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11/13/17 California and US Climate Alliance States Partner with Mexico and Canada to Advance North American Climate Action Gov. Edmund Brown 11/12/17 Governor Brown Rallies State and Regional Leaders Around Climate Action at COP23 Gov. Edmund Brown 11/11/17 Governor Brown Reaffirms US Commitment to Paris Agreement with Michael Bloomberg at COP23: "We're Here, We're in and We're Not Going Away" Gov. Edmund Brown 11/10/17 Governor Brown Meets wit hNorway's Prime Minister, Convene First-of-Its-Kind Gathering of World's Scientific Academies Gov. Edmund Brown 11/09/17 Governor Brown in Brussels: "Everybody has to be All In" on Climate Action Gov. Edmund Brown 11/08/17 Governor Brown Strengthening California's Climate Ties with Europe, Blasts "Denialists" Gov. Edmund Brown 11/07/17 Governor Brown Addresses European Union Leaders in Brussels, Meets with Under2 Coalition Co-Founder Bade Wurttemberg's Minister-President in Stuttgart Gov. Edmund Brown 11/04/17 Governor Brown Calls on Faith Leaders to Help "Awaken the World" to Climate Dangers at Vatican Symposium Gov. Edmund Brown 11/03/17 Governor Carney, Congressional Delegation Oppose Trump Administration on Clean Air Ruling Gov. John Carney 10/31/17 Governor Walker Signs Administrative Order Change Strategy for Alaska Gov. Bill Walker 10/31/17 Governor Walker Signs Administrative Order Change Strategy for Alaska Byron Mallott 10/23/17 Gov. Ricketts Welcomes EPA Administrator Pruitt to Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts 10/20/17 Suozzi Leads Bipartisan Conference to Protect Long Island Sound with Reps. Lee Zeldin, Rosa DeLauro Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/20/17 Office of Outdoor Recreation Bill Signing Gov. Kate Brown 10/18/17 Buffalo Harbor State Park Transformation Is Complete Kathleen Hochul 10/18/17 Buffalo Harbor State Park Transformation Is Complete Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/16/17 Governor Brown Welcomes Armenia to Under2 Climate Coalition Gov. Edmund Brown 10/11/17 Gov. Ricketts Comments on Clean Power Plan Rollback Gov. Pete Ricketts 10/11/17 Statement by Gov. David IGE on the Repeal of the Clean Power Plan Gov. David Ige 10/10/17 Gov. Malloy, Lt. Gov. Wyman and Commissioner Klee Condemn the Trump Administration's Decision to Repeal the Clean Power Plan Nancy Wyman 10/10/17 Gov. Malloy, Lt. Gov. Wyman and Commissioner Klee Condemn the Trump Administration's Decision to Repeal the Clean Power Plan Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/10/17 Gov. Hickenlooper's Statement on Repeal of Clean Power Plan Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/10/17 Governor Mead Applauds EPA Decision on Clean Power Plan Gov. Matt Mead 10/09/17 Governor Brown Urges EPA to Move Forward with Cleanup of Portland Harbor Gov. Kate Brown 10/09/17 Burgum issues statement on EPA proposal to repeal Clean Power Plan Gov. Doug Burgum 10/09/17 Inslee statement on EPA repeal of Clean Power Plan Gov. Jay Inslee 10/09/17 Gov. Justice issues statement on EPA director's proposed repeal of Power Plan rule Gov. James Justice 10/05/17 Governor Bullock Warns Interior's Intent To Open Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plans Threatens Years Of Progress Gov. Steve Bullock 10/05/17 Governor Mead Comments on Bureau of Land Management Announcements Gov. Matt Mead 10/04/17 Governor Christie: This Administration Is Committed To The Health Of The Barnegat Bay Gov. Christopher Christie 10/02/17 Three Delaware Beaches to Receive Long-awaited Beach Replenishment Gov. John Carney 9/27/17 Governor Larry Hogan Announces State Lawsuit Against EPA Gov. Larry Hogan 9/26/17 Governor McAuliffe Announces Partnership with REI to Promote Virginia Public Lands Day Gov. Terry McAuliffe 9/20/17 Governor Scott Lauds Vermont Fish Hatcheries for Leading on Energy Efficiency, Environmental Responsibility Gov. Phillip Scott 9/20/17 North Carolina Joins 14 States in Bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance Gov. Roy Cooper 9/20/17 Governor Cuomo and U.S. Climate Alliance Announce States are on Track to Meet or Exceed Targets of Paris Climate Agreement Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/19/17 Burgum statement on discussion with Gov. Mark Dayton about F-M diversion Gov. Doug Burgum 9/18/17 Governor Cuomo Announces Over $69 Million to Upgrade Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems Across New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/15/17 Raimondo Signs Executive Order Outlining Rhode Island's Action Plan to Stand Up to Climate Change Gov. Gina Raimondo 9/14/17 NGA Schedulers Communications Directors Seminar Gov. Kate Brown 9/14/17 Governor Cuomo Directs DEC to Take Aggressive Actions to Hold Niagara Falls Water Board Accountable and Protect Water Quality Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/13/17 Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of a $4.3 Million Wetland Restoration Project on the Upper Niagara River Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/13/17 Governor Cuomo, Governor Carney and Governor Wolf Approve Resolution to Permanently Ban Fracking in Delaware River Basin Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/07/17 Burgum meets with Cabinet Officials on Drought Relief and other N.D. Priorities Gov. Doug Burgum 9/01/17 Governor Brown Invokes the Emergency Conflagration Act in Response to the Eagle Creek Fire Gov. Kate Brown 9/01/17 Governor Wolf, DEP Announce Waiver in Effect on Gasoline during Hurricane Recovery Gov. Thomas Wolf 9/01/17 NW Hazelnut Ribbon Cutting Gov. Kate Brown 8/31/17 State Files Motion in Support of Arctic Outer-Continental Shelf Leasing Gov. Bill Walker 8/28/17 Governor Carney Signs Executive Order Establishing Offshore Wind Working Group Gov. John Carney 8/24/17 Governor Kate Brown Calls on Federal Administration to Preserve the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Gov. Kate Brown 8/24/17 Governor's Statement on Uh Board of Regents Resolution on Stewardship of Mauna Kea Gov. David Ige 8/23/17 Governor Cuomo Announces Multi-State Effort to Further Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Electric Power Sector Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/23/17 Gov. Malloy Says States Acting to Address Climate Change by Strengthening RGGI Program Gov. Dannel Malloy 8/23/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/23/17 Governor Carney's Statement on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Announcement on Emission Reductions Gov. John Carney 8/23/17 Governor Raimondo Endorses Stronger Regional Approach to Combat the Climate Crisis Gov. Gina Raimondo 8/22/17 Governor, Office of Planning Unveil Vision for Kalihi 21st Century Transformation Initiative Gov. David Ige 8/18/17 Gov. Malloy, Senators Blumenthal and Murphy, Attorney General Jepsen Defend Designation of Long Island Sound Dredging Site Gov. Dannel Malloy 8/18/17 Governor Bullock Declares Drought Disaster in 31 Counties, 6 Indian Reservations Gov. Steve Bullock 8/17/17 Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Schneiderman Announce New York State Suing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Over Eastern Long Island Sound Disposal Site Designation Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/17/17 Governor McAuliffe Statement on Offshore Drilling Gov. Terry McAuliffe 8/16/17 Governor Cooper Helps Windsor Recover from 2016 Hurricane Gov. Roy Cooper 8/15/17 Governor Cuomo Announces Approval of Owasco Flats Wetland Restoration Initiative Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/10/17 Governor Larry Hogan Signs Executive Order to Begin Midge Eradication on Back River Gov. Larry Hogan 8/09/17 Raimondo Signs Bills Supporting Clean Energy Growth Gov. Gina Raimondo 8/09/17 Statement from Governor Mark Dayton on Proposed Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline Gov. Mark Dayton 8/09/17 Hosting EPA Administrator Pruitt, Burgum Urges State Flexibility on WOTUS, Applauds Federal Cooperation Gov. Doug Burgum 8/08/17 Gov. Reynolds Issues Statement After Meeting With EPA Administrator Gov. Kim Reynolds 8/08/17 Ralph Northam Announces Agriculture And Forestry Policy Plan Ralph Northam 8/08/17 Cutting Red Tape: Regulatory Reform in Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead 8/08/17 Governor Phil Scott Announces Formation of Interagency Committee on Chemical Management Gov. Phillip Scott 8/08/17 Statement from Governor Cuomo on the International Joint Commission Reducing Lake Ontario Outflows Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/08/17 Governor Larry Hogan Holds Second Conowingo Dam Summit Gov. Larry Hogan 8/07/17 Gov. Rick Snyder's statement following the release of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invasive carp report Gov. Rick Snyder 8/04/17 Gov. Malloy and DEEP Commissioner Klee Applaud EPA Reversal of Decision to Postpone Implementation of New Air Quality Standards Gov. Dannel Malloy 8/04/17 Gov. Hickenlooper's Statement on Gold King Mine Tour Gov. John Hickenlooper 8/03/17 Governor Dayton Announces Higher Standard for Biodiesel Blends Made from Soybeans Gov. Mark Dayton 8/03/17 Gov. Reynolds Thanks Alliant Energy for Plugging Into Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds 8/03/17 Governor Cuomo Extends 5mph Speed Limit Along Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Shorelines Through September 2 Gov. Andrew Cuomo 8/02/17 Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg Call on EPA to Raise Biodiesel Requirements in RFS Gov. Kim Reynolds 8/02/17 Governor Carney Signs House Bill 190 to Modernize the Coastal Zone Act Gov. John Carney 8/02/17 Governor Brown Welcomes Norway to Under2 Climate Coalition Gov. Edmund Brown 8/02/17 Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg Call on EPA to Raise Biodiesel Requirements in RFS Adam Gregg 8/01/17 Gov. Rick Snyder Announces Invasive Carp Challenge, Calls for Innovative Solutions to Prevent Invasive Carp From Entering the Great Lakes Gov. Rick Snyder 8/01/17 Gov. Reynolds Testifies Before EPA on Behalf of RFS Gov. Kim Reynolds 8/01/17 Applications Now Open For Buffer Strip Incentives; Daugaard Administration Rolls Out Interactive Map Gov. Dennis Daugaard 8/01/17 Gov. Ricketts Applauds EPA Support for the RFS Gov. Pete Ricketts 7/31/17 Governor Cuomo Directs State Department of Environmental Conservation to Undertake Investigation of Wastewater Discharge into Niagara River Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/28/17 Governor Wolf Celebrates Opening of Compressed Natural Gas station in York County Gov. Thomas Wolf 7/27/17 Hogan Administration Announces New Reforms to Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program Gov. Larry Hogan 7/27/17 Gov. Cooper Signs Law Securing Thriving Solar Industry, Shows Commitment to Wind Energy with Strong Executive Order Gov. Roy Cooper 7/26/17 Governor Brown Signs Groundbreaking Bill to Reduce Air Pollution Gov. Edmund Brown 7/26/17 Governor McAuliffe Announces Major Milestone in Transitioning Government Vehicles to Alternative Fuels Gov. Terry McAuliffe 7/26/17 Governor Cuomo Launches Comprehensive New Air Monitoring Study of Albany's South End Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/25/17 Governor Phil Scott Recognizes Vail Resorts' "Epic Promise for a Zero Footprint" Gov. Phillip Scott 7/25/17 Governor Brown Signs Landmark Climate Bill to Extend California's Cap-and-Trade Program Gov. Edmund Brown 7/25/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Federal Ruling in Support of Clean Energy Standard Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/21/17 Governor Cuomo Announces Plan to Rebuild 78 Miles of Power Transmission Infrastructure in the North Country Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/20/17 Northam Applauds North Carolina Governor's Opposition to Trump's Reckless Offshore Drilling Plan Ralph Northam 7/20/17 Arkansas Water Quality Shows Dramatic Improvement Gov. William Hutchinson

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