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2/05/18 A Pro-Life Budget for Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts 1/30/18 Fifteen States Join Bevin Administration in Seeking to Uphold Kentucky's Ultrasound Informed-Consent Law Gov. Matt Bevin 1/27/18 Governor Abbott Speaks At The Texas Rally For Life Gov. Gregory Abbott 1/19/18 Governor Ivey Supports Trump Administration Changes to Protect Religious Liberty Gov. Kay Ivey 11/27/17 Promoting a Culture of Life Gov. Pete Ricketts 8/16/17 Governor Abbott Signs Legislation To Strengthen Abortion Reporting Requirements Gov. Gregory Abbott 8/15/17 Governor Abbott Signs Legislation To Further Protect Life In Texas Gov. Gregory Abbott 8/15/17 Governor Abbott Signs Pro-Life Insurance Reform Gov. Gregory Abbott 7/25/17 Governor Eric Greitens' Statement on Pro-Life Victory Gov. Eric Greitens 7/21/17 The McAllen Monitor - Protecting The Vulnerable Gov. Gregory Abbott 6/26/17 Governor Abbott Applauds Sen. Creighton And Rep. Smithee's Intention To Author Pro-Life Insurance Reform Legislation Gov. Gregory Abbott 6/26/17 Governor Abbott Applauds Sen. Schwertner, Rep. Springer "s Intention To Author Legislation Prohibiting Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Providers Gov. Gregory Abbott 4/05/17 Gov. Ricketts Signs Pro-Life Legislation Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/17/17 Gov. Bevin Joins in Filing Pro-Life Amicus Brief in Federal Appellate Case Gov. Matt Bevin 2/10/17 Gov. Bevin Continues Vigorous Fight to Protect New Pro-Life Law Gov. Matt Bevin 2/08/17 Gov. Bevin Ceremonially Signs Historic Pro-Life Legislation Gov. Matt Bevin 1/10/17 Gov. Matt Bevin's Statement Regarding Attorney General Beshear's Refusal to Defend Kentucky Law Gov. Matt Bevin 10/29/16 Houston Chronicle - Cruz, Patrick: Texas Can't Alone Win Struggle for Life; Congress Must Cut Off Planned Parenthood's Funding Dan Patrick 7/25/16 Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, Washington State National Organization for Women Affirm Support for Governor Jay Inslee Gov. Jay Inslee 6/27/16 Governor Kate Brown Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Affirming Safe, Legal Abortions Gov. Kate Brown 6/27/16 Gov. Malloy & Lt. Gov. Wyman Statements on Supreme Court Decision Overturning Texas Abortion Law Gov. Dannel Malloy 6/27/16 Gov. Ricketts Comments on SCOTUS Decision to Strike Down Pro-Life Law Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/29/16 Rush Transcript: Gov. John Kasich, CNN Milwaukee Republican Presidential Town Hall Gov. John Kasich 2/21/16 Kasich Signs Two Bills Gov. John Kasich 2/06/16 Transcript of the New Hampshire GOP Debate, Annotated Gov. John Kasich 12/31/15 Governor Asa Hutchinson Issues Statement on Planned Parenthood Ruling Gov. William Hutchinson 11/28/15 Governor Cuomo Announces Increased New York State Police Presence at Planned Parenthood Clinics Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/28/15 Time - Transcript: Read the Full Text of the CNBC Republican Debate in Boulder Gov. John Kasich 10/19/15 Texas Eliminates Taxpayer Funding To Planned Parenthood Providers Gov. Gregory Abbott 8/14/15 Governor's Statement Regarding Planned Parenthood Gov. Gary Herbert 8/14/15 Governor Asa Hutchinson Directs DHS to End Contract with Planned Parenthood Gov. William Hutchinson 8/07/15 FOX "Hannity"- Transcript: Debate Recap Gov. Scott Walker 8/04/15 Governor Abbott Statement On Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood Video Gov. Gregory Abbott 7/29/15 Governor Rick Scott: We Are Investigating Planned Parenthood Offices in Florida Gov. Rick Scott 7/20/15 Governor Doug Ducey's Statement on Planned Parenthood Gov. Doug Ducey 6/09/15 Governor Abbott Statement On HB 2 Ruling Gov. Gregory Abbott 5/06/15 Governor Mary Fallin Signs Bill That Extends Abortion Waiting Time Gov. Mary Fallin 3/30/15 Governor Doug Ducey Signs Pro-Life Legislation that Protects Arizona Taxpayers Gov. Doug Ducey 1/23/15 The First Full Week Gov. William Hutchinson 1/23/15 Governor Hutchinson's Weekly Column and Radio Address: The First Full Week Gov. William Hutchinson 1/22/15 Governor Phil Bryant Comments on 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Gov. Phil Bryant 10/22/14 Wall Street Journal - Cuomo, Astorino Trade Punches at Debate Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/15/14 At Gazette Debate, Hick-pocrisy Defined: "I'm No Big Fan of the Affordable Care Act" Gov. John Hickenlooper 10/08/14 NY Daily News - Republican Rob Astorino Calls Gov. Cuomo a 'Coward' for Refusing One-on-One TV Debate Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/04/14 Time Warner Cable News - Cuomo Hits the Campaign Trail, Hopes to Build More Support Among Women Voters Gov. Andrew Cuomo 10/04/14 Time Warner Cable News - Cuomo Hits the Campaign Trail, Hopes to Build More Support Among Women Voters Kathleen Hochul 10/03/14 Poughkeepsie Journal - Cuomo Heads Out on Bus Tour; Astorino to Follow Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/26/14 CBS Baltimore - Md. Gubernatorial Candidates Vie For The Support Of Women Voters Gov. Larry Hogan 9/18/14 CBS Baltimore - Hogan Refutes Ads, Calls Brown's Campaign Dishonest Gov. Larry Hogan 9/18/14 Washington Post - Hogan Accuses Brown of Running "Dishonest' Ads that Distort His Record Gov. Larry Hogan 9/17/14 SBA List Candidate Fund Endorses Governor Mary Fallin for Re-Election Gov. Mary Fallin 9/12/14 National Right to Life and Arkansas Right to Life Endorse Asa Hutchinson for Governor Gov. William Hutchinson 7/29/14 Governor Bryant Comments on Fifth Circuit Ruling Regarding HB 1390 Gov. Phil Bryant 7/28/14 Making Arkansas Competitive: A New Jobs Plan for 2015 & Beyond Gov. William Hutchinson 6/30/14 Laws Passed During 2014 Legislative Session Set to Take Effect Gov. Phil Bryant 6/02/14 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader - Bring the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to a Vote Tim Griffin 4/23/14 Gov. Bryant Signs Measure to Ban Abortions At 20 Weeks Gov. Phil Bryant 1/28/14 Arkansas House Delegation Votes to End Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Tim Griffin 6/05/13 Governor Scott Signs "Infants Born Alive" Legislation Gov. Rick Scott 4/15/13 Governor Scott Praises Senate Committee Passage of Bill To Protect Lives of Infants Gov. Rick Scott 4/09/13 Gov. Scott Statement Regarding the Infants Born Alive Bill Passing Unanimously out of Florida Senate Health Policy Committee Gov. Rick Scott 1/22/13 Malloy on 4oth Anniversary of Roe v Wade Gov. Dannel Malloy 1/17/13 Dr. Northam Fights For Women's Rights in Hearing Gov. Ralph Northam 12/28/12 Legislation signed to protect health of pregnant women considering abortion; also issues related veto Gov. Rick Snyder 7/24/12 8th Circuit Ruling-Governor Response Gov. Dennis Daugaard 7/13/12 Gov. Phil Bryant Issues Statement in Response to Ruling on House Bill 1390 Gov. Phil Bryant 6/27/12 Gov. Phil Bryant Issues Statement on House Bill 1390 Gov. Phil Bryant 5/01/12 Deal Enacts Pro-Life Bill Gov. Nathan Deal 4/16/12 Governor Phil Bryant Signs House Bill Gov. Phil Bryant 1/24/12 Mississippi State of the State Address 2012 Gov. Phil Bryant 11/01/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner Kathleen Hochul 11/01/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner Gov. Jay Inslee 11/01/11 Letter to Speaker Boehner Gov. John Carney 10/13/11 Griffin: Taxpayer Dollars Shouldn't Be Used to Pay for Abortions Tim Griffin 10/12/11 Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Signed Into Law Gov. Rick Snyder 7/30/11 Governor Scott Signs Legislation to Promote Adoption and Protect Taxpayers, Minors and Parents Gov. Rick Scott 6/30/11 Statement from Gov. Dennis Daugaard on today's preliminary injunction on HB 1217 by U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier Gov. Dennis Daugaard 6/16/11 Mississippi Right to Life Endorses Phil Bryant's Campaign for Governor Gov. Phil Bryant 5/20/11 Governor Fallin Praises Historic 2011 Legislative Session Gov. Mary Fallin 5/02/11 Saving You Money, Repealing Part of President Obama's 2010 Health Care Law Tim Griffin 5/02/11 Oklahoma Now - 'Strong Finish: More Reforms Needed in Last Month of Legislative Session' Gov. Mary Fallin 4/20/11 Governor Fallin Signs Two Pro-Life Bills into Law Gov. Mary Fallin 3/22/11 Gov. Daugaard Signs HB1217 Gov. Dennis Daugaard 1/22/11 Governor Malloy Marks 38th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Gov. Dannel Malloy 10/21/10 Negative Ad Got it Wrong; Phil Scott is Pro-Choice Gov. Phillip Scott 9/29/10 A Leader That Represents NY's Pro-Choice Values Gov. Andrew Cuomo 9/23/10 Second Pro-Life Group Endorses Kay Ivey Gov. Kay Ivey 8/05/09 Fallin Calls on President to Remove Abortion Mandate from Health Care Reform Gov. Mary Fallin 7/22/09 Fallin Joins Bipartisan Group Slamming Taxpayer Funded Abortions In Healthcare Bill Gov. Mary Fallin 7/14/09 Fallin Calls On President To Remove Abortion Mandates From Healthcare Reform Platform Gov. Mary Fallin 4/28/09 Fallin Statement on President Obama's First Hundred Days in Office Gov. Mary Fallin 1/22/09 Washington Times - Why I Choose Life Gov. Mary Fallin 1/22/09 Fallin Speaks at March for Life Gov. Mary Fallin 9/06/08 Sen. Clinton Rallies Voters With McMahon in Run- Up to Tuesday's Primary Gov. Andrew Cuomo 7/31/08 Fallin Applauds Legislation Pushing Respect for Human Rights, End to Forced Abortions in China Gov. Mary Fallin 1/22/08 Fallin Praises Pro-Life March in Washington Gov. Mary Fallin 6/20/07 Fallin Speaks Out Against Funding For Foreign Pro-Abortion Groups Gov. Mary Fallin 12/06/06 Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act of 2006 Gov. Nathan Deal 8/29/06 Asa Endorsed by Arkansas Right to Life Gov. William Hutchinson 6/14/06 The Lincoln Journal Star - Ricketts TV Ad Targets Kennedy, Hillary Clinton Gov. Pete Ricketts

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