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12/11/17 Remarks By President Trump and Vice President Pence at Signing Ceremony for Space Policy Directive - 1 Pres. Donald Trump 12/11/17 Remarks By President Trump and Vice President Pence at Signing Ceremony for Space Policy Directive - 1 Mike Pence 10/05/17 Remarks by the Vice President at a Meeting of the National Space Council Mike Pence 10/04/17 Wall Street Journal - "America Will Return to the Moon--and Go Beyond" Mike Pence 9/25/17 Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Memorandum Addressing Expanding Access to High Quality STEM and Computer Science Education Pres. Donald Trump 7/06/17 Remarks by the Vice President at Kennedy Space Center Mike Pence 6/30/17 Remarks by the President Signing an Executive Order on the National Space Council Pres. Donald Trump 6/30/17 Remarks by the Vice President Introducing the President for an Executive Order on the National Space Council Mike Pence 6/04/17 Statement from President Donald J. Trump on National Cancer Survivors Day Pres. Donald Trump 4/24/17 Remarks by President Trump in Video Call with NASA Astronauts Aboard the International Space Station Pres. Donald Trump 4/22/17 Statement from President Donald J. Trump on Earth Day Pres. Donald Trump 4/18/17 Remarks by President Trump on Buy American, Hire American Executive Order Pres. Donald Trump 3/25/17 President Donald J. Trump's Weekly Address Pres. Donald Trump 3/21/17 Tweet - "Honored to sign S.442 today. With this legislation, we support @NASA's scientists, engineers, and astronauts in their pursuit of discovery!" Pres. Donald Trump 3/21/17 Remarks by the President at Signing of S.442, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017 Pres. Donald Trump 2/28/17 Remarks by President Trump at Signing of H.R. 321 and H.R. 255 Pres. Donald Trump 11/07/16 Letter to the Hon. Sylvia Matthews Burwell, Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Medicare Payments to Small Laboratories Ryan Zinke 4/15/16 Letter to Dr. Janet Woodcock, M.D. Director, CDER, U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Urging FDA to Advance Muscular Dystrophy Therapies Jefferson Sessions 2/24/16 Governor Pence Joins Indiana Biosciences Research Institute to Announce $100 Million in Grants Supporting Scientific Innovation Mike Pence 10/01/15 Time - Why Ben Carson Is Running for President Benjamin Carson 7/21/15 Governor Pence Announces 2015 Mr. and Miss Indiana Math and Science Awards Mike Pence 6/24/15 Sessions Congratulates Russellville Students on Winning International Rocketry Competition Jefferson Sessions 2/27/15 Letter to Robert Altenkirch, President of the University of Alabama - Climate Science Research Jefferson Sessions 1/15/15 Governor Perry's Final Address to a Joint Session of the Texas Legislature James Perry 12/05/14 Sessions Comments on Orion Space Capsule Launch Jefferson Sessions 10/22/14 Gov. Perry Tours Advanced Manufacturing Facility with Capability to Rapidly Produce Life-Saving Drugs James Perry 10/07/14 Gov. Perry Tours Galveston National Laboratory James Perry 9/22/14 Gov. Perry Helps Break Ground on SpaceX Commercial Launch Facility James Perry 9/18/14 Gov. Perry Helps Dedicate Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Facility James Perry 9/10/14 Immigration Jefferson Sessions 8/14/14 Rep. Brooks and Sen. Sessions Cut Ribbon on NASA's Facility for Space Launch System Program Office Jefferson Sessions 8/04/14 Gov. Perry Announces State Incentives Bringing SpaceX Commercial Launch Facility, 300 Jobs to the Brownsville Area James Perry 5/16/14 Gov. Perry Announces TETF Investment in Innovative Wound Healing Technology James Perry 12/17/13 Jobs and the Economy Mike Pence 11/19/13 Governor Pence Commends Indiana Biosciences Research Institute Reaching Major Milestone Mike Pence 10/22/13 Letter to Carol Watson, Chairman National Endowment for the Humanities - Grant Process, Questionable Use Of Funds At National Humanities Endowment Jefferson Sessions 9/13/13 Text of Gov. Perrys Announcement on the Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology James Perry 5/20/13 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Creation of Texas Tech Health Sciences Center at El Paso James Perry 3/28/13 New Study Highlights Texas as Leader in Clinical Trials James Perry 3/26/13 Gov. Perry Announces Major Biopharmaceutical Partnership James Perry 3/26/13 Gov. Perry Announces Major Biopharmaceutical Partnership James Perry 12/19/12 Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and Speaker Straus Call for Moratorium on CPRIT Grants Until Concerns at Agency are Addressed James Perry 11/27/12 Gov. Perry Keynotes Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce State of the State Luncheon James Perry 10/26/12 Gov. Perry: Texas Can Become the Nation's Center for Regenerative Medicine James Perry 9/07/12 Gov. Perry Touts Texas' Competitiveness, Encourages Investment and Trade with Texas at Ambrosetti Speech James Perry 6/19/12 Text of Gov. Perry's Remarks at BIO International Convention James Perry 6/07/12 The Journal Gazette - Obamacare Device Tax is a Potential Job-Killer Mike Pence 3/21/12 Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act Jefferson Sessions 2/17/12 Perry Touts Public-Private Aerospace Collaboration to Save Texas Talent James Perry 9/07/11 Republican Debate at the Reagan Presidential Library James Perry 8/25/11 Failure of Russian Resupply Mission Underscores Need to Sustain America's Leadership in Space Jefferson Sessions 7/21/11 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Final Landing of Shuttle Atlantis James Perry 6/23/11 America Invents Act Mike Pence 4/26/11 Gov. Perry's Remarks at the Governor's Commission for Women Legislative Luncheon James Perry 2/10/11 FAA Reauthorization Jefferson Sessions 9/13/10 Gov. Perry: Texas' Biotechnology Industry is Leading to Life Saving Ideas James Perry 8/12/10 Sessions Comments on Tragic Airplane Crash in Alaska Jefferson Sessions 6/10/10 Gov. Perry Announces TETF Investment in Savara Inc. James Perry 3/18/10 LeMieux, Sessions Introduce Effort to Stop NASA from Canceling Constellation Jefferson Sessions 2/12/10 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry Regarding Army's Decision Not to Award FMTV Contract to BAE Systems James Perry 12/03/09 Gov. Perry: The Future of Innovation and Technology is in Texas James Perry 11/16/09 Gov. Perry Announces State Investment in Robotics Education Programs James Perry 2/11/09 National Nano Technology Initiative Amendments Act of 2009 Mike Pence 2/06/09 Governor Perdue Introduces Tort Reform Legislation to Improve Business Environment, Protect Landowners George Perdue 10/09/08 Gov. Perry, Local Leaders Pledge Support for National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility James Perry 9/26/08 Gov. Perry Joins Baylor Healthcare System in Announcing New Cancer Center James Perry 7/16/08 Gov. Perry Invites Video Game Companies to Choose Texas James Perry 5/09/08 State Leaders Announce Emerging Technology Fund Investment in Trauma Care Research James Perry 11/02/07 Gov. Perry Announces $7.5 Million TEF Grant to Scott & White James Perry 2/08/07 Perry: Selling the State Lottery a Good Deal for Texas James Perry 9/27/06 Perry Announces 2 Nanotechnology Initiatives James Perry 6/20/06 Gov. Perry Breaks Ground for Texas Institute for Genomic Medicine James Perry 7/16/05 Gov. Perry Announces Grant to Help Create Institute for Genomic Medicine James Perry 2/23/05 Gov. Perry Highlights Need for Emerging Technology Fund James Perry 11/18/03 NASA Jefferson Sessions 10/29/03 Climate Stewardship Act of 2003 Jefferson Sessions 7/07/03 Art Stephenson's Exceptional Contributions Jefferson Sessions 3/24/03 Statement of Governor Sonny Perdue Regarding Passage of FY2003 Supplemental Budget George Perdue 2/01/03 Statement of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions on Today's Space Shuttle Tragedy Jefferson Sessions 2/01/03 Text of Gov. Rick Perry's Remarks Regarding Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy James Perry

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