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President Donald Trump
(Announced) Republican
Joe Biden, Jr.
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Pete Buttigieg
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Tulsi Gabbard
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Amy Klobuchar
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Bernie Sanders
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Tom Steyer
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Joe Walsh
Challenger (Announced) Republican
Elizabeth Warren
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
Bill Weld
Challenger (Announced) Republican
Andrew Yang
Challenger (Announced) Democratic
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Vice President

U.S. Attorney General

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

U.S. Secretary of Defense

U.S. Secretary of Education

U.S. Secretary of Energy

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security


U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Secretary of Labor

U.S. Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Secretary of Treasury

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

U.S. Secretary of the Interior


U.S. Senate

Senator Mark Warner
Senior Seat Democratic
Senator Tim Kaine
Junior Seat Democratic



Lieutenant Governor


State House

District 1
Representative Terry Kilgore
District 1 Republican
District 2
District 3
Representative Will Morefield
District 3 Republican
District 4
District 5
Representative Israel O'Quinn
District 5 Republican
District 6
Representative Jeffrey Campbell
District 6 Republican
District 7
Representative Nick Rush
District 7 Republican
District 8
Representative Joseph McNamara
District 8 Republican
District 9
Representative Charles Poindexter
District 9 Republican
District 10
Representative Wendy Gooditis
District 10 Democratic
District 11
Representative Sam Rasoul
District 11 Democratic
District 12
Representative Chris Hurst
District 12 Democratic
District 13
Representative Danica Roem
District 13 Democratic
District 14
Representative Danny Marshall III
District 14 Republican
District 15
Representative Todd Gilbert
District 15 Republican
District 16
Representative Les Adams
District 16 Republican
District 17
Representative Chris Head
District 17 Republican
District 18
Representative Mike Webert
District 18 Republican
District 19
Representative Terry Austin
District 19 Republican
District 20
Representative G. Avoli
District 20 Republican
District 21
Representative Kelly Convirs-Fowler
District 21 Democratic
District 22
Representative Kathy Byron
District 22 Republican
District 23
Representative Wendell Walker
District 23 Republican
District 24
Representative Ronnie Campbell
District 24 Republican
District 25
Representative Chris Runion
District 25 Republican
District 26
Representative Tony Wilt
District 26 Republican
District 27
Representative Roxann Robinson
District 27 Republican
District 28
Representative Joshua Cole
District 28 Democratic
District 29
Representative Christopher Collins
District 29 Republican
District 30
Representative Nick Freitas
District 30 Republican
District 31
Representative Elizabeth Guzman
District 31 Democratic
District 32
Representative David Reid
District 32 Democratic
District 33
Representative Dave LaRock
District 33 Republican
District 34
Representative Kathleen Murphy
District 34 Democratic
District 35
Representative Mark Keam
District 35 Democratic
District 36
Representative Ken Plum
District 36 Democratic
District 37
Representative David Bulova
District 37 Democratic
District 38
Representative Kaye Kory
District 38 Democratic
District 39
Representative Vivian Watts
District 39 Democratic
District 40
Representative Dan Helmer
District 40 Democratic
District 41
Representative Eileen Filler-Corn
District 41 Democratic
District 42
Representative Kathy Tran
District 42 Democratic
District 43
Representative Mark Sickles
District 43 Democratic
District 44
Representative Paul Krizek
District 44 Democratic
District 45
Representative Mark Levine
District 45 Democratic
District 46
Representative Charniele Herring
District 46 Democratic
District 47
Representative Patrick Hope
District 47 Democratic
District 48
Representative Rip Sullivan, Jr.
District 48 Democratic
District 49
Representative Alfonso Lopez
District 49 Democratic
District 50
Representative Lee Carter
District 50 Democratic
District 51
Representative Hala Ayala
District 51 Democratic
District 52
Representative Luke Torian
District 52 Democratic
District 53
Representative Marcus Simon
District 53 Democratic
District 54
Representative Bobby Orrock, Sr.
District 54 Republican
District 55
Representative Buddy Fowler, Jr.
District 55 Republican
District 56
Representative John McGuire
District 56 Republican
District 57
Representative Sally Hudson
District 57 Democratic
District 58
Representative Robert Bell III
District 58 Republican
District 59
Representative Matt Fariss
District 59 Republican
District 60
Representative James Edmunds II
District 60 Republican
District 61
Representative Thomas Wright, Jr.
District 61 Republican
District 62
Representative Carrie Coyner
District 62 Republican
District 63
Representative Lashrecse Aird
District 63 Democratic
District 64
Representative Emily Brewer
District 64 Republican
District 65
Representative Lee Ware, Jr.
District 65 Republican
District 66
Representative Kirk Cox
District 66 Republican
District 67
Representative Karrie Delaney
District 67 Democratic
District 68
Representative Dawn Adams
District 68 Democratic
District 69
Representative Betsy Carr
District 69 Democratic
District 70
Representative Delores McQuinn
District 70 Democratic
District 71
Representative Jeff Bourne
District 71 Democratic
District 72
District 73
Representative Rodney Willett
District 73 Democratic
District 74
Representative Lamont Bagby
District 74 Democratic
District 75
Representative Roslyn Tyler
District 75 Democratic
District 76
Representative Clinton Jenkins
District 76 Democratic
District 77
Representative Cliff Hayes, Jr.
District 77 Democratic
District 78
Representative Jay Leftwich, Jr.
District 78 Republican
District 79
Representative Steve Heretick
District 79 Democratic
District 80
Representative Don Scott, Jr.
District 80 Democratic
District 81
Representative Barry Knight
District 81 Republican
District 82
Representative Jason Miyares
District 82 Republican
District 83
Representative Nancy Guy
District 83 Democratic
District 84
Representative Glenn Davis, Jr.
District 84 Republican
District 85
Representative Alex Askew
District 85 Democratic
District 86
Representative Ibraheem Samirah
District 86 Democratic
District 87
Representative Suhas Subramanyam
District 87 Democratic
District 88
Representative Mark Cole
District 88 Republican
District 89
Representative Jerrauld Jones
District 89 Democratic
District 90
Representative Joe Lindsey
District 90 Democratic
District 91
Representative Martha Mugler
District 91 Democratic
District 92
Representative Jeion Ward
District 92 Democratic
District 93
Representative Michael Mullin
District 93 Democratic
District 94
Representative Shelly Simonds
District 94 Democratic
District 95
Representative Cia Price
District 95 Democratic
District 96
Representative Amanda Batten
District 96 Republican
District 97
Representative Scott Wyatt
District 97 Republican
District 98
Representative Keith Hodges
District 98 Republican
District 99
Representative Margaret Ransone
District 99 Republican
District 100
Representative Rob Bloxom, Jr.
District 100 Republican

State Senate

District 1
Senator Monty Mason
District 1 Democratic
District 2
Senator Mamie Locke
District 2 Democratic
District 3
Senator Thomas Norment, Jr.
District 3 Republican
District 4
Senator Ryan McDougle
District 4 Republican
District 5
Senator Lionell Spruill, Sr.
District 5 Democratic
District 6
Senator Lynwood Lewis, Jr.
District 6 Democratic
District 7
Senator Jennifer Kiggans
District 7 Republican
District 8
Senator Bill DeSteph, Jr.
District 8 Republican
District 9
Senator Jennifer McClellan
District 9 Democratic
District 10
Senator Ghazala Hashmi
District 10 Democratic
District 11
Senator Amanda Chase
District 11 Republican
District 12
Senator Siobhan Dunnavant
District 12 Republican
District 13
Senator John Bell
District 13 Democratic
District 14
Senator John Cosgrove, Jr.
District 14 Republican
District 15
Senator Frank Ruff, Jr.
District 15 Republican
District 16
Senator Joe Morrissey
District 16 Democratic
District 17
Senator Bryce Reeves
District 17 Republican
District 18
Senator Louise Lucas
District 18 Democratic
District 19
Senator David Suetterlein
District 19 Republican
District 20
Senator Bill Stanley, Jr.
District 20 Republican
District 21
Senator John Edwards
District 21 Democratic
District 22
Senator Mark Peake
District 22 Republican
District 23
Senator Stephen Newman
District 23 Republican
District 24
Senator Emmett Hanger, Jr.
District 24 Republican
District 25
Senator Creigh Deeds
District 25 Democratic
District 26
Senator Mark Obenshain
District 26 Republican
District 27
Senator Jill Vogel
District 27 Republican
District 28
Senator Richard Stuart
District 28 Republican
District 29
Senator Jeremy McPike
District 29 Democratic
District 30
Senator Adam Ebbin
District 30 Democratic
District 31
Senator Barbara Favola
District 31 Democratic
District 32
Senator Janet Howell
District 32 Democratic
District 33
Senator Jennifer Boysko
District 33 Democratic
District 34
Senator Chap Petersen
District 34 Democratic
District 35
Senator Dick Saslaw
District 35 Democratic
District 36
Senator Scott Surovell
District 36 Democratic
District 37
Senator David Marsden
District 37 Democratic
District 38
Senator Ben Chafin, Jr.
District 38 Republican
District 39
Senator George Barker
District 39 Democratic
District 40
Senator Todd Pillion
District 40 Republican


Attorney General

Auditor of Public Accounts

Secretary of Education

Secretary of Finance

Secretary of the Commonwealth

State Facts

  • Type: Commonwealth
  • Nickname: Old Dominion
  • Motto: Sic Semper Tyrannis [Thus Always to Tyrants]
  • Area: 40,817 sq mi
  • Population: 8,185,867 (2012 est.)
  • Capital: Richmond
  • Statehood: June 25, 1788 (10th of original 13 states to ratify the Constitution)
  • Highest Point: Mt. Rogers, 5,729 ft
  • Lowest Point: sea level
  • Bird: Cardinal
  • Flower: Dogwood
  • Senators: 40
  • Representatives: 100
  • Electoral Votes: 13
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