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12/16/17 House Passes Pro-Growth Tax Reform Bill Rep. Edward Royce 12/15/17 Tweet - "Once again, thank you IL AG @LisaMadigan for standing up for IL students & calling on @BetsyDeVosED to provide federal loan discharges to students victimized by predatory for-profit college Corinthian Colleges" Sen. Richard Durbin 12/15/17 Tweet - "Getting large trucks off of neighborhood roads will make life better, safer, and healthier for Astoria #Queens residents. Proud to join other New York leaders to announce that trucks will allowed to remain on the BQE to ease the gridlock." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/15/17 Tweet - "Americans deserve transparent elections--that's why I'm proud to support the #DemocracyForAll amendment to overturn #CitizensUnited." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/15/17 Tweet - "Millions of CHILDREN are at risk of losing their health care. But instead of protecting our kids, Republicans are making last minute #GOPTaxScam changes instead. #CHIP" Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/15/17 Tweet - "Keeping trucks on the BQE and off of Astoria and Woodside roads is an example of how government can best work for #Queens and the #Bronx." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Tweet - "If #NetNeutrality is eliminated, the Internet may start to resemble a toll road, with the highest bidders cruising along private "fast lanes" while the rest of us inch along a single, traffic-choked public lane." Sen. Charles Schumer 12/14/17 Tweet - ".@RepSpeier and I are asking @OfficeGovEthics to investigate the 19 allegations of sexual harassment against President Trump. Americans expect their public officials to set the highest standard for professional behavior." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Toomey and Casey Laud Confirmation of Scott Brady to Serve as U.S. Attorney for PA's Western District Sen. Patrick Toomey 12/14/17 Hoyer Statement on the Five Year Anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Rep. Steny Hoyer 12/14/17 Pelosi Statement on Fifth Anniversary of the Shooting in Newtown Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 "Crowley Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of Sandy Hook" Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Sen. Cruz: "The Internet Should Be Free of Taxation, Censorship and Regulation' Sen. Rafael Cruz 12/14/17 Cornyn Praises Confirmation of Justice Don Willett for Fifth Circuit Sen. John Cornyn 12/14/17 Rothus Praises House Passage of Legislation to Increase Transparency and Oversight Over Iran- U.S. Business Transactions Rep. Keith Rothfus 12/14/17 Tweet - "To the millions of Americans who expressed their support for #NetNeutrality: I hear you. @AjitPaiFCC, on the other hand, thinks it's all a joke." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Tweet - "I commend @RepPoliquin & @RepRWilliams for introducing legislation that enhances the Treasury Department's reporting requirements to Congress so that we can be better equipped to stop Iran's ability to money launder and finance terror." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Tweet - "We are on track. Once we pass the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act you will see lower taxes starting early next year" Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Mcmorris Rodgers Statement on FCC Net Neutrality Vote Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Gianforte Moves to Protect Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Economy Rep. Greg Gianforte 12/14/17 Tweet - ".@RealDonaldTrump has repeatedly undermined Special Counsel Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in our election. Today, I joined my friend & fellow Marylander, @RepRaskin, to discuss the need to protect Mueller's investigation." Rep. Steny Hoyer 12/14/17 Tweet - "Americans want better internet access and they want it to be cheaper. The internet is not broken; the federal government does not need to come in and fix it." Rep. Stephen Scalise 12/14/17 Joplin Disaster Recovery Extension Granted After Blunt, McCaskill Efforts Sen. Claire McCaskill 12/14/17 Tweet - "There is a crisis happening in Burma. 6,700 dead in ONE month. I've called for new sanctions against those perpetrating this ethnic cleansing." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Tweet - "ICYMI: Americans' identities were being used without their consent to comment on #NetNeutrality. The @FCC shouldn't be voting on the future of the internet when the process was obviously compromised." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Chairman Crowley on Net Neutrality Repeal Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Tweet - "#NetNeutrality is what gives you the power to use to apps, games, and websites you like, no matter what your internet company thinks. The threat of losing that -- and seeing costs go up for families -- is why we must #SaveTheInternet from the @FCC." Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "The idea that the @FCC's process for throwing out #NetNeutrality could be in any way fraudulent is deeply concerning. We must protect the open internet!" Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "Republicans should think twice before voting for the #GOPTaxScam. Trickle down didn't work before. It won't work now. And Americans won't forget who raised their taxes and left them holding the bill." Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "Glad to see the people's priorities for more jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks was the focus of yesterday's public meeting with the #TaxCutsandJobsAct conferees." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Marino Calls for Clarity and Effective Action from Justice Department and Drug Enforcement Administration on Opioid Suspension Orders Rep. Thomas Marino 12/14/17 Pelosi Remarks at Ways and Means Committee Democrats' Forum on the #GOPTaxScam Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Castner Range in the News Rep. Vicente Gonzalez 12/14/17 Tweet - "Despite the pleas of millions of Americans, President Trump's FCC voted to change the internet as we know it, and turn it into yet another money-making tool for large corporations. #NetNeutrality" Sen. Patty Murray 12/14/17 Tweet - "Get the facts on → Under our plan, the average family of four will see a tax cut of $1182." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Tweet - "The Arctic Refuge has stood for decades as a testament to our nation's commitment to preserving our natural resources & nat'l beauty--but the GOP tax plan would potentially sacrifice it all to pay for massive tax cuts for the super-rich." Sen. Patty Murray 12/14/17 Tweet - "There's nothing stopping Republicans from passing a clean #DreamAct & keeping the promise we made to nearly 800K of our friends, co-workers & loved ones. All that's necessary is the political will to do what's right & treat others w respect & dignity." Sen. Patty Murray 12/14/17 Tweet - "This week we found out that Josh will be put on trial in Venezuela, and that he's being denied medical care in his prison cell. Hatch has asked @realDonaldTrump, @VP, @nikkihaley, and @StateDept for more help bringing him home to his family. #utpol #JusticeForJosh" Sen. Orrin Hatch 12/14/17 McMorris Rodgers Statement on the Privacy Notification Technical Clarification Act Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Tweet - "Care for children in need should always go beyond party lines. Both parties need to come together to extend #CHIP funding now." Rep. Paul Ryan 12/14/17 Gianforte Seeks Designation for East Rosebud Creek Rep. Greg Gianforte 12/14/17 Cornyn, Heitkamp Introduce Bill to Help Victims of Domestic Violence Access Safe Housing Sen. Heidi Heitkamp 12/14/17 Hoyer Statement on the Federal Communication Commission's Vote to Reverse Net Neutrality Rules Rep. Steny Hoyer 12/14/17 Tweet - "Glad to meet with the head of Azerbaijan's last independent media outlet, Mehman Aliyev, of the Turan Information Agency." Sen. Richard Durbin 12/14/17 Tweet - "5 years ago today, 12 little girls, 8 little boys, and 6 educators were senselessly & heinously murdered at #SandyHook a mere 11 days before they were supposed to celebrate the Christmas holiday w their family & friends. It remains one of the darkest days of my time in Congress." Sen. Richard Durbin 12/14/17 Tweet - "HISTORY The #Senate has confirmed an historic 12 Circuit Court Judges this year. That's the most in a President's 1st year in office since the creation of circuit courts in 1891." Sen. Mitch McConnell 12/14/17 Tweet - "The Republican tax plan is good news for people in Wyoming and anyone who wants to keep more of their hard-earned money. #TaxReform" Sen. John Barrasso 12/14/17 Tweet - "The White House national security staff is withholding critical information during briefings because of President Trump's fragile ego. This is unbelievable." Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Cornyn Praises Confirmation of Jim Ho for Fifth Circuit Sen. John Cornyn 12/14/17 Cornyn, Heitkamp Introduce Bill to Help Victims of Domestic Violence Access Safe Housing Sen. John Cornyn 12/14/17 Tweet - "The #SandyHook shooting was one of the darkest, most difficult days we've seen as a nation. We must #HonorWithAction those we lost by enacting true and meaningful gun safety legislation to #EndGunViolence. My full statement →" Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/14/17 Booker Statement on Net Neutrality Vote Sen. Cory Booker 12/14/17 Senator Stabenow Announces Legislation to Improve Veterans Health Care Sen. Debbie Stabenow 12/14/17 Letter to Director Inch, Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons - Hire Roman Catholic Priest for Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center Sen. Charles Schumer 12/14/17 Sens. Cruz and Donnelly Reintroduce Legislation to Help National Guard, Reserves Qualify for Tiered Preference in Hiring for Civil Service Jobs Sen. Rafael Cruz 12/14/17 Tweet - "The power of the Internet has always been rooted in its role as a level playing field where the best ideas, not the deepest pockets, succeed. The @FCC's decision to repeal #NetNeutrality is nothing short of radical." Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "The @FCC just voted to throw away #NetNeutrality, which is central to saving families money, creating good-paying jobs, and empowering small businesses." Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "#NetNeutrality is central to building a good economy and ensuring we are creating high-quality, good-paying jobs for the 21st Century. @FCC should delay its vote to destroy it." Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Sens. Cruz, Gillibrand, and Others Introduce New Bipartisan Legislation To Combat Sexual Harassment And Discrimination In Congress, Bring Transparency And Accountability To Sexual Harassment Reporting Process Sen. Rafael Cruz 12/14/17 "At this point, it's clear tax cuts for the rich are part of the Republicans' DNA, no matter who it hurts. #GOPTaxScam #BillionairesFirst" Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "With every version, the #GOPTaxScam becomes an even more brazen, damaging, and immoral con job. And all signs are the American people aren't falling for it." Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "When the #Senate confirms Mr. Ho, we'll be adding another fair & impartial judge to the federal bench. @POTUS has nominated individuals with strong fidelity to the law and the Constitution." Sen. Mitch McConnell 12/14/17 Congress Moving Closer To Delivering Much-Needed Tax Relief Sen. Mitch McConnell 12/14/17 Feinstein on Grasz, Ho, Willett Nominations Sen. Dianne Feinstein 12/14/17 Letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan - Ship Trees and Save Christmas for Soldiers Serving Abroad Sen. Charles Schumer 12/14/17 Tweet - "Just like in the #GOPTaxScam & now on #NetNeutrality the Trump administration is picking CEOs over citizens, thwarting the desires of millions of Americans who sent comments to the @FCC asking that they #SaveNetNeutrality." Sen. Charles Schumer 12/14/17 Tweet - "Jim Ho, who will be the 12th @POTUS Circuit Court nominee considered by the #Senate in 2017, "has a fidelity to the rule of law that we should all want in a federal judge'" Sen. Mitch McConnell 12/14/17 Tweet - "Under Chairman @ChuckGrassley's leadership, the @senjudiciary Committee has done outstanding work to move @POTUS' judicial nominees to the #Senate floor. I urge all of my colleagues to join me in voting to confirm Mr. Ho." Sen. Mitch McConnell 12/14/17 Committee Passes Fitzpatrick-Boyle Ukraine Cyber Security Bill Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick 12/14/17 Tweet - "President Trump's appointed chairman of the @FCC, @AjitPaiFCC, is on the verge of eliminating #NetNeutrality -- bringing to an end the free & open internet that has enabled so many successful companies & created so many jobs." Sen. Charles Schumer 12/14/17 Funding Critical To Rebuilding Our Nation's Military Sen. Mitch McConnell 12/14/17 Tweet - "It's our job to ensure military families have the support they need to help manage the many challenges that come with military life" Sen. Roy Blunt 12/14/17 Tweet - "Tax reform is armageddon & bad for women?" That's false. Don't believe the #fakenews from defenders of the status quo. Our plan will create jobs, boost wages, and put more $ in the pockets of hardworking Americans." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Tweet - "Passing the #DreamAct isn't just about standing up for all of our communities--it's about living up to our shared values." Sen. Patty Murray 12/14/17 Rubio, Kennedy, Colleagues Introduce Bill to Simplify Disaster Assistance for Hurricane Victims Sen. Marco Rubio 12/14/17 Rubio Statement on Countering Iran's Malign Activities in the Middle East Sen. Marco Rubio 12/14/17 Tweet - "DREAMers were brought to this country as children--some of them so young, they don't remember it. Holding up their futures or sending them to a country they've never known does nothing to solve our broken immigration system. #DreamAct" Sen. Patty Murray 12/14/17 Tweet - "We depend on a free & #openinternet to spur innovation & job creation. Our economy works best when innovators, entrepreneurs & business of all sizes compete on a level playing field. #NetNeutrality, very simply, says that everyone deserves the same, fair access to the internet." Sen. Charles Schumer 12/14/17 Blunt Commends FCC Vote to Repeal Open Internet Order Sen. Roy Blunt 12/14/17 Tweet - "We represent very different states...One common thread that weaves us together? We agree on the need to overhaul our tax code." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 House Votes to Increase Congressional Oversight Over Iranian Assets Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Senator Murray's Statement on Vote to Roll Back Net Neutrality Rules Sen. Patty Murray 12/14/17 Defense Spending Bill Passes House, Includes Shuster Legislation Rep. Bill Shuster 12/14/17 Statement on Net Neutrality Regulation Rep. Paul Ryan 12/14/17 Speaker Ryan Talks Tax Reform, CR, CHIP at Weekly Presser Rep. Paul Ryan 12/14/17 Pelosi Statement on Net Neutrality Ruling Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/14/17 Tweet - "Enough of the doomsday rhetoric on #taxreform. From the very beginning our goal has been to improve everyone's lives through the #TaxCutsandJobsAct." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Sanders Statement on FCC Decision to Repeal Net Neutrality Sen. Bernard Sanders 12/14/17 Hoyer Discusses the GOP Tax Scam and Priorities That Must Be Addressed Before the End of the Year on Bloomberg TV Rep. Steny Hoyer 12/14/17 Tweet - "I support an open Internet, but there is a better way to ensure consumer protections without disrupting the free flow of information and innovation that has made it a cornerstone of the 21st Century economy." Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers 12/14/17 Joplin Disaster Recovery Extension Granted After Blunt, McCaskill Efforts Sen. Roy Blunt 12/14/17 Tweet - "The American people overwhelmingly told the FCC to protect the open internet and preserve #NetNeutrality--they didn't listen. This is yet another way the Trump administration and Republicans are stacking the deck against the middle class. My full statement: " Rep. Joseph Crowley 12/13/17 Tweet - "From Silicon Valley to the Quad Cities, #NetNeutrality makes sure small business owners have a shot in today's economy. The @FCC must delay tomorrow's vote to repeal." Rep. Nancy Pelosi 12/13/17 Letters to the Hon. Peter Roskam, Rep. of the 6th District of Illinois, the Hon. John Shimkus, Rep. of the 15th District of Illinois - Put Middle-Income Illinoisans Ahead of Large Corporations as Tax Bill Conferees Sen. Tammy Duckworth 12/13/17 Letter to the Hon. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader - Not to Restrict Gun Violence Research in Appropriations Package Rep. Eleanor Norton 12/13/17 Times Record News - Mac's Columns A Victory for All American Private Property Owners Sen. John Cornyn 12/13/17 Thune Pushes Forward on Tax Reform in Conference Committee Meeting Sen. John Thune 12/13/17 Tweet - "RT if you think Alabama's new Senator should get a vote on the #GOPTaxScam" Sen. Charles Schumer 12/13/17 Booker Seeks Explanation for Discrepancies in Testimony of Trump Judicial Nominee Sen. Cory Booker

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