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5/09/17 Governor Wolf's Statement on Civil Service Commission Banning the Box Gov. Thomas Wolf 5/09/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Regarding Anti-Drunk & Impaired Driving Protections Being Upheld by the Court of Appeals Gov. Andrew Cuomo 5/07/17 Governor Abbott Signs Legislation Banning Sanctuary Cities in Texas Gov. Gregory Abbott 5/04/17 Governor Chris Sununu Statements on SB 9, SB 131, and SB 38 Gov. Christopher Sununu 5/04/17 Governor Susana Martinez Unveils Latest Hard-Hitting Ads to Fight Drunk Driving Gov. Susana Martinez 5/02/17 Baker-Polito Administration Proposes Bill To Update Wiretap Law, Crack Down On Violent Crimes Gov. Charles Baker 5/02/17 Governor Cuomo Launches New Efforts to Combat Gang Violence in Albany Gov. Andrew Cuomo 5/02/17 Gov. Branstad, Lt. Gov. Reynolds issue statements on Pottawattamie County Sherriff's Deputies shootings Gov. Kim Reynolds 5/02/17 Baker-Polito Administration Proposes Bill To Update Wiretap Law, Crack Down On Violent Crimes Karyn Polito 5/01/17 Statement On Dallas Shooting & UT Austin Attack Gov. Gregory Abbott 5/01/17 Governor Christie Takes Action On Pending Legislation Gov. Christopher Christie 5/01/17 Intergovernmental Roundtable Held To Discuss Potential Pipeline Protests Gov. Dennis Daugaard 4/27/17 Letter to Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, and Members of the Legislation - Veto of Felon Voting Rights Gov. Pete Ricketts 4/27/17 Gov. Hutchinson Issues Statement on the Execution of Kenneth Williams Gov. William Hutchinson 4/25/17 Governor Bullock Signs Bill to Create Child Abuse Review Commission Gov. Steve Bullock 4/24/17 Gov. Hutchinson Issues Statement on the Execution of Marcel Williams Gov. William Hutchinson 4/24/17 Governor Chris Sununu Statement on SB38 Gov. Christopher Sununu 4/24/17 Gov. Hutchinson Issues Response to the Execution of Jack Jones Gov. William Hutchinson 4/21/17 Burgum Signs Landmark Justice Reinvestment Bill; Officials Highlight Reforms to Corrections, Behavioral Health Gov. Doug Burgum 4/21/17 Governor Walker Calls on Alaska Students to Help Name New Trooper K9's Gov. Bill Walker 4/21/17 Governor Ivey Requests Change in AMBER Alert Criteria After Bessemer Incident Gov. Kay Ivey 4/18/17 Updated: Governor Wolf's Statement on Pennsylvania State Police Pursuit of Steve Stephens Gov. Thomas Wolf 4/18/17 Governor Larry Hogan Signs Protecting Victims Of Sex Trafficking Act Of 2017 Gov. Larry Hogan 4/18/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Making It Easier To Prosecute Child Sex Traffickers Gov. Doug Ducey 4/17/17 Alaska to Develop Opioid Response Action Plan in Drug Courts, Corrections Gov. Bill Walker 4/17/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation In Support Of Law Enforcement Gov. Doug Ducey 4/17/17 SB797 and SB868 Testimony Gov. Kate Brown 4/12/17 Gov. Christie: There's Nothing Worse Than A Life Devoid Of Hope, It's Not What God Intended Gov. Christopher Christie 4/11/17 Baker-Polito Administration Files "Fine Time" Legislation Gov. Charles Baker 4/11/17 Baker-Polito Administration Files "Fine Time" Legislation Karyn Polito 4/11/17 Gov. Fallin Announces Oklahoma's First-ever Pay for Success Contract Addressing Female Incarceration Gov. Mary Fallin 4/10/17 APRIL 10, 2017 Albany, NY Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility to 18-Years-Old in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo 4/10/17 Governor Christie Marks Opening of New Jersey's First Licensed Substance Use Disorder Treatment Prison Gov. Christopher Christie 4/10/17 Governor Abbott Announces Action To Combat Violent Crime & Gang-Related Activity In Harris County Gov. Gregory Abbott 4/10/17 Governor Christie: Incarceration Is Not Only About Protection, But Also Rehabilitation Gov. Christopher Christie 4/07/17 Governor Larry Hogan Gives Opening Remarks at Maryland's Second Annual Crime Victims' Rights Conference Gov. Larry Hogan 4/06/17 Governor Walker Applauds Hire of New CDVSA Executive Director Gov. Bill Walker 4/05/17 Governor Baker Files Legislation to Increase Penalties for Assault of Police Officers Gov. Charles Baker 4/05/17 Governor Baker Files Legislation to Increase Penalties for Assault of Police Officers Karyn Polito 4/05/17 Gov. Malloy Announces Section of Correctional Institution in Montville to Close as Result of Declining Crime Rate and Prison Population Gov. Dannel Malloy 4/05/17 Governor McAuliffe Statement on Sustained Weapons Vetoes - See more at: Gov. Terry McAuliffe 4/05/17 Protecting Wisconsin's Most Vulnerable: Governor Walker's Budget Proposal Bolsters Funding for Children and Families in Need Gov. Scott Walker 4/04/17 Governor Ducey Signs Bill Expanding Substance Abuse Peer-Coaching Gov. Doug Ducey 4/04/17 Governor Abbott Speaks At Event On Combatting Child Sex-Trafficking Gov. Gregory Abbott 4/04/17 Gov. Malloy Applauds Committee Approval of Legislation Reforming the State's Pretrial Justice System Gov. Dannel Malloy 4/03/17 Governor Dayton Signs Legislation Protecting Innocent Car and Truck Owners from Unfair Forfeitures Gov. Mark Dayton 4/03/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Gov. Andrew Cuomo 4/03/17 Governor Abbott Issues Statement On Murder Of Harris County Constable Gov. Gregory Abbott 4/03/17 Gov. Bevin Restores Right to Vote, Hold Office Gov. Matt Bevin 3/30/17 Gov. Edwards Announces Criminal Justice Reform Legislative Agenda Gov. John Bel Edwards 3/30/17 Baker-Polito Administration Launches Pilot Domestic Violence Assessment Tool for Local Law Enforcemen Gov. Charles Baker 3/30/17 Gov. Rick Snyder signs bipartisan legislation to modernize Michigan's criminal justice system Gov. Rick Snyder 3/30/17 Baker-Polito Administration Launches Pilot Domestic Violence Assessment Tool for Local Law Enforcemen Karyn Polito 3/23/17 Governor Herbert Signs Bill to Strengthen Impaired Driving Laws Gov. Gary Herbert 3/21/17 Governor, DoIT Unveil Cybersecurity Strategy to Protect Services and Information Gov. Bruce Rauner 3/21/17 Governor Ducey Signs Bill To Achieve Justice For Sexual Assault Victims Gov. Doug Ducey 3/21/17 Governor Christie Announces $1 Million in Security Grants for Nonprofit Organizations and Religious Institutions in Nine Counties Gov. Christopher Christie 3/21/17 Governor Christie: These Grants Are To Protect Against Any Acts Of Hate Gov. Christopher Christie 3/21/17 Gov. Fallin Praises Senate for Passage of Criminal Justice Measures Gov. Mary Fallin 3/21/17 Gov. Fallin Applauds House of Representatives for Passing Criminal Justice Bills Gov. Mary Fallin 3/17/17 Governor Greitens' Statement on Changes in Missouri's Department of Corrections Gov. Eric Greitens 3/16/17 Gov. Scott: State Attorney Aramis Ayala Must Recuse Herself Gov. Rick Scott 3/13/17 Governor Ducey Orders Flags at Half Staff for Fallen Navajo Nation Officer Gov. Doug Ducey 3/13/17 Governor Carney Takes Steps to Address Security Concerns at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center Gov. John Carney 3/10/17 Inslee Statement on anti-Semitic Vandalism at Temple De Hirsch Sinai Gov. Jay Inslee 3/10/17 Governor Rauner Signs Legislation to Improve Illinois' Criminal Justice System Gov. Bruce Rauner 3/09/17 Governor Christie Announces Major Step Toward Reopening Mid-State Correctional Facility as Drug Treatment Center Gov. Christopher Christie 3/09/17 Gov. Bevin Raising Entry-Level Salaries for Youth Workers in Juvenile Justice Gov. Matt Bevin 3/08/17 Governor Christie: This Issue Cuts Across Every Community In This State Gov. Christopher Christie 3/08/17 Gov. Ricketts Comments on LB447 Advancement Gov. Pete Ricketts 3/08/17 Governor: "We cannot stay silent on hate" Gov. Bruce Rauner 3/08/17 Governor Cooper Issues Statement in Support of Proposal to Raise the Age Gov. Roy Cooper 3/08/17 Governor Christie: Expungement Has To Be An Option Available To Those Who Have Earned It Gov. Christopher Christie 3/07/17 Governor Wolf Announces PennDOT Effort to Help Combat Human Trafficking Gov. Thomas Wolf 3/07/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Raise the Age Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/05/17 Inslee Statement on Apparent Hate Crime Shooting in Kent Gov. Jay Inslee 3/03/17 Governor Christie: We As A Society Need To Stand Up And Speak Out Against Hate Gov. Christopher Christie 3/03/17 Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Arrest Related to Threats Against Jewish Community Centers Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/03/17 Governor Christie: Diversity Is Part Of What Makes New Jersey So Special Gov. Christopher Christie 3/03/17 Governor Christie Announces Increased Patrol, Training and Outreach Efforts Following Recent Bias Incidents Gov. Christopher Christie 3/03/17 Governor Greitens' Statement on Arrest in Connection with Jewish Community Center Threats Gov. Eric Greitens 3/02/17 Gov. Scott: State of Florida has Zero Tolerance for Hateful Acts Against the Jewish Community Gov. Rick Scott 3/02/17 Gov. Bevin Unveils New Program to Get Prison Inmates and Juvenile Justice Youth Back to Work Gov. Matt Bevin 3/02/17 USA Today - Andrew Cuomo, Van Jones: Reform Needed for Justice System That's Failing Most Vulnerable Gov. Andrew Cuomo 3/01/17 Gov. Malloy Introduces Legislation to Prevent the State's Adult Prisons from Becoming Crime Schools for the Young Gov. Dannel Malloy 2/28/17 Governor Walker Responds to Bomb Threat at Anchorage Jewish Center Gov. Bill Walker 2/28/17 Inslee Statement on Mercer Island Jewish Community Center Threat Gov. Jay Inslee 2/27/17 Statement from Governor John Carney on Bomb Threats to Siegel JCC Gov. John Carney 2/24/17 Governor Brownback and Lieutenant Governor Colyer issue statements on the shooting in Olathe Jeff Colyer 2/24/17 Governor Brownback and Lieutenant Governor Colyer issue statements on the shooting in Olathe Gov. Samuel Brownback 2/23/17 Burgum Signs Bills into Law to Protect Landowner Rights, Deter Criminal Activity Gov. Doug Burgum 2/23/17 Gov. Malloy Introduces Legislation Reforming the Pretrial Justice System to Help Break the Cycle of Crime and Poverty Gov. Dannel Malloy 2/23/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Death of Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy Gov. Edmund Brown 2/23/17 Governor Cuomo Announces New Actions to Combat Hate Crimes and Anti-Semitism Across New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2/22/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Death of CHP Officer Gov. Edmund Brown 2/21/17 Moms Demand Action Gov. Kate Brown 2/21/17 State Leaders Release Report on Criminal Justice Reform Measures Gov. Charles Baker 2/21/17 State Leaders Release Report on Criminal Justice Reform Measures Karyn Polito 2/20/17 Governor Brown Issues Statement on Death of Whittier Police Officer Gov. Edmund Brown 2/19/17 Tulsa World - Gov. Mary Fallin: Bold Reforms to Put Oklahoma on a Solid Foundation for the Future Gov. Mary Fallin

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