanese
District 23 (Won) Republican
Russell Harris
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 24
Representative James Hughes
District 24 Republican
Allison Russo
District 24 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Erik Yassenoff
District 24 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 25
Representative Bernadine Kent
District 25 (Won) Democratic
Debbie Staggs
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 26
Representative Hearcel Craig
District 26 Democratic
Erica Crawley
District 26 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Steve Dodge
District 26 Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Shareeque Sadiq
District 26 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 27
Representative Tom Brinkman, Jr.
District 27 (Won) Republican
Christine Fisher
District 27 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 28
Representative Jonathan Dever
District 28 (Won) Republican
Jessica Miranda
District 28 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 29
Representative Louis Blessing III
District 29 (Won) Republican
Carrie Davis
District 29 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 30
Representative William Seitz
District 30 (Won) Republican
Clayton Adams
District 30 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 31
Representative Brigid Kelly
District 31 (Won) Democratic
District 32
Representative Catherine Ingram
District 32 (Won) Democratic
Marilyn Tunnat
District 32 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 33
Representative Alicia Reece
District 33 Democratic
Judith Boyce
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Sedrick Denson
District 33 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 34
Representative Emilia Sykes
District 34 (Won) Democratic
Josh Sines
District 34 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 35
Representative Tavia Galonski
District 35 (Won) Democratic
Kevin Fay
District 35 Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Osita Obierika
District 35 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 36
Representative Anthony DeVitis
District 36 (Won) Republican
Timothy Piatt
District 36 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 37
Representative Kristina Roegner
District 37 Republican
Mike Rasor
District 37 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Casey Weinstein
District 37 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 38
Representative Marilyn Slaby
District 38 Republican
Elliot Kolkovich
District 38 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Bill Roemer
District 38 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 39
Representative Fred Strahorn
District 39 (Won) Democratic
District 40
Representative Mike Henne
District 40 Republican
Phil Plummer
District 40 Challenger (Won) Republican
Ryan Taylor
District 40 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 41
Representative Jim Butler
District 41 (Won) Republican
John McManus
District 41 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 42
Representative Niraj Antani
District 42 (Won) Republican
Zachary Dickerson
District 42 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 43
Representative Jeffery Rezabek
District 43 Republican
Representative J. Smith
District 43 (Won) Republican
Dan Foley
District 43 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 44
Representative Michael Ashford
District 44 Democratic
Kenneth Cousino
District 44 Challenger (Removed) Republican
Paula Hicks-Hudson
District 44 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 45
Representative Teresa Fedor
District 45 Democratic
David Davenport
District 45 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Lisa Sobecki
District 45 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 46
Representative Michael Sheehy
District 46 (Won) Democratic
Matthew Barry
District 46 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 47
Representative Derek Merrin
District 47 (Won) Republican
Gary Newnham
District 47 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 48
Representative Kirk Schuring
District 48 Republican
W. Scott Oelslager
District 48 Challenger (Won) Republican
Lorraine Wilburn
District 48 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 49
Representative Thomas West
District 49 (Won) Democratic
James Haavisto
District 49 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 50
Representative Christina Hagan
District 50 Republican
Cassie Gabelt
District 50 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Reggie Stoltzfus
District 50 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 51
Representative Wes Retherford
District 51 (Lost) Republican
Sara Carruthers
District 51 Challenger (Won) Republican
Susan Vaughn
District 51 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 52
Representative George Lang
District 52 (Won) Republican
Kathy Wyenandt
District 52 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 53
Representative Candice Keller
District 53 (Won) Republican
Rebecca Howard
District 53 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 54
Representative Paul Zeltwanger
District 54 (Won) Republican
Nikki Foster
District 54 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 55
Representative Nathan Manning
District 55 Republican
Dan Fichtel
District 55 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Kelly Kraus Mencke
District 55 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Gayle Manning
District 55 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 56
Representative Dan Ramos
District 56 Democratic
Joe Miller
District 56 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Rob Weber
District 56 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 57
Representative Dick Stein
District 57 (Won) Republican
James Johnson
District 57 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 58
Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan
District 58 (Won) Democratic
David Simon
District 58 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 59
Representative John Boccieri
District 59 Democratic
Donald Manning II
District 59 Challenger (Won) Republican
Eric Ungaro
District 59 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 60
Representative John Rogers
District 60 (Won) Democratic
Mike Zuren
District 60 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 61
Representative Ronald Young
District 61 Republican
James Callender
District 61 Challenger (Won) Republican
Rick Walker
District 61 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 62
Representative Scott Lipps
District 62 (Won) Republican
Jim Staton
District 62 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 63
Representative Glenn Holmes
District 63 (Won) Democratic
Jim Hughes
District 63 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 64
Representative Michael O'Brien
District 64 (Won) Democratic
Martha Yoder
District 64 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 65
Representative John Becker
District 65 (Won) Republican
Patricia Lawrence
District 65 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 66
Representative Doug Green
District 66 (Won) Republican
Jeff Richards
District 66 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 67
Representative Andrew Brenner
District 67 Republican
Cory Hoffman
District 67 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Kris Jordan
District 67 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 68
Representative Rick Carfagna
District 68 (Won) Republican
Patrick Glasgow
District 68 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Kathleen Tate
District 68 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 69
Representative Stephen Hambley
District 69 (Won) Republican
Carol Brenstuhl
District 69 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 70
Representative Darrell Kick
District 70 (Won) Republican
Steve Johnson
District 70 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 71
Representative Scott Ryan
District 71 (Won) Republican
Jeremy Blake
District 71 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 72
Representative Larry Householder
District 72 (Won) Republican
Tyler Shipley
District 72 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 73
Representative Rick Perales
District 73 (Won) Republican
Kim McCarthy
District 73 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 74
Representative Bill Dean
District 74 (Won) Republican
Anne Gorman
District 74 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 75
Representative Kathleen Clyde
District 75 Democratic
Randi Clites
District 75 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Jim Lutz
District 75 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 76
Representative Sarah LaTourette
District 76 (Won) Republican
John Kennedy
District 76 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 77
Representative Tim Schaffer
District 77 (Won) Republican
Brett Pransky
District 77 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 78
Representative Ron Hood
District 78 (Won) Republican
Amber Daniels
District 78 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 79
Representative Kyle Koehler
District 79 (Won) Republican
Amanda Finfrock
District 79 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 80
Representative Stephen Huffman
District 80 Republican
DJ Byrnes
District 80 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Jena Powell
District 80 Challenger (Won) Republican
Scott Zimmerman
District 80 Challenger (Removed) Democratic
District 81
Representative James Hoops
District 81 (Won) Republican
Janet Breneman
District 81 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 82
Representative Craig Riedel
District 82 (Won) Republican
Aden Baker
District 82 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 83
Representative Robert Sprague
District 83 Republican
Jon Cross
District 83 Challenger (Won) Republican
Mary Harshfield
District 83 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 84
Representative Keith Faber
District 84 Republican
Susan Manchester
District 84 Challenger (Won) Republican
Joseph Monbeck
District 84 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 85
Representative Nino Vitale
District 85 (Won) Republican
Garrett Baldwin
District 85 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 86
Representative Dorothy Pelanda
District 86 Republican
Glenn Coble
District 86 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Taylor Hoffman
District 86 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Tracy Richardson
District 86 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 87
Representative Riordan McClain
District 87 (Won) Republican
Mary Pierce-Broadwater
District 87 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 88
Representative Bill Reineke, Jr.
District 88 (Won) Republican
Rachel Crooks
District 88 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 89
Representative Steven Arndt
District 89 (Won) Republican
Joe Helle
District 89 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 90
Representative Terry Johnson
District 90 Republican
Brian Baldridge
District 90 Challenger (Won) Republican
Adrienne Buckler
District 90 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 91
Representative Shane Wilkin
District 91 (Won) Republican
Justin Grimes
District 91 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 92
Representative Gary Scherer
District 92 (Won) Republican
Beth Workman
District 92 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 93
Representative Ryan Smith
District 93 (Won) Republican
Jim Rumley
District 93 Challenger (Removed) Democratic
Samantha Thomas Bush
District 93 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 94
Representative Jay Edwards
District 94 (Won) Republican
Taylor Sappington
District 94 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 95
Representative Andy Thompson
District 95 Republican
Don Jones
District 95 Challenger (Won) Republican
Dan Milleson
District 95 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 96
Representative Jack Cera
District 96 (Won) Democratic
Bob Mazeroski
District 96 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 97
Representative Brian Hill
District 97 (Won) Republican
Kristine Geis
District 97 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 98
Representative Al Landis
District 98 Republican
Brett Hillyer
District 98 Challenger (Won) Republican
Jeremiah Johnson
District 98 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 99
Representative John Patterson
District 99 (Won) Democratic
Michael Pircio
District 99 Challenger (Lost) Republican

State Senate

District 1
Senator Rob McColley
District 1 (Won) Republican
Adam Papin
District 1 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 2
Senator Randall Gardner
District 2 Republican
District 3
Senator Kevin Bacon
District 3 Republican
Anne Gonzales
District 3 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Tina Maharath
District 3 Challenger (Won) Democratic
District 4
Senator William Coley II
District 4 Republican
District 5
Senator Bill Beagle
District 5 Republican
Paul Bradley
District 5 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Stephen Huffman
District 5 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 6
Senator Peggy Lehner
District 6 Republican
District 7
Senator Steve Wilson
District 7 (Won) Republican
Sara Bitter
District 7 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 8
Senator Louis Terhar
District 8 Republican
District 9
Senator Cecil Thomas
District 9 (Won) Democratic
Thomas Chandler
District 9 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 10
Senator Bob Hackett
District 10 Republican
District 11
Senator Edna Brown
District 11 Democratic
Teresa Fedor
District 11 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Ernest McCarthy
District 11 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 12
Senator Matt Huffman
District 12 Republican
District 13
Senator Gayle Manning
District 13 Republican
Nathan Manning
District 13 Challenger (Won) Republican
Sharon Sweda
District 13 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Homer Taft
District 13 Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
District 14
Senator Joe Uecker
District 14 Republican
District 15
Senator Charleta Tavares
District 15 Democratic
Jeff Brown
District 15 Challenger (Removed) Green Party
Hearcel Craig
District 15 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Jordan Garcea
District 15 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 16
Senator Stephanie Kunze
District 16 Republican
District 17
Senator Bob Peterson
District 17 (Won) Republican
Scott Dailey
District 17 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 18
Senator John Eklund
District 18 Republican
District 19
Senator Kris Jordan
District 19 Republican
Andrew Brenner
District 19 Challenger (Won) Republican
Gary Cox
District 19 Challenger (Lost) Green Party
Louise Valentine
District 19 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 20
District 20
District 21
Senator Sandra Williams
District 21 (Won) Democratic
Thomas Pekarek
District 21 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 22
Senator Larry Obhof, Jr.
District 22 Republican
District 23
Senator Michael Skindell
District 23 Democratic
Nickie Antonio
District 23 Challenger (Won) Democratic
Steve Flores
District 23 Challenger (Lost) Republican
District 24
Senator Matthew Dolan
District 24 Republican
District 25
Senator Kenny Yuko
District 25 (Won) Democratic
William Faehnrich
District 25 Challenger (Lost) Republican
Bob Murphy
District 25 Challenger (Removed) Republican
District 26
Senator Dave Burke
District 26 Republican
District 27
Senator Frank LaRose
District 27 Republican
Kristina Roegner
District 27 Challenger (Won) Republican
Adam VanHo
District 27 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 28
Senator Vernon Sykes
District 28 Democratic
District 29
Senator W. Scott Oelslager
District 29 Republican
Lauren Friedman
District 29 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Kirk Schuring
District 29 Challenger (Won) Republican
District 30
Senator Frank Hoagland
District 30 Republican
District 31
Senator Jay Hottinger
District 31 (Won) Republican
Melinda Miller
District 31 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
District 32
Senator Sean O'Brien
District 32 Democratic
District 33
Senator Joseph Schiavoni
District 33 Democratic
John Boccieri
District 33 Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Michael Rulli
District 33 Challenger (Won) Republican



State Board of Education

Melissa Dahman
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Jeanine Donaldson
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Vicki Donovan-Lyle
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
John Hagan
Challenger (Won) Non-partisan
Kirsten Hill
Challenger (Won) Non-partisan
Jenny Kilgore
Challenger (Won) Non-partisan
W. Knight
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Sue Larimer
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Matthew McGowan
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Kathleen Purdy
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Annette Shine
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Dawn Wojcik
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan

Attorney General

Steve Dettelbach
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Dave Yost
Challenger (Won) Republican

Secretary of State

Kathleen Clyde
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Frank LaRose
Challenger (Won) Republican
Dustin Nanna
Challenger (Lost) Libertarian


Auditor Dave Yost
Robert Coogan
Challenger (Lost) Libertarian
Keith Faber
Challenger (Won) Republican
Zack Space
Challenger (Lost) Democratic

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tax Commissioner


Rob Richardson
Challenger (Lost) Democratic
Robert Sprague
Challenger (Won) Republican


Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice of the Supreme Court

Craig Baldwin
Challenger (Lost) Non-partisan
Michael Donnelly
Challenger (Won) Non-partisan
Melody Stewart
Challenger (Won) Non-partisan
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