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1/16/14 Portman, Schumer Introduce Bringing Missing Children Home Act Michael DeWine 10/03/13 ObamaCare Repeal Pledge Josh Mandel 10/29/12 Repealing Obamacare Josh Mandel 8/21/12 Mansfield News Journal - Mandel Supports Drilling Josh Mandel 7/25/12 Sherrod Brown Votes to Punish Ohio's Farmers and Small Businesses Josh Mandel 7/09/12 Brown Count Press - Treasurer Mandel Makes Campaign Stop in County Josh Mandel 6/28/12 Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel Responds To U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On The Affordable Care Act Josh Mandel 6/26/12 Race Tight, Sherrod on the Ropes Josh Mandel 6/20/12 Sherrod Brown Threatens Coal Jobs In Ohio Votes Against Preventing Job Destroying EPA Regulation Josh Mandel 6/15/12 Time - 2012 Road Trip, Day 14: What Makes A Good Candidate? Josh Mandel 6/05/12 The Washington Post - Josh Mandel Thinks He Can Win This Josh Mandel 6/05/12 Associated Press - Mandel Calls Health Care 'Defining' in Ohio Race Josh Mandel 6/01/12 The Morning Journal - Mandel Says Democrats' Policies Hurting Small Businesses Josh Mandel 6/01/12 Help Us Fight the Hollywood Elites Josh Mandel 6/01/12 Momentum Josh Mandel 6/01/12 Positive VS Negative -- Keep Our Ad on the Air Josh Mandel 5/30/12 Wheeling Intelligencer - Mandel: Race for U.S. Senate Seat About 'Jobs, Jobs, jobs' Josh Mandel 5/30/12 Dayton Daily News - Mandel Visits Warren County Career Center Josh Mandel 5/29/12 Findlay Courier - Holding Politicians Accountable for this Mess Josh Mandel 5/23/12 Morning Journal - Josh Mandel Visits Mandel County, Talks Local Economy Josh Mandel 5/20/12 Zanesville Times Recorder - Josh Mandel Makes Stops in Appalachia to Discuss Jobs Josh Mandel 5/16/12 State Treasurer of Ohio Josh Mandel Endorsed by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Josh Mandel 5/15/12 State Treasurer Of Ohio Josh Mandel Launches Statewide Jobs Tour Josh Mandel 5/04/12 State Treasurer Josh Mandel Tours Northeast Ohio Small Businesses Josh Mandel 5/04/12 Watch Our New TV Ad: "Can't Push Us Around" Josh Mandel 5/02/12 National Right to Life PAC Endorses Josh Mandel for Senate in Ohio Josh Mandel 3/12/12 Fox News "Your World with Cavuto" - Transcript Josh Mandel 1/01/12 The US Term Limits Amendment Pledge Josh Mandel 1/01/12 Let Freedom Ring USA: Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge Josh Mandel 6/10/11 Americans for Prosperity: No Climate Tax Josh Mandel 12/09/06 Dewine-Backed haiti Trade Measure Goes To The President For His Signature Michael DeWine 12/08/06 Appreciation To Senate Colleagues And Staff Michael DeWine 12/08/06 Tax Extenders Michael DeWine 12/07/06 Dodd, Dewine: "One Size Fits All 'Medical Devices Detrimental To Children; Introduce Legislation Incentivizing Innovation, Safety Michael DeWine 12/07/06 Dewine, Dodd Effort To Prevent Underage Drinking Goes To President Michael DeWine 12/07/06 Dewine, Dodd Continue Fight To Prevent Underage Drinking Michael DeWine 12/07/06 Christmas Michael DeWine 12/06/06 Preventing Underage Drinking Act Michael DeWine 12/06/06 Resolution To Honor Baseball Great Satchel Paige Going To President's Desk Michael DeWine 12/06/06 Tribute To Senator Rick Santorum Michael DeWine 12/05/06 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food And Drug Administration, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2007 Michael DeWine 11/06/06 CNN Larry King Live - Transcript Michael DeWine 11/02/06 Dewine Applauds U.S. marshals for Successful Capture of Sex Offenders Michael DeWine 10/25/06 CNN The Situation Room - Transcript Michael DeWine 10/25/06 CNN Larry King Live - Transcript Michael DeWine 10/23/06 Remarks: United States Veterans Relief Organization Michael DeWine 10/01/06 MSNBC Meet the Press - Transcript Michael DeWine 9/30/06 Senate Authorizes Older Americans Act Michael DeWine 9/29/06 Older Americans Act Amendments of 2006 Michael DeWine 9/28/06 DeWine Bill to Continue Fish and Wildlife Restoration in Great Lakes Passes House Michael DeWine 9/27/06 DeWine Backs Resolution to Strengthen Farmers, Ranchers Michael DeWine 9/27/06 DeWine Introduces Crime Victims with Disabilities Act Michael DeWine 9/27/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions Michael DeWine 9/19/06 DeWine Recognized for Work to Keep Teens Off Drugs Michael DeWine 9/19/06 DeWine Applauds President's Appointment of Natsios As Special Envoy to Sudan Michael DeWine 9/19/06 Wyden, Bond, Senators Ask for Review of Classified Information in Senate Intelligence Report, Say Documents Were Overclassified Michael DeWine 9/14/06 Remarks (As Prepared): Great Lake Fish & Wildlife Restoration Act of 2006 Michael DeWine 9/12/06 Biden Leads Bipartisan Effort to Call on President to Take Immediate Action in Darfur Michael DeWine 9/10/06 Newark Advocate - Speaking the Language of Small Business Michael DeWine 9/06/06 Dewine Statement (As Prepared): Nomination Hearing for Judge Sara Lioi Michael DeWine 8/29/06 Letter to Secretary Chertoff Michael DeWine 8/23/06 Ohio Candidates Stress National Security Michael DeWine 8/22/06 The Plain Dealer - DeWine Pushes Homeland Security Issue Michael DeWine 8/17/06 Statement: NSA Wire Tapping Program Michael DeWine 8/16/06 Akron Beacon Journal - Setting the Record Straight: While Congressman Brown Talks about Energy, Senator Mike DeWine Leads and Gets Things Done Michael DeWine 8/16/06 Setting the Record Straight: While Congressman Brown Talks About Energy, Senator Mike DeWine Leads and Gets Things Done Michael DeWine 8/13/06 The Chronicle-Telegram - DeWine Targets Brown's Turf Michael DeWine 8/11/06 The Canton Repository - DeWine Extols Patriot Act in Visit to Louisville Michael DeWine 8/10/06 The Plain Dealer - DeWine, Brown Defend Votes During First Debate Michael DeWine 8/04/06 Bill to Help Combat Meth Trafficking Introduced in Senate Michael DeWine 8/04/06 Youthbuild Transfer Act Passes the Senate Michael DeWine 8/04/06 Dewine Continues Effort to Reduce Education Costs for Military Survivors and Dependents Michael DeWine 8/03/06 Dewine Cosponsored Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Bill Passes Committee Michael DeWine 8/03/06 Pension Protection Act of 2006 Michael DeWine 8/03/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions Michael DeWine 8/03/06 Senators Introduce the African Health Capacity Investment Act of 2006 Michael DeWine 7/20/06 DeWine Secures Provisions to Help Veterans Health Care Michael DeWine 7/20/06 Children's Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2006 Michael DeWine 7/20/06 Presidential Envoy for Sudan Remarks Michael DeWine 7/20/06 Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006 Michael DeWine 7/19/06 Bill to Help Students with Disabilities Goes to President for His Signature Michael DeWine 7/18/06 Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Michael DeWine 7/17/06 Remarks (As Prepared): Dayton Small Business Association Seminar Michael DeWine 7/13/06 Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act Michael DeWine 7/06/06 The Chronicle - DeWine's Good Turn for Scouts Michael DeWine 7/05/06 Remarks: Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial Dedication Ceremony Michael DeWine 6/27/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions Michael DeWine 6/27/06 Statement: Introduction of the Older American Act Amendments of 2006 Michael DeWine 6/23/06 Buckeye Battle Michael DeWine 6/23/06 Letter to Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld Michael DeWine 6/21/06 DeWine Remarks (As Prepared): American Antitrust Institute Award Michael DeWine 6/20/06 Xenia Daily Gazette - Ice Cream and Politics Michael DeWine 6/15/06 Stabilization amd Democratic Consolidation Provision in Emergency Supplemental Goes to President Michael DeWine 6/15/06 DeWine Cosponsored Measure to Aid Darfur Crisis Goes to aPresident for Signature Michael DeWine 6/15/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions Michael DeWine 6/14/06 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on "Reconsidering Our Communications Laws: Ensuring Competition and Innovation" Michael DeWine 6/12/06 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution Michael DeWine 6/08/06 Senate Passes Resolution Urging Government of Libya to Work in Good Faith to Settle Terrorism Cases Michael DeWine 6/07/06 Weight Gain Prevention in Children Michael DeWine 6/07/06 Proclamation Michael DeWine

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