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9/30/15 Congressman Becerra Announces $3 Million Awarded To Cal State La To Support Startups Xavier Becerra 6/22/15 Letter to the Honorable Ashton B. Carter, Secretary of the US Department of Defense - Call on Department of Defense to Create a $200 Million Manufacturing Innovation Institute in California Xavier Becerra 10/16/14 Dennis Richardson Unveils Oregon Reboot Plan Dennis Richardson 10/06/14 Portland Tribune - Richardson Roars in Cycle Rally Dennis Richardson 10/03/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra on Strong September Jobs Report Xavier Becerra 5/08/14 American Research and Competitiveness Act of 2014 Xavier Becerra 1/26/11 Governor, Attorney General: New MOA Protects 1995 Agreement, Idaho National Laboratory's Future Lawrence Wasden 1/25/11 Rep. Becerra: Will We Swing for the Fences for a Brighter Future? Xavier Becerra 5/01/08 Rep. Becerra Votes to Prohibit Genetic Discrimination, Urges Passage of Gene Patenting Ban Xavier Becerra 2/09/07 Reps. Becerra & Weldon Introduce Bill to Ban the Practice of Gene Patenting Xavier Becerra 12/07/06 Dodd, Dewine: "One Size Fits All 'Medical Devices Detrimental To Children; Introduce Legislation Incentivizing Innovation, Safety Michael DeWine 5/13/06 The Plain Dealer - Glenn Wins Big Space Project Michael DeWine 3/10/06 DeWine, Kohl Announce Antitrust Subcommittee Agenda for 2006 Michael DeWine 12/16/05 DeWine Announces Agreement on the NASA Authorization Act Conference Report Michael DeWine 10/31/05 Press Conference: Passage of Contact Lens Bill Michael DeWine 9/28/05 DeWine Announces Senate Passage of the NASA Authorization Act Michael DeWine 9/12/05 Making Appropriations for Science, the Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, and Related Agencies for Fiscal Year 2006 Michael DeWine 5/10/05 Statement from Senator Mike DeWine on the NASA Shared Services Decision Michael DeWine 3/17/05 DeWine, Kohl Anounce Antitrust Subcommittee Agenda for 2005 Michael DeWine 3/17/05 Congressional Budget for the United States Government for the Fiscal Year 2006 -Continued Michael DeWine 3/17/05 Floor Statement: Aeronautics/NASA Michael DeWine 10/23/03 NASA Glenn Awards Michael DeWine 10/16/03 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions - S. 1747 Michael DeWine

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