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Joe Biden, Jr.
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Cory Booker
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Pete Buttigieg
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Julián Castro
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Tulsi Gabbard
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Amy Klobuchar
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Bernie Sanders
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Tom Steyer
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Joe Walsh
Challenger (Announced) Republican
Elizabeth Warren
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Bill Weld
Challenger (Announced) Republican
Andrew Yang
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security


U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator Richard Burr
Senior Seat Republican
Senator Thom Tillis
Junior Seat Republican



Lieutenant Governor


State House

District 1
Representative Ed Goodwin
District 1 Republican
District 2
District 3
Representative Michael Speciale
District 3 Republican
District 4
Representative Jimmy Dixon
District 4 Republican
District 5
Representative Howard Hunter III
District 5 Democratic
District 6
Representative Bobby Hanig
District 6 Republican
District 7
Representative Lisa Barnes
District 7 Republican
District 8
Representative Kandie Smith
District 8 Democratic
District 9
Representative Perrin Jones
District 9 Republican
District 10
Representative John Bell IV
District 10 Republican
District 11
Representative Allison Dahle
District 11 Democratic
District 12
Representative Chris Humphrey
District 12 Republican
District 13
Representative Patricia McElraft
District 13 Republican
District 14
Representative George Cleveland
District 14 Republican
District 15
Representative Phil Shepard
District 15 Republican
District 16
Representative Carson Smith, Jr.
District 16 Republican
District 17
Representative Frank Iler, Jr.
District 17 Republican
District 18
Representative Deborah Butler
District 18 Democratic
District 19
Representative Ted Davis, Jr.
District 19 Republican
District 20
Representative Holly Grange
District 20 Republican
District 21
Representative Larry Bell, Sr.
District 21 Democratic
Representative Raymond Smith, Jr.
District 21 Democratic
District 22
Representative William Brisson
District 22 Republican
District 23
Representative Shelly Willingham
District 23 Democratic
District 24
District 25
Representative James Gailliard
District 25 Democratic
District 26
Representative Donna McDowell White
District 26 Republican
District 27
Representative Michael Wray
District 27 Democratic
District 28
Representative Larry Strickland
District 28 Republican
District 29
Representative MaryAnn Black
District 29 Democratic
District 30
Representative Marcia Morey
District 30 Democratic
District 31
Representative Zack Hawkins
District 31 Democratic
District 32
Representative Terry Garrison
District 32 Democratic
District 33
Representative Rosa Gill
District 33 Democratic
District 34
Representative Grier Martin
District 34 Democratic
District 35
Representative Terence Everitt
District 35 Democratic
District 36
Representative Julie Von Haefen
District 36 Democratic
District 37
Representative Sydney Batch
District 37 Democratic
District 38
Representative Yvonne Holley
District 38 Democratic
District 39
Representative Darren Jackson
District 39 Democratic
District 40
Representative Joseph John, Sr.
District 40 Democratic
District 41
Representative Gale Adcock
District 41 Democratic
District 42
Representative Marvin Lucas, Jr.
District 42 Democratic
District 43
Representative Elmer Floyd
District 43 Democratic
District 44
Representative William Richardson
District 44 Democratic
District 45
Representative John Szoka
District 45 Republican
District 46
Representative Brenden Jones
District 46 Republican
District 47
Representative Charles Graham
District 47 Democratic
District 48
Representative Garland Pierce
District 48 Democratic
District 49
Representative Cynthia Ball
District 49 Democratic
District 50
Representative Graig Meyer
District 50 Democratic
District 51
Representative John Sauls
District 51 Republican
District 52
Representative Jamie Boles, Jr.
District 52 Republican
District 53
Representative David Lewis, Sr.
District 53 Republican
District 54
Representative Robert Reives II
District 54 Democratic
District 55
Representative Mark Brody
District 55 Republican
District 56
Representative Verla Insko
District 56 Democratic
District 57
Representative Ashton Clemmons
District 57 Democratic
District 58
Representative Amos Quick III
District 58 Democratic
District 59
Representative Jonathan Hardister
District 59 Republican
District 60
Representative Cecil Brockman
District 60 Democratic
District 61
Representative Mary Harrison
District 61 Democratic
District 62
Representative John Faircloth, Jr.
District 62 Republican
District 63
Representative Stephen Ross
District 63 Republican
District 64
Representative Dennis Riddell
District 64 Republican
District 65
Representative Jerry Carter
District 65 Republican
District 66
Representative Scott Brewer
District 66 Democratic
District 67
Representative Clayton Sasser
District 67 Republican
District 68
Representative Craig Horn
District 68 Republican
District 69
Representative Larry Arp
District 69 Republican
District 70
Representative Patricia Hurley
District 70 Republican
District 71
Representative Evelyn Terry
District 71 Democratic
District 72
Representative Derwin Montgomery
District 72 Democratic
District 73
Representative Lee Zachary, Jr.
District 73 Republican
District 74
Representative Debra Conrad
District 74 Republican
District 75
Representative Donny Lambeth
District 75 Republican
District 76
District 76
District 77
Representative Julia Howard
District 77 Republican
Representative Harry Warren
District 77 Republican
District 78
Representative Allen McNeill
District 78 Republican
District 79
Representative Keith Kidwell
District 79 Republican
District 80
Representative Steve Jarvis
District 80 Republican
District 81
Representative Larry Potts
District 81 Republican
District 82
Representative Larry Pittman
District 82 Republican
District 83
Representative Linda Johnson
District 83 Republican
District 84
Representative Jeffrey McNeely
District 84 Republican
District 85
Representative Josh Dobson
District 85 Republican
District 86
Representative Hugh Blackwell
District 86 Republican
District 87
Representative Destin Hall
District 87 Republican
District 88
Representative Mary Belk
District 88 Democratic
District 89
Representative Mitchell Setzer
District 89 Republican
District 90
Representative Sarah Stevens
District 90 Republican
District 91
Representative Kyle Hall
District 91 Republican
District 92
Representative Chaz Beasley
District 92 Democratic
District 93
Representative Ray Russell
District 93 Democratic
District 94
Representative Jeffrey Elmore
District 94 Republican
District 95
Representative John Fraley
District 95 Republican
District 96
Representative Jay Adams, Jr.
District 96 Republican
District 97
Representative Jason Saine
District 97 Republican
District 98
Representative Christy Clark
District 98 Democratic
District 99
Representative Nasif Majeed
District 99 Democratic
District 100
Representative John Autry
District 100 Democratic
District 101
Representative Carolyn Logan
District 101 Democratic
District 102
Representative Becky Carney
District 102 Democratic
District 103
Representative Rachel Hunt
District 103 Democratic
District 104
Representative Brandon Lofton
District 104 Democratic
District 105
Representative Wesley Harris
District 105 Democratic
District 106
Representative Carla Cunningham
District 106 Democratic
District 107
Representative Kelly Alexander, Jr.
District 107 Democratic
District 108
Representative John Torbett
District 108 Republican
District 109
Representative Dana Bumgardner
District 109 Republican
District 110
Representative Kelly Hastings
District 110 Republican
District 111
Representative Timothy Moore
District 111 Republican
District 112
Representative David Rogers
District 112 Republican
District 113
Representative Jake Johnson
District 113 Republican
District 114
Representative Susan Fisher
District 114 Democratic
District 115
Representative John Ager, Jr.
District 115 Democratic
District 116
Representative Brian Turner
District 116 Democratic
District 117
Representative Chuck McGrady
District 117 Republican
District 118
Representative Michele Presnell
District 118 Republican
District 119
Representative Joe Queen
District 119 Democratic
District 120
Representative Kevin Corbin
District 120 Republican

State Senate

District 1
Senator Bob Steinburg, Sr.
District 1 Republican
District 2
Senator Norman Sanderson, Jr.
District 2 Republican
District 3
Senator Erica Smith
District 3 Democratic
District 4
Senator Milton Fitch, Jr.
District 4 Democratic
District 5
Senator Don Davis
District 5 Democratic
District 6
Senator Harry Brown
District 6 Republican
District 7
Senator Jim Perry
District 7 Republican
District 8
Senator Bill Rabon
District 8 Republican
District 9
Senator Harper Peterson, Jr.
District 9 Democratic
District 10
Senator Brent Jackson
District 10 Republican
District 11
Senator Rick Horner
District 11 Republican
District 12
Senator Jim Burgin
District 12 Republican
District 13
Senator Danny Britt, Jr.
District 13 Republican
District 14
Senator Dan Blue, Jr.
District 14 Democratic
District 15
Senator Jay Chaudhuri
District 15 Democratic
District 16
Senator Wiley Nickel III
District 16 Democratic
District 17
Senator Samuel Searcy
District 17 Democratic
District 18
Senator John Alexander, Jr.
District 18 Republican
District 19
Senator Kirk DeViere
District 19 Democratic
District 20
Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr.
District 20 Democratic
District 21
Senator Ben Clark III
District 21 Democratic
District 22
Senator Mike Woodard
District 22 Democratic
District 23
Senator Valerie Foushee
District 23 Democratic
District 24
Senator Richard Gunn, Jr.
District 24 Republican
District 25
Senator Tom McInnis
District 25 Republican
District 26
Senator Jerry Tillman
District 26 Republican
District 27
Senator Michael Garrett
District 27 Democratic
District 28
Senator Gladys Robinson
District 28 Democratic
District 29
Senator Eddie Gallimore
District 29 Republican
District 30
Senator Philip Berger, Sr.
District 30 Republican
District 31
Senator Joyce Krawiec
District 31 Republican
District 32
Senator Paul Lowe, Jr.
District 32 Democratic
District 33
Senator Carl Ford
District 33 Republican
District 34
Senator Vickie Sawyer
District 34 Republican
District 35
Senator Todd Johnson
District 35 Republican
District 36
Senator Paul Newton
District 36 Republican
District 37
Senator Jeff Jackson
District 37 Democratic
District 38
Senator Mujtaba Mohammed
District 38 Democratic
District 39
Senator Rob Bryan III
District 39 Republican
District 40
Senator Joyce Waddell
District 40 Democratic
District 41
Senator Natasha Marcus
District 41 Democratic
District 42
Senator Andy Wells, Jr.
District 42 Republican
District 43
Senator Kathy Harrington
District 43 Republican
District 44
Senator Ted Alexander III
District 44 Republican
District 45
Senator Deanna Ballard
District 45 Republican
District 46
Senator Warren Daniel
District 46 Republican
District 47
Senator Ralph Hise, Jr.
District 47 Republican
District 48
Senator Charles Edwards
District 48 Republican
District 49
Senator Terry Van Duyn
District 49 Democratic
District 50
Senator Jim Davis
District 50 Republican


Attorney General

Secretary of State


Auditor Beth Wood


Secretary of Revenue



Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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