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12/30/16 Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council Ratifies Collective Bargaining Agreement with Rauner Administration Gov. Bruce Rauner 12/14/16 Governor Cuomo Announces Ratification of Three-Year Labor Contract with New York State Public Employees Federation Gov. Andrew Cuomo 11/06/16 Governor Wolf Statement on SEPTA and TWU Strike Gov. Thomas Wolf 10/13/16 Statement from Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith on Minnesota Nurses Association Contract Ratification Gov. Mark Dayton 10/11/16 After 17 Hour Negotiating Session, Minnesota Nurses Association and Allina Health Reach Tentative Agreement Gov. Mark Dayton 8/26/16 Gov. Ricketts Urges Legislature, Employee Union to Support Corrections Staffing Reforms Gov. Pete Ricketts 8/25/16 Governor Christie Announces Trio of Fiscally Responsible Public Employee Contract Agreements Gov. Christopher Christie 8/25/16 Governor Christie Announces Trio of Fiscally Responsible Public Employee Contract Agreements Gov. Christopher Christie 8/12/16 Governor'sOffice News Release: State Reaches Agreement With United Public Workers Union To Proceed With Maui Hospitals Transition Gov. David Ige 7/28/16 Governor Christie: I Love Public School Teachers, Not Their Unions Gov. Christopher Christie 7/27/16 Radio Address: Maine Education Association Puts Money Into Political Campaigns, Not Classrooms Gov. Paul LePage 7/07/16 Statement on Labor Relations Board Ruling Gov. Bruce Rauner 7/06/16 Radio Address: Wording of Minimum Wage Ballot Question is Misleading Gov. Paul LePage 6/09/16 Governor Chris Christie's Statement On The New Jersey Supreme Court Pension Ruling Gov. Christopher Christie 6/07/16 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 5/18/16 Illinois Federation of Teachers Ratifies Four-Year Collective Bargaining Agreement with Rauner Administration Gov. Bruce Rauner 5/16/16 Letter to the Honorable Members, Illinois House of Representatives - Governor Takes Bill Action on SB 1229 Gov. Bruce Rauner 5/10/16 Radio Address: It's Not About the Children, It's About the Union Gov. Paul LePage 5/04/16 Governor Walker Highlights Manufacturing in Wisconsin at Association of Equipment Manufacturers Gov. Scott Walker 3/11/16 Governor Christie On NJ Transit Agreement: This Is Good News For Taxpayers and Fare Payers Gov. Christopher Christie 1/27/16 Governor Bruce Rauner's State of the State Address Gov. Bruce Rauner 1/15/16 After AFSCME Rejections, Administration Appeals to Labor Board Gov. Bruce Rauner 11/09/15 Administration-Business-Labor Reach Agreement on Unemployment Insurance Gov. Bruce Rauner 8/31/15 State-Teamsters One Step Closer to Finalizing Agreement Gov. Bruce Rauner 7/28/15 Governor Honored By NYS Laborers and NYS Pipefitters and Plumbers at Annual Meetings in Adirondacks Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/13/15 Scott Walker's Announcement Speech - As Prepared for Delivery Gov. Scott Walker 7/01/15 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript: Exclusive: Chris Christie explains why he is running for president on 'Hannity' Gov. Christopher Christie 6/03/15 NLRB Attack on Right to Work Threatens Employee Freedom Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/12/15 Freedom and Prosperity for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 3/09/15 Governor Scott Walker Signs Freedom to Work Legislation Gov. Scott Walker 3/05/15 Labor Leaders Join Fight For Fair Pay Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/04/15 Governor Cuomo Brings 'Fight For Fair Pay' Campaign to Syracuse Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/03/15 Governor Cuomo Kicks Off 'Fight For Fair Pay' Campaign in Buffalo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/25/15 Governor Christie: It Bankrupted Detroit, It Bankrupted General Motors, And It Will Bankrupt Us Gov. Christopher Christie 2/24/15 Governor Cuomo, Labor Leaders Applaud Department of Labor Action to Raise Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/24/15 Governor Chris Christie's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Address As Prepared for Delivery Gov. Christopher Christie 2/24/15 Video & Transcript: Governor Christie: This Is Our Roadmap For Reform Gov. Christopher Christie 2/24/15 FOX News "The Record" - Transcript: 2016 Presidential Campaign Gov. Scott Walker 2/24/15 Christie Lays Out $33.8B Budget; Speech Focuses on Pension Reform Gov. Christopher Christie 2/24/15 We Can Bring People Together And Set A National Trend Gov. Christopher Christie 2/20/15 Inslee Statement on Tentative Port Settlement Gov. Jay Inslee 2/18/15 West Coast Governors Push for Settlement in Port Dispute Gov. Kate Brown 2/18/15 West Coast Governors Push for Settlement in Port Dispute Gov. Jay Inslee 2/18/15 West Coast Governors Push for Settlement in Port Dispute Gov. Edmund Brown 2/05/15 Governor David Ige Announces Nomination of Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Deputy Director Gov. David Ige 11/07/14 Governor Bullock Announces Agreement on State Employee Pay Plan Gov. Steve Bullock 10/23/14 Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 618 Endorses Gina Raimondo For Governor Gov. Gina Raimondo 10/14/14 Washington Post - Ohio's John Kasich Wants to Redefine the Republican Party Gov. John Kasich 10/07/14 The National Federation of Independent Business Endorses Asa Hutchinson for Governor Gov. William Hutchinson 8/26/14 Statement from Gov. Inslee on ILWU Ratification of New Grain Agreement Gov. Jay Inslee 8/12/14 Statement From Gov. Inslee Regarding News of Labor Agreement Between ILWU and UGC Gov. Jay Inslee 8/11/14 Governor Sam Brownback Issues Statement in Response to KNEA Lawsuit Gov. Samuel Brownback 7/17/14 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Possible LIRR Strike Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/16/14 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on LIRR Labor Negotiations Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/09/14 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on LIRR-MTA Labor Negotiations Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/09/14 Associated Press - Reps: Don't Count on Congress to End LIRR Dispute Gov. Andrew Cuomo 5/01/14 Statement From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 4/22/14 Governor Christie Vetoes Delaware River And Bay Authority Minutes Containing Inappropriate Employee Contract Terms Gov. Christopher Christie 4/16/14 Gov. Phil Bryant Signs Measures to Protect Mississippi's Right to Work Status Gov. Phil Bryant 4/11/14 Sandoval Statement on North Las Vegas Union Contract Agreements Gov. Brian Sandoval 3/06/14 Speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Gov. Christopher Christie 2/03/14 Gov. Malloy Statement on L+M Agreement Gov. Dannel Malloy 12/13/13 Gov. Jay Inslee statement on latest Boeing offer to Machinists Gov. Jay Inslee 12/12/13 Statement from Governor Jay Inslee on Potential Boeing Research & Technology Staffing Shifts Gov. Jay Inslee 12/12/13 Governor Jay Inslee Issued this Statement in Response to Tonight's News that Boeing and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Were Unable to Reach an Agreement Gov. Jay Inslee 12/09/13 Gov. Malloy Statement on Developments in Sebac v. Rowland Case Gov. Dannel Malloy 12/04/13 Gov. Malloy: Responders Involved in Sandy Hook Tragedy to Receive Compensatory Time Under Negotiated Agreement Gov. Dannel Malloy 11/26/13 Gov. Malloy Statement on Lawrence and Memorial Strike Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/22/13 Governor Brown Seeks Court Order to Prevent AC Transit Strike Gov. Edmund Brown 10/17/13 All State Employees Back to Work Frida Gov. Paul LePage 10/16/13 Letter to Greg Harper, President of the Board of Directors Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, Tony Withington of ATU International, Margot Rosenberg of LEONARD CARDER, LLP, and Yvonne Williams, President/Business Agent of ATU Local 192 - Governor Brown Takes Action to Avert AC Transit Strike Gov. Edmund Brown 10/15/13 Governor Reaches Tentative Agreement with Union to Benefit State Employees Who Are Laid Off Gov. Paul LePage 9/17/13 Governor Cuomo Announces MTA Long Island Rail Road and Construction Unions Agree to Reduce Labor Costs by $6.5 Million on Seven Major Railroad Projects Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/02/13 Governor Christie Releases Statement Marking 2013 Labor Day Holiday in New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie 8/23/13 Governor Christie Announces Agreement On Historic Plan To Create Parity In Mental Health Benefits, Incentivized Wellness Programs Gov. Christopher Christie 8/09/13 Governor Brown to Seek Court Order to Prevent BART Strike on Sunday if Parties Fail to Resolve Contract Dispute Gov. Edmund Brown 8/04/13 Letter to General Manager Grace Crunican, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, President Antonette Bryant, ATU Local 1555, President Roxanne Sanchez, SEIU 1021, and President Jean Hamilton, AFSCME Local 3993 - Bay Area Transit Strike Gov. Edmund Brown 6/05/13 Gov. Hickenlooper Signs Firefighter Legislation, Protects Local Control Gov. John Hickenlooper 4/28/13 Governor Rick Scott and Florida Teachers Applaud $480 Million to Give Every Teacher a Pay Raise Gov. Rick Scott 4/26/13 Statement From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 4/19/13 Gov. Hickenlooper Creates Ludlow Centennial Commemoration Commission Gov. John Hickenlooper 2/19/13 Gov. Hickenlooper Urges Different Approach for Collective Bargaining for Firefighters Gov. John Hickenlooper 2/19/13 Governor Cuomo and UUP Announce Tentative Contract Agreement Gov. Andrew Cuomo 1/09/13 Branstad releases statement on State Police Officers Council (SPOC) contract agreement Gov. Terry Branstad 12/28/12 Governor Scott Hopeful Agreement is Quickly Reached to Remove Threat of Port Shut Down Gov. Rick Scott 12/12/12 Let's Keep Reinventing Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder 12/11/12 New Laws to Help Create More, Better Jobs by Allowing Choice on Union Membership Gov. Rick Snyder 12/11/12 Fox News "The O'Reilly Factor" - Transcript Gov. Rick Snyder 12/07/12 "Freedom to Work" and Creating More and Better Jobs in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder 12/06/12 Michigan Poised to Restore Workplace Fairness and Equality for All Workers Gov. Rick Snyder 10/15/12 Fox News "Your World with Cavuto" - Transcript Gov. Rick Snyder 10/02/12 Blog: Michigan's 2012 Ballot Initiatives Gov. Rick Snyder 9/23/12 Fox News "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript Gov. Scott Walker 9/20/12 Reforming Government Gov. Scott Walker 9/19/12 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Contract Agreement Between CWA, IBEW and Verizon Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/03/12 Governor Brown Issues Proclamation Declaring Labor Day Gov. Edmund Brown 8/28/12 Gov. Malloy Appoints Sharon Palmer to Lead Connecticut's Labor Department Gov. Dannel Malloy 7/25/12 Letter to Public Service Commission Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/17/12 Utah Public Employees' Association endorses Gov. Herbert Gov. Gary Herbert 7/17/12 Governor Cuomo Announces First Reduction in Workers' Compensation Rates Since 2008 Gov. Andrew Cuomo

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