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11/16/16 Chairman Becerra: Speaker Paul Ryan's Claims About Medicare Are Not Only Misleading, They're Unfair Xavier Becerra 9/20/16 Letter to the Honorable Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Secretary of the Dept. of Health and Human Services - Affirming Rights of Contraceptive Coverage for Women in Zubik v. Burwell Xavier Becerra 9/16/16 Chairman Becerra Calls for Solutions to Rising Prescription Drug Prices Xavier Becerra 9/14/16 California Democratic Congressional Delegation Urges Approval of State Waiver to Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Buy Into Obamacare Xavier Becerra 6/27/16 Chairman Becerra: A Win in the Fight for Women's Rights Xavier Becerra 4/28/16 Chairman Becerra: As A Proud Latino And Catholic, 20 Years Ago I Voted Against Doma; Time For Congress To Get With It And Vote To End Discrimination Xavier Becerra 4/20/16 Congressman Becerra on $176 Million Exide Cleanup Funds Xavier Becerra 4/13/16 Chairman Becerra: We're Again Going to The Edge of The Cliff on a Budget That Should, By Law, Be Issued In Two Days Xavier Becerra 4/08/16 Elevated Blood Lead Levels In Communities Surrounding Exide Requires Action Xavier Becerra 3/18/16 Letter to the Honorable Paul Ryan, Speaker of the US House of Representatives - On Budget Emergency Supplemental Xavier Becerra 3/01/16 Chairman Becerra: at Beginning of Women's History Month, It's Ironic That House GOP Still Attacks Women's Rights & Pursues Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Xavier Becerra 2/23/16 Letter to Dr. Stephen Ostroff, Acting Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration - Swift FDA Action to Reduce Birth Defects in the Hispanic Community Xavier Becerra 1/29/16 Remarks at Press Availability Following Vice President Biden's Address to House Democrats at the 2016 Issues Conference Xavier Becerra 9/18/15 Chairman Becerra: Republicans Showed Today they will Stop at Nothing to Rip Away Life-Saving Funding for Women's Health Xavier Becerra 7/29/15 Raimondo Signs An Act to Support Families of Children with Disabilities Seth Magaziner 7/24/15 Letter to Michael Froman, United States Trade Representative - Protect Anti-Tobacco Public Health Measures in TPP Negotiations Xavier Becerra 7/22/15 Levin, McDermott, Becerra Statements on Medicare and Social Security Trustees Reports Xavier Becerra 7/10/15 Congressman Becerra: The 21st Century Act: A chance to Innovate Xavier Becerra 7/07/15 Raimondo Launches Working Group to Improve Criminal Justice System, Reduce Costs Peter Kilmartin 5/27/15 Letter to Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security - Family Detention Xavier Becerra 1/13/15 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2015 Xavier Becerra 12/03/14 Congressman Becerra: Cuts to Medicare "Sets a Dangerous Precedent" Xavier Becerra 10/16/14 Dennis Richardson Unveils Oregon Reboot Plan Dennis Richardson 10/09/14 The Jobs Story Xavier Becerra 10/07/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra on Worker Protections for Home Care Workers Xavier Becerra 10/06/14 Portland Tribune - Richardson Roars in Cycle Rally Dennis Richardson 8/14/14 Kentucky Jobs Action Plan Alison Grimes 7/14/14 Dennis Richardson Calls for Full Disclosure of Child Care Facilities Licensed with Medical Marijuana Provisions Dennis Richardson 7/08/14 Fact Sheet: Current Seniors Would Be Impacted By McConnell's Support for the Ryan Budget Alison Grimes 7/08/14 Grimes Campaign Statement on Team Mitch's Hypocritical Ad Response Alison Grimes 7/07/14 McConnnell Refuses to Support Pro-Coal Miner Legistlation Alison Grimes 7/03/14 WYMT - Alison Lundergan Grimes Talks Plan to Improve Mine Safety Alison Grimes 7/03/14 Grime's Plan to Support and Protect Coal Miners Alison Grimes 7/03/14 Alison Lundergan Grimes Releases Plan to Tackle Mine Safety, Black Lung Disease Alison Grimes 6/05/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra on the Confirmation of Sylvia Burwell as Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra 5/30/14 Grimes Statement on Secretary Shinseki's Resignation Alison Grimes 5/30/14 H.R. 4031 -- Hon. Xavier Becerra Xavier Becerra 5/30/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra on the Resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki Xavier Becerra 5/23/14 Grimes Takes Lead on Veterans Issues Alison Grimes 5/22/14 Grimes Calls For Veterans Affairs Secretary Resignation Alison Grimes 4/29/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra Votes Against Bill that Risks Critical Patient Protections in the Affordable Care Act Xavier Becerra 4/11/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra on Resignation of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Xavier Becerra 1/28/14 Congressman Xavier Becerra Votes to Protect Women's Health Rights & Protections Xavier Becerra 11/07/13 Congressman Xavier Becerra Announces Over 41 Million in Grants to Community Health Centers to Expand Access to Care Xavier Becerra 10/30/13 In Recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the White Memorial Medical Center Xavier Becerra 10/03/13 Contract from America Don Stenberg 10/03/13 ObamaCare Repeal Pledge Josh Mandel 10/03/13 Contract from America Barbara Cegavske 10/03/13 Contract from America Jeff Landry 8/02/13 Letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services - Reevaluate Discriminatory Blood Donation Policy Xavier Becerra 7/07/13 CBS "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" - Transcript - Immigration Reform Xavier Becerra 6/18/13 Congressman Xavier Becerra Votes to Protect Women's Health Care Rights Xavier Becerra 6/13/13 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 Xavier Becerra 3/14/13 Transcript of Pelosi, House Democratic Leaders Press Conference Today Xavier Becerra 1/23/13 Lt. Governor Matt Denn's Comments To Joint Senate/House Education Committee Hearing, January 23, 2013 Matthew Denn 8/27/12 Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Help New York State Fight Prescription Drug Abuse Eric Schneiderman 7/11/12 Repeal of Obamacare Act Xavier Becerra 7/08/12 Fox News "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript Xavier Becerra 6/28/12 Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel Responds To U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On The Affordable Care Act Josh Mandel 6/28/12 Supreme Court Health Care Decision Jeff Landry 6/05/12 Associated Press - Mandel Calls Health Care 'Defining' in Ohio Race Josh Mandel 6/05/12 Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman, and Legislative Leaders Announce Agreement to Make New York State a National Leader in Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse Eric Schneiderman 5/31/12 Rep. Becerra Votes Against Legislation Attacking Women's Access to Health Care Xavier Becerra 4/25/12 Hearing of the Oversight Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee - New Over-the-Counter Rules for Health Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, and Health Reimbursement Accounts Xavier Becerra 4/20/12 The Advocate - Veterans Affairs Setback Gets Temporary Fix Jeff Landry 3/29/12 Representative Becerra: House Republican Budget Chooses Millionaires over Seniors, Oil Subsidies, over Students Xavier Becerra 3/23/12 Rep. Becerra Marks Two-Year Anniversary of Historic Health Care Reform Law Xavier Becerra 3/22/12 KATC - Construction on Veterans' Clinic is Getting Back on Track Jeff Landry 3/22/12 Rep. Becerra Votes Against Republican Bill to Repeal Health Care Law Provision Xavier Becerra 3/20/12 Press Conference by Congressmen John B. Larson, Xavier Becerra and Rep. Jackie Speier Xavier Becerra 1/01/12 Blog: Medicare 45 Years Later Xavier Becerra 12/15/11 Rep. Becerra: Health Care Reform is Working--2.5 Million Additional Americans Secure Health Insurance Xavier Becerra 12/08/11 Letter to John Boehner, House Speaker, and Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the House Xavier Becerra 11/03/11 Letter to President Obama Xavier Becerra 11/01/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner Xavier Becerra 10/13/11 Supporting Life-Affirming Health Care, Landry Praises Passage of the Protect Life Act Jeff Landry 7/08/11 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Rejecting the Cuts to Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program Xavier Becerra 6/03/11 Hearing of the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee - Findings in the 2011 Annual Report of the Social Security Board of Trustees Xavier Becerra 5/25/11 Rep. Becerra on Bipartisan Vote in the Senate Rejecting House Republican Plan to End Medicare Xavier Becerra 5/16/11 Letter to President Obama Xavier Becerra 5/04/11 Rep. Becerra Votes Against Bill to Restrict Women's Health Care Services Xavier Becerra 5/03/11 Rep. Becerra: Republicans Continue to Ignore the Economy, Deny Americans Health Care Xavier Becerra 4/14/11 Introduction of the Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Act of 2011 Xavier Becerra 4/12/11 News and Sentinel - Perdue Holds Town Hall Meeting John Perdue 3/23/11 Rep. Becerra on First Anniversary of Health Care Reform: "The Facts are Speaking for Themselves" Xavier Becerra 2/11/11 Rep. Becerra Statement At Joint Hearing On The Building Of Social Security's New National Computer System Xavier Becerra 2/10/11 Letter to Justice Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court - Recusing Himself from Deliberations on Healthcare Reform Xavier Becerra 1/24/11 Blog: Should We Take Away Freedom, Choices & Patient Protections? Xavier Becerra 1/19/11 Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act Xavier Becerra 1/18/11 Congressman Landry Declines Congressional Health Care & Retirement Benefits Jeff Landry 1/18/11 Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act Jeff Landry 1/13/11 Sens. Carper, Coons; Rep. Carney and Lt. Governor Denn Trumpet the Benefits of Health Information Technology Matthew Denn 10/01/10 The Becerra Bulletin, September 2010 Xavier Becerra 9/30/10 Health Reforms Gives Patients More Rights, Says Becerra Xavier Becerra 9/23/10 Patients Bill Of RIghts Goes Into Effect Today Of On Six Month Anniversary of Health Reform Xavier Becerra 7/29/10 Governor Quinn Signs Historic Legislation to Reform Long-Term Care in Illinois Lisa Madigan 4/14/10 Fox News "Your World With Neil Cavuto" - Transcript Xavier Becerra 3/30/10 Rep. Becerra Applauds Court Decision On Gene Patenting Xavier Becerra 3/21/10 Senate Amendments To H.R. 3590, Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act Of 2009, And H.R. 4872, Health Care And Education Reconciliation Act Of 2010 Xavier Becerra 3/18/10 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Calls For Passage Of Health Care Reform Xavier Becerra

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