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7/14/15 Governor McCrory Announces Creation of Mental Health and Substance Use Task Force Mark Martin 7/07/15 Raimondo Launches Working Group to Improve Criminal Justice System, Reduce Costs Paul Suttell 3/19/14 Governor Otter Signs Justice Reinvestment Bill Roger Burdick 11/05/08 The Record - McGrath Unseats Incumbent Supreme Court Judge Mike McGrath 11/05/08 The Charleston Gazette - Ketchum, Workman win seats on West Virginia Supreme Court Menis Ketchum 11/05/08 The Clarion-Ledger - Appointed High Court Justice Wins by Wide Margin to Keep Seat Ann Lamar 11/05/08 Reno Gazette-Journal - Pickering Defeats Schumacher for Nevada Supreme Court Kristina Pickering 11/05/08 The Toledo Blade - Republicans Hold onto Ohio Supreme Court Seats Maureen O'Connor 11/05/08 The Associated Press - Shaw Wins Alabama Supreme Court Race Greg Shaw 11/04/08 Fox 40 "News" - Kitchens Too Hot for Smith, Wins Supreme Court Seat James Kitchens 11/04/08 Missoulian - McGrath Has Commanding Lead for Supreme Court Mike McGrath 10/21/08 The Register-Herald - Ketchum Pledges One Term, to Bring Experience to Court Menis Ketchum 10/21/08 Las Vegas Now "Eyewitness News" - I-Team: Court Candidate Speaks on Corruption Investigation Kristina Pickering 10/15/08 Justice Gildea's Public Statements Lorie Skjerven Gildea 10/14/08 Montana's News Station - MT Chief Justice Candidate Promises Transparency Mike McGrath 10/12/08 Paseur, Democrats, Huntsville Time = Axis of Smear Greg Shaw 10/07/08 Deborah Bell Paseur Breaks Campaign Pledge, Attacks Judge Greg Shaw's Integrity with Latest Campaign Ad Greg Shaw 9/26/08 The Journal - Students Get Schooled in Ways of the Courts Menis Ketchum 9/20/08 The Advocate - 3 Seek High Court Seat Greg Guidry 9/17/08 Letter to Constituents Greg Shaw 9/15/08 The West Virginia Record - Ketchum Says Lead is Bigger Than Advertised Menis Ketchum 9/15/08 Ketchum Well Positioned for Win Menis Ketchum 9/11/08 The Birmingham News - Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Republican Greg Shaw for Alabama Supreme Court Greg Shaw 9/10/08 The Charleston Gazette - Two Supreme Court Hopefuls Support Automatic Review of Punitive Damages Menis Ketchum 9/09/08 Daily Times Leader - "Rising to the top, Lamar plans to stay there" Ann Lamar 9/05/08 Daily Times Leader - "Supreme Court Justice speaks to Rotary" Ann Lamar 9/04/08 The West Virginia Record - Supreme Court Candidates Talk Business Menis Ketchum 8/24/08 Williamson Daily News - City Visited by High Court Hopeful Menis Ketchum 8/01/08 - Asarco Agrees to Cleanup Deal Mike McGrath 7/31/08 Speech to the Neshoba County Fair James Kitchens 7/15/08 Elko Daily Free Press - Pickering Seeks High Court's Seat B Kristina Pickering 7/06/08 Do We Want Imperialistic Judges? James Kitchens 7/04/08 Happy Independence Day! James Kitchens 7/01/08 Thoughts from the Road James Kitchens 6/17/08 Helena independent Record - Judge: PPL Owes Rent Mike McGrath 6/17/08 Washington County GOP backing Jim Smith? James Kitchens 6/16/08 Traverse City Record-Eagle - Liquor Licenses Up for Discussion Paul Danielson 6/11/08 This Race is About Experience and Issues James Kitchens 6/11/08 Kitch Leads in Campaign Finance Reports James Kitchens 6/11/08 Meridian Star - Chief Justice Speaks to Business-people in Meridian James Kitchens 6/11/08 Smith Backing Off Appointing Judges? James Kitchens 6/06/08 Justice Jim Smith Speaks James Kitchens 6/06/08 Is This Race Non-Partisan or What? James Kitchens 6/06/08 Black Wednesday - Supreme Court Justices Feuding Over Appointment Mary Noble 6/05/08 Down in the Big Easy James Kitchens 6/02/08 Justices Agree To Strict Campaign Ethics Pledges Charles Johnson 5/29/08 Meridian Star - Kitchens Running on Judiciary Campaign Reform James Kitchens 5/29/08 Kitch Visits the AFL-CIO Convention James Kitchens 5/29/08 Feeling the Love from the Press James Kitchens 5/28/08 The Newton Record - "Kitchens seeks support for high court race" James Kitchens 5/28/08 Legal Newsline - Horton Narrowly Re-Elected to Idaho Supreme Court Joel Horton 5/22/08 Kitch is in his Element Meeting People James Kitchens 5/21/08 Jim Kitchens: I'm Running to Protect the Integrity of our Courts James Kitchens 5/21/08 Boise Weekly - "Judging Judges: Supreme Court election mixes politics and justice" Joel Horton 5/19/08 Las Vegas Review-Journal - "Saitta nets a low tally on judge survey" Mark Gibbons 5/15/08 Helenair - Web Site Seeks to Protect Kids From Online Predators Mike McGrath 5/13/08 Spokesman Review - "High court race offers contrast" Joel Horton 5/13/08 Idaho Statesman - "Idaho Supreme Court candidates keep it civil" Joel Horton 5/12/08 Jim Kitchens Says No to Appointed Judges James Kitchens 5/11/08 Happy Mother's Day James Kitchens 5/11/08 Limits For Others, Just Not for Smith James Kitchens 5/11/08 Kitch Out-Raises Smith with Small Donors James Kitchens 5/10/08 Clarion Ledger - "Supreme Court Races" James Kitchens 5/09/08 Bowling Green Daily News - Justice Abramson Speaks at Bowling Green Law Day Lisabeth Hughes 5/09/08 Herald-Dispatch - "Court candidates talk about qualifications" Margaret Workman 5/09/08 Herald-Dispatch - "Court candidates talk about qualifications" Menis Ketchum 5/06/08 Huntington Herald-Dispatch - "SupCo field marked by experience" Menis Ketchum 5/06/08 Herald-Dispatch - "W.Va. high court candidates say public's faith shaken" Margaret Workman 5/06/08 Herald-Dispatch - "W.Va. high court candidates say public's faith shaken" Menis Ketchum 5/06/08 Huntington Herald-Dispatch - "SupCo field marked by experience" Margaret Workman 5/01/08 2008 Law Day Address Lisabeth Hughes 4/23/08 Idaho Mountain Express - "Justice Campaigns in Blaine County" Joel Horton 4/22/08 Huntington Herald-Dispatch - "Supreme Court Candidates Would Like to See Changes" Menis Ketchum 4/22/08 Huntington Herald-Dispatch - "Supreme Court Candidates Would Like to See Changes" Margaret Workman 4/22/08 Herald-Dispatch - "Ketchum, Bastress Receive Highest Scores in Judicial Candidate Poll" Menis Ketchum 4/21/08 Jim Kitchens for MS Supreme Court James Kitchens 4/21/08 Legal Newsline - "Critics Question Timing of Starcher's Calls to Ketchum" Menis Ketchum 4/18/08 Charleston Daily Mail - "Ketchum Uses Massey Lawyer In New Ad Spot" Menis Ketchum 4/17/08 Journal - "Court Candidates Face Off in Forum" Menis Ketchum 4/10/08 Legal Newsline - "Idaho SC Justice Seeks Full Term" Joel Horton 4/07/08 Burnett County Sentinel - "Gableman Fights the Good Fight" Michael Gableman 4/06/08 Gazette - "Maynard Does Not Attend Young Democrats Debate" Menis Ketchum 4/06/08 Billings Gazette - "Gazette Opinion: Montana Campaigns Curb Meth's Toll" Mike McGrath 4/06/08 Gazette - "Maynard Does Not Attend Young Democrats Debate" Margaret Workman 4/03/08 McGrath Urges Congress to Restore Drug Enforcement Funds Mike McGrath 4/01/08 WTMJ - "Gableman Beats Supreme Court Justice Butler" Michael Gableman 4/01/08 Courier-Journal - "Supreme Court Hopefuls Praised" Lisabeth Hughes 3/28/08 Daily Mail - "Candidates Say Court Needs Change, Energy" Menis Ketchum 3/28/08 Daily Mail Capitol - "Candidates say court needs change, energy" Margaret Workman 3/26/08 WISTAX - "The Great 2008 ‘Paper Debate' - Featuring Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates Louis Butler and Michael Gableman" Michael Gableman 3/21/08 West Virginia Record - "Other candidates don't agree with Workman idea to limit spending" Menis Ketchum 3/21/08 West Virginia Record - "Other candidates don't agree with Workman idea to limit spending" Margaret Workman 3/16/08 Huntsville Times - "Shaw Underlines Experience, Views In High Court Bid" Greg Shaw 3/14/08 The Charleston Gazette - "Supreme court candidates address recusal issue" Margaret Workman 3/14/08 The Charleston Gazette - "Supreme court candidates address recusal issue" Menis Ketchum 3/13/08 50 Police Chiefs Endorse Judge Gableman Michael Gableman 3/12/08 Hudson Star-Observer - "Supreme Court judge candidate visits here" Michael Gableman 3/12/08 Examiner - "Gableman terms Supreme Court race as one of stark contrasts" Michael Gableman 3/10/08 Nearly Twice As Many DA Endorsements For Gableman As Butler Michael Gableman 3/10/08 AP - "Gableman, Butler clash at Supreme Court election forum" Michael Gableman

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