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8/30/16 Rep. Chu and Other Members of Congress Applaud Announcement of DHS Review of Private Detention Centers Xavier Becerra 6/23/16 Hispanic Caucus on U.S. v. Texas Decision Xavier Becerra 6/23/16 Chairman Becerra: The Supreme Court Chose Right Side of History onAffirmative Action Case Xavier Becerra 6/23/16 Chairman Becerra: Our Fight For Immigrant Rights and Keeping Hardworking Families Together Is Not Over Xavier Becerra 5/10/16 Cardin Continues Push to Move Forward Xinis, Garland and the Need for a Fully Functioning Judiciary Brian Frosh 4/20/16 CHC on U.S. v. Texas Oral Arguments Xavier Becerra 4/15/16 Chairman Becerra: Supreme Court Has A Decision to Make -- Does It Want To Support Those Who Would Build Walls or Those Who Want to Build This Country And Build Dreams? Xavier Becerra 4/01/16 Chairman Becerra, With Bipartisan Group Of Current and Former House and Senate Members, Signs Amicus Brief Defending President Obama's Clean Power Plan Xavier Becerra 3/29/16 Chairman Becerra: Decision Demonstrates Need For Fully Empaneled Supreme Court Xavier Becerra 3/17/16 Chairman Becerra: Speaker Ryan, There Is No Need For You To File An Official Brief Before The Supreme Court Xavier Becerra 3/16/16 Chairman Becerra: Senate Republicans, Do Not Shirk Your Constitutional Responsibility to Advise and Consent Xavier Becerra 3/08/16 Chairman Becerra: The Big Difference Between Our Approach And What We Expect From Republicans On US v. Texas Xavier Becerra 3/03/16 Congressman Becerra: $19 Million Secured to Upgrade Downtown Roybal Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Xavier Becerra 3/02/16 Chairman Becerra: Texas Law Before Supreme Court Puts Women's Health at Risk, Takes Us Back to The 1950s Xavier Becerra 3/01/16 Chairman Becerra: at Beginning of Women's History Month, It's Ironic That House GOP Still Attacks Women's Rights & Pursues Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Xavier Becerra 3/01/16 Hispanic Caucus: Supreme Court Vacancy Must Be Filled Immediately Xavier Becerra 2/24/16 Chairman Becerra: Allegiance of Too Many Republicans In Congress is Not With the Victims, the Families And the American People, But With The NRA or Their Party Xavier Becerra 1/29/16 Remarks at Press Availability Following Vice President Biden's Address to House Democrats at the 2016 Issues Conference Xavier Becerra 1/19/16 Chairman Becerra: SCOTUS Decision Could Be Sign Of Good News To Come For Americans Harmed Or Frustrated By Broken Immigration System Xavier Becerra 12/08/15 Chairman Becerra: Evenwel Vs. Abbott Case Before Supreme Court Threatens Equal Representation For All Americans Xavier Becerra 6/26/15 Congressman Becerra: Marriage Equality -- It's the Law! Xavier Becerra 6/25/15 Congressman Becerra: It's Time to Move Forward with the Affordable Care Act Xavier Becerra 6/23/15 Letter to President Barrack Obama - Call for Greater Transparency in Political Spending Xavier Becerra 4/23/15 Chairman Becerra: After Needless Delay, Loretta Lynch Finally Confirmed As U.S. Attorney General Xavier Becerra 4/06/15 Congressman Becerra And House Democrats File Amicus Brief In Support Of Deferred Action Xavier Becerra 4/06/15 Congressman Becerra and House Democrats File Amicus Brief in Support of Deferred Action Xavier Becerra 11/26/14 Congressman Becerra on Ferguson Grand Jury Decision: "We Have Serious Work to Do" Xavier Becerra 9/25/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra on Attorney General Eric Holder's Announced Departure Xavier Becerra 9/11/14 Sign the Petition: End the Flood of Dark Money Unleashed by Citizens United! Xavier Becerra 6/29/14 FOX "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript: Is President Obama is Guilty of Executive Overreach? Xavier Becerra 5/28/14 Letter to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security - Profiling at Courthouses Xavier Becerra 6/28/12 Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare, Landry Responds Jeff Landry 6/28/12 Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel Responds To U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On The Affordable Care Act Josh Mandel 6/28/12 Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare, Landry Responds Jeff Landry 6/08/12 Fox News "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript Pam Bondi 5/31/12 Religious Freedom Again Under Attack: Activist Judges Rule DOMA Unconstitutional Jeff Landry 5/23/12 Legal Briefs Supporting Catholic Church to be Filed Jeff Landry 5/23/12 DEVELOPING: Legal Briefs Supporting Catholic Church to be Filed Jeff Landry 5/21/12 Gov. Malloy, Attorney General Jepsen Announce Allocation of Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Funds George Jepsen 11/14/11 Response to Supreme Court Announcement over ObamaCare Jeff Landry 5/19/11 Rep. Becerra Urges U.S. Senate to Confirm Goodwin Liu to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Xavier Becerra 5/19/11 Rep. Becerra on Senate Republicans Denying an Up-or-Down Vote on Goodwin Liu to U.S. Court of Appeals Xavier Becerra 8/18/10 Rep. Becerra Applauds Court Ruling Against California's Proposition 8 Xavier Becerra 7/30/10 FOX "Glenn Beck" - Transcript Kris Kobach 7/27/10 Marshall: Senator Burr and I Have to Stand by Our Ads; Big Corporations and Special Interests Should Have to Stand by Theirs Elaine Marshall 8/06/09 Becerra Praises Bipartisan Senate Approval of Sonia Sotomayor to be the next Supreme Court Justice Xavier Becerra 5/26/09 Becerra Hails Nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court Xavier Becerra 7/30/08 Becerra & Stark Introduce Bill to Protect Immigrant Foster Children Xavier Becerra 3/14/08 Rep. Becerra Votes for FISA Bill that Respects Rule of Law Xavier Becerra 7/12/07 Election of Member to Committee on the Judiciary Xavier Becerra 2/09/07 The Introduction of the Genomic Research Accessibility Act Xavier Becerra 9/06/06 Dewine Statement (As Prepared): Nomination Hearing for Judge Sara Lioi Michael DeWine 8/03/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions Michael DeWine 5/01/06 Executive Session Michael DeWine 3/29/06 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Confirmation of Michael R. Barrett Michael DeWine 3/17/06 DeWine, Voinovich Applaud Confirmation of Zouhary for Federal Judgeship Michael DeWine 3/16/06 Judicial Nominations Michael DeWine 3/06/06 Floor Statement: Nomination of Judge Jack Zouhary Federak District Judge for the Northern Distric of Ohio Michael DeWine 2/15/06 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Nomination Hearing of Judge Jack Zouhary Michael DeWine 2/15/06 DeWine, Voinovich Support Bill to Award Congressional Gold Medal to Judge Motley Michael DeWine 2/07/06 Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act of 2005--Motion to Proceed--Continued Michael DeWine 1/26/06 Executive Session Michael DeWine 1/24/06 Hearing 0f the Senate Judiciary on Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito - Mark-Up Statement Michael DeWine 1/23/06 Remarks (As Prepared): Ohio Right to Life Breakfast Michael DeWine 1/09/06 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to be Justice of the Supreme Court Michael DeWine 10/03/05 Statement on Nomination of Harriet Miers for Associate Justice of Supreme Court Michael DeWine 9/26/05 Executive Session Michael DeWine 9/22/05 Hearing of Senate Judiciary Committee on Confirmation fo John G. Roberts Jr. as U. S. Supreme Court Justice Michael DeWine 9/14/05 Remarks (As prepared): Confirmation Hearing of John G. Roberts, Jr. Michael DeWine 9/12/05 Hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee - Confirmation Hearings for John G. Roberts, Jr. to become Chief Justice of the United States Michael DeWine 9/01/05 Gov. Blagojevich, Attorney General Madigan Ask for Temporary Restraining Order in Legel Battlet to Stop the Pentagon from Moving F-16s... Lisa Madigan 7/19/05 Statement from Senator DeWine Regarding Pesidents Bush's Nomination of John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court Michael DeWine 7/13/05 MSNBC Hardball - Transcript Michael DeWine 7/13/05 CNN Inside Politics - Transcript Michael DeWine 6/09/05 Filibuster Agreement Michael DeWine 5/03/05 Hearing of Senate Judiciary Committee Statement: "No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act of 2005" Michael DeWine 9/07/04 Nomination of Michael H. Watson to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of Ohio Michael DeWine 4/28/04 The Playrights Licensing Antitrust Initiative Act: Safegaurding the Future of American Live Theater Michael DeWine 3/25/04 Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 - Part IV Michael DeWine 3/25/04 Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 - Part I Michael DeWine 3/25/04 Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 - Part II Michael DeWine 3/25/04 Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 - Part III Michael DeWine 12/09/03 Judge William Ammer Michael DeWine 4/28/03 Floor Statement Jeffrey Sutton Nomination -- A Lawyer Representing His Clients Michael DeWine 4/28/03 Opening Floor Statement Nomination of Jeffrey Sutton Michael DeWine 4/02/03 Hearing Statement Subcommitte on the District of Columbia Ppropriations Review of the Child and Family Services Agency Michael DeWine 4/02/03 Senate Appropriations District of Columbia Michael DeWine 3/12/03 Nomination of Judge Gregory Frost Michael DeWine 2/10/03 Nomination of John R. Adams for District Court Judge Michael DeWine 1/29/03 Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Confirmation Hearing on Pending Judicial Nominations Michael DeWine Issue Position: Budget and Taxes Walker Stapleton 1/01/14 Issue Position: Defending the Public's Safety Rebecca Otto 1/01/12 Issue Position: Providing Accessible and Affordable Healthcare Josh Mandel 1/01/12 Issue Position: Uphold the Constitution Don Stenberg Issue Position: A Vigorous, Effective Partner of Law Enforcement Lisa Madigan

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