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5/17/17 Governor Walker Surveys Storm Damage, Declares State of Emergency Following Severe Weather Gov. Scott Walker 5/10/17 Governor Walker Declares State of Emergency in Response to Elevated Wildfire Conditions Gov. Scott Walker 3/11/16 Governor Scott Walker Announces Sunshine Week Initiatives Gov. Scott Walker 1/06/16 Governor Scott Walker Statement on Presidential Overreach Gov. Scott Walker 9/16/15 CNN/Reagan Library Republican Presidential Debate Gov. Scott Walker 3/26/15 Governor Scott Walker Issues Executive Order to Lower Flags in Honor of Trooper Trevor Casper Gov. Scott Walker 2/27/15 Governor Scott Walker Announces Administrative Appointments Gov. Scott Walker 2/20/15 Governor Scott Walker Concludes Term as Chair of Midwestern Governors Association Gov. Scott Walker 12/03/14 Governor Scott Walker Joins Lawsuit to Block Unilateral Executive Action Gov. Scott Walker 10/31/14 Governor Walker Issues Executive Order Allowing Longer Transportation Hours for Gasoline and Diesel Truck Drivers Gov. Scott Walker 4/26/14 Governor Scott Walker Attends 2014 Council of Great Lakes Governors Executive Meeting Gov. Scott Walker 1/29/13 Governor Walker Announces Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Chief Executive Officer Gov. Scott Walker 5/23/12 Governor Walker Signs Green Tier Executive Order Gov. Scott Walker 12/19/11 Gov. Walker Signs Executive Order Relating to Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Gov. Scott Walker 10/24/11 Reggie Newson Appointed Secretary of the Department of Workforce Development Gov. Scott Walker 1/03/11 Inaugural Address Gov. Scott Walker 10/12/10 Walker: "I'll Utilize Frontline State Workers to Help Us Identify Waste, Fraud, and Abuse" Gov. Scott Walker

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